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I want to be a manager, so that i can take landry's to another level, i work at rainforest in chicago downtown location corporate take a look at my sales with only a three table section. Check out my stats because service matters most!w

san luis

there more worried about you having your name tag on than getting you paid right need i say more

Worst service EVER

My husband and daughter planned a surprise 60th birthday party for me at Kemah Boardwalk Landry's On 7-16-2013 at 6:15 PM on a stormy Tuesday evening. Two of our party of 12 or early at 6:15 days were told they had five minutes left if no one arrived they would have to leave. Our party arrived lucky for us with in the five minute time frame. Our waitress was rude we were there approximately two hours she never smiled she was completely rude. Our food was served long after the children were served and the adults food was cold. There were many other things that happened but the story is too long to review . I spoke to the manager the following day and expressed my concern about spending more than $400 to be treated So rudely and have such poor service and I was told I had five minutes more to speak because there was nothing more she could do for me But she would speak to her staff. I then said I will never step foot in another Landry's or Recommend Landry's to any one and she replied by saying sorry about that but I can't help you. My Rating is not even on the chart it is too far below The chart !

Don't buy one of their club cards. The restaurant will tell you what a great deal it is. Spent $25.00 and I can't register the damn thing. First the website said it didn't recognize the account and now it has been down for days so I still can't register it. Horrible time trying to get a customer service representative. When I was finally sucessful, they said I could still use the card to accumulate points, however, I wouldn't be able to use the points until their issues got fixed. What a ripoff..


The complete experience was a nightmare. The food was prepared so badly it was inedible. Filet mignon so grizzly with fat just horrible, baked potato you could not cut the skin with a steak knife, asparagus served cold and raw. main course served then ten minutes before the sides showed up. lull of 15 minutes between visits from the waitress. Landry's/Mortons should be ashamed they even opened their doors on new years eve.

Maybe even lower. I applied to them for a server position. The manager and his loyal assistant both agreed to hire me. We had what is called a hand shake agreement and I stopped looking. Yes I am the fool here. After that I have yet to start and everytime I call them I am put on hold. If this is the way they treat their employees I wonder how they treat their guests. Yes, I will write to corporate and lodge a complaint. Maybe I am done with restaurants.

magnificent post, very informative. I wdeonr why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers' base already!

We went to McCormick and Schmitt's on Butterfield Rd. in Oakbrook, Illinois for lunch on Thursday, August 23 to enjoy good food and have a family conversation. As soon as we were seated, we asked that the loud music be lowered and were told that “Corporate won’t let us change the music. We have to keep it the way it is.” We asked to speak with the manager, but he wasn’t there. The people sitting in the booth next to us also commented that they were disturbed by the music and that the rule was ridiculous. We tried to move to a quieter place in the restaurant but there was none including the outside patio where the music was blasting. Overall, our dining experience was very poor, and we will not return. In our opinion, a restaurant’s first goal should be to please its customers. Also, Landry's has no email contact info on their site. Do they even want to know what their customers think? Sharon Silverman Chicago, Illinois

Golden nugget saltgrass need to treat there employees with respect not a slave! The manager should act more professional should not be making racial comments and giving female servers massages!,,, seems like none of the employees there are happy...

WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER AT PLEASURE PIER IN GALVESTON TX! While waiting for two hours to be seated at Bubba Gump's we let our kids ride the pirate's plunge. And even though my daughter is well over the height requirements, she hit her face on the front of the cart they rode in and busted her nose. Blood everywhere! Why would you design the front of the cart that close to the rider in the first place? I'm no geniue but shouldn't there be a distance requirement also? The nice couple riding behind my children also commented that they hit their faces on the person in front of them. Hmmmmm? That should be a red flag to Landry's. Not one EMT was on staff and a security guard who had no idea what he was doing tried to tend to her as another employee tried to stop us from getting to her because that walkway was for "staff only"! SCREW THAT! When your child is screaming and crying and there is blood pouring from her face you can get the hell out of our way! Once we finally got seated to eat it took another hour to get our food. When I came out It was raw. It was sent back and when it came back a second time it was RAW AGAIN!! What kind of seafood restaurant on the gulf serves farm raised seafood n e ways? The shrimp were not even worth eating. The only good thing from this whole experience was the waitress, who was humiliated by the way. Pleasure Pier and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. are the worst experiences I have ever had. WE WILL NOT GO BACK! BTW we did not get our money back nor were we offered any kind of compensation for the whole incident. A paper towel and a sink... that's what our compensation was!

I tried to submit this on the website, and I kept getting a 404 error and it would not take the submission. You can reach me at dpatchie@yahoo.com I am a Landry's select club member, and my spouse and I took some friends to the Westminster Salt Grass location. Our guests ordered the steak and coconut shrimp combo, my spouse ordered the steak and scampi combo and I ordered the 10 oz. We were seated immediately, but it was 8 minutes before our server (Female, early 20's, dark brown hair worn pulled back, no nametag) approached our table. She asked for drink order orders but she did not introduce herself. I asked the price of the special margarita with the Coronita, and she said "I think it is $10.99". We placed our drink orders and waited. Both my female guest and myself ordered iced tea and my spouse ordered coffee and our male guest ordered a Corona. The iced tea and coffee were served 4 minutes later. The server brought one glass of iced tea and two straws for my female guest and I. We questioned it and she said, "I thought you were sharing" She left to bring another glass and a carafe of tea. Our male guests Corona was served 4 minutes later at the same time the second glass of iced tea was served. Our server then took our order. The salads were served 11 minutes later, they were only lettuce with a few croutons and only about 1/2 bowl full. We had finished our salads and the entrees were served by another server 9 minutes after that. My steak was not even warm, it had a pat of butter on the top that did not melt. My fried onions were sitting in a pool of grease. My spouses steak was very tough and the shrimp had been overdone and not deveined, which was very unappetizing. Our guests steaks were also too well done and tough. Their coconut shrimp was also greasy with grease pooled on the plate. Our server did not perform a table check until 5 minutes after our food had been served. At that time, she asked how we enjoyed it. I told her my steak was not warm, my spouse told her about the shrimp and steak and my guests seconded the toughness of the steak and the overdone greasy shrimp. She offered to redo my meal and took the plate. We asked her for a refill of coffee at that time. Four minutes later, the manager came and apologized asking if I wanted my steak medium rare. I replied, no, that I wanted it rare, but warm. He left and the server came to the table again. We again requested coffee, and she said she had forgotten and would be right back. My steak with the same steak and greasy onions, was brought back to the table three minutes later by the manager who apologized again and said he wanted happy customers. We then asked him to get a refill of coffee, and he found a server, who brought a refill. When I cut into my new steak, I found that it was warm, but it appeared that the old steak, and the onion rings had been microwaved as the steak was not rare, and the plate was very hot. I ate some of it and requested a box to take home when we next saw our server 9 minutes later. Needless to say, there were four very displeased diners at this location.

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. I work at a Landrys location in California and let me tell ALL of you; the don't give a rats red rump about my safety. I have been working in unchanging, UNSATISFACTORY work conditions for over the past year, and OVER AND OVER again management does not attempt to make these changes or listen to my requests. I am so sick and tired of this corporation pouring out lies about how much they care for their employees when all the do is just continually FUCK me over. And THANK YOU for taking away my tipshare and not even notify anyone for close to two months!!!! As an hourly employee I depend on that, and obviously you dont care enough to let someone know about something so important! I hope you and everyone at corporate ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good day, i want to make you award of a situation in california with the claim jumper restaurant in northridge, california. my family and i go to eat there at lease one a week if not twice a week. the restaurant was always very friendly the managers helpful and friendly. the food was wonderful, service great, we were there on saturday night at approx 6pm. the service was not good, the food was not as good as before and the managers were not ever friendly. we always buy your gift cards and this holidays season we were given bonus $10.00 cards. we followed the rules and the manager would not accept it. THIS IS NOT FRIENDLY..when the word gets around that things have not changed for the better, the numbers and bottom line of this location will suffer. i feel you need to inprove the situation at this location, make it like it was before. the manager told us with the new ownership changes he/she cannot do anything or approve anything. if i buy these cards i should be able to use them, and enjoy my meal and most of all enjoy going to claim jumper in northridge, california. please please do something...we want to keep comming.

Flooded with guest, Higher than the rest, I may be drunk or high on crack, but to walk like an egyptian is oh so whack, screw up an order blackline it is, how may i help you contageous it is. honestly the food is great something always catches my taste buds, its a simple menu for all to eat, so i cant comp-lain just lead me to my seat. some chicken fricasse or some meatloaf well ill eat somewhere else till my buds say so. the shrimp fresca may sem a bit week but untill you have what you want it wont take the lead. the shrimp scampi is overrun by fettuccini but once you try that you want a steak. the ribeye the best but what came first top sirloin but it carries a curse. I try to feel better and better it was, but a beer came next and a feather it was. oh the embrochette never goes down have it anyday move it around. the shrimp platter s my favorite and it dont matter what you say about it cause i have an appetite for destruction it mgets much sadder. the mariners ahh if it floats your boat but ive never really owned a coat. if you want a suggestion i can only say get what you wish and come back another day. thsanks

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