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No, there is no way our economy could take a hit like that. You seem to be fotretging that the principle is cash money that the borrowed was given. Aside from the huge financial hit there is the ethical issues, you are essentially stating that anyone refusing to repay a loan should be allowed to just walk with the money. That kind of attitude would stop all commerce, as no one is going to be lending any money anymore.

What type of loan? If a personal loan, you're not going to be able to find a bank or crdiet union that will grant you one. And the others as Judy said, they will either be scams or the interest rate will be so high, you'll wind up paying back thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) more than you originally borrowed. Definitely don't respond to any of the scammers and spambots who will post replies to your question. They see loan in the title and swarm like sharks.Purchasing a car after bankruptcy is almost obscenely too easy. Many dealerships partner with subprime lenders who are eager to write auto loans for you, but they come with a high price. The APR is very high, you will be required to provide a substantial down payment, the car cannot be over 5 years old or have more than 50k miles and the loan term will be shorter.Applying for a personal loan after bankruptcy raises some red flags. If you filed Chapter 7, your unsecured debts should be gone. If you have secured debt remaining, you should try to work out repayment from your income rather than obtaining more crdiet (which probably got you into trouble in the first place?).

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