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I visit GP frequently and am smahweot acquainted with Will Allen. I have had only positive feelings about what they are doing. Reading the links provided by Bunny leaves me confused and uneasy. Is there any oversight going on with GP? I can't argue with Michelle's well-argued position, and it saddens me that GP has taken this step. I think that if they were well-managed, they could carry on without corporate money. It reminds me of how corporations slowly bought up small food companies and created Big Organic .I'm sticking with my own garden (city lot), backyard hens and food preservation. I grow winter greens in buckets in the basement with a grow lite and give my hens a rest by NOT leaving a light on in the winter. I use the last of the eggs laid in the fall sparingly and make do until they start again in the early spring. Unless I know a farmer personally, I am wary. Some of the produce a friend bought at a Farmer's Market rotted within two days must have been from one or two or more weeks ago market. GP told me they dispose of their hens after two years or less not my idea of humane treatment. GP's tiny (plastic clamshell) packages of sprouts and greens sell for $3.99 at the local coop pretty pricy even though I have to say they pack quite a lot of greens into the container.Anyway, I find this news disturbing. One more noble effort down the drain of corporate contamination.

Great food especially if you have children with food allergies.

After many years of good meals at Maggianos in Schaumburg, yesterday was a disaster. We were a party of 9 on a quite afternoon, one person orderd Pasta with Mussels, there were three Mussel shells on the pasta, with no Mussels inside. I orderd the Lazangna, which was almost 50% SALT. I kept the other half if LUEY wants to see what the heck the chef was doing. The others who orderd backed chicken, had dry pieces ...the service was a catastophe....we asked the waiters to bring oil, cheese, ( took forever) and the place was not busy. We asked the waiter to remove the 18% gratuity so we could pay that portion with cash...we gave him the cash and he gave us the bill iwht gtatuity still on which we accidentaly signed. The last mess was , three of items we orderd come with the offer to send us home with the identicle order free. (two for One) the waiter was told , but he ignored it...we left without it. Jack La Brasca

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