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purchased a sectional sofa less than one year ago and already have the seams of 3 seat cushions pulling apart. very dissatisfied with product.


We purchased a new chaise extra large recliner on nov the15th 0f november with the delivery date of three weeks. We waited 45 days and we called the santa clara calif store to find out the delay. We were never informed of the delay until we called only to find out that it would be another two weeks before a delivery. At that time we cancelled our purchase. I still sit in my old la z boy recliner but i'm very displeased with the service I received from this store.

their recliners are junk

please do not buy from them. ordered recliners 3 times each time the recliners was not done right, loose fabric leaning to the right side, uneven stitches at the top, one side higher than the other. oh don't let me tell you about the customer service, their isn't any quality there, from reading the above complaints they are trained across the country to act this way and they will team up against you. back to the chairs they brake down quickly let's say within 30 days you will have a chair that do not work. the quality in their product and customer service is not there. please, please, please do not buy from them and tell others. this is a true review. this is from a one time customer and never again buyer in daphne ,al.

don't buy this

I bought a sofa from Lazy boy store in dickson city pa. The soa began pilling within weeks! When i contacted the store manager he told me it was normal and i should shave it! When i told him i would not do that to a new sofa and insisted he do something he offered to come to my home to shave the sofa! Needless to say the sofa is awful but i am stuck with it. Never again will i buy lazy boy!

Crappy Sofa

NO STARS FOR LAZYBOY!!!! I am really disgusted with La-Z-Boy!. True, the customer service rep on the phone was very rude and the repairman that "Finally" showed up could not have been more unfriendly! We bought a sofa and ask it be recovered as we did not like the material. It took a month to get the sofa. The seat was stuffed high toward the back, the front of the seats slanted toward the outer corners by the arms. Then we noticed the two back sections (it is a dual reclining sofa) did not match up evenly. One seat had a dip in it when you sat down. One evening there was a loud pop by the right arm (facing the sofa). When I call the repair line they said we would have to bring it in and pay $180 plus another $80 (?) for labor to fix it. We were told at the time of purchase that it had a lifetime quarantee (as the salesman stated "meaning over 7 years). We are all handicapped and don't not own trucks. They finally agreed to come to the house but we had to pay $80.00. The repairman kept saying he could not find anything wrong - at the same time he was tightening screws and adding springs. He took some think pieces of foam and stuffed them in the bottom between the springs. (It did not help). Also, the material on the foot rest is shredding at the back side (no shoes have ever been worn on the sofa and there are no children to play on it). The stitching is coming loose when the cover was put together - and it was pieced across the back instead of being in one solid piece there is a seam running across the middle of the back. I want the money back for the sofa and I will go some place and buy a sofa that will last longer that a few months to a year (that was the shortest lifetime I have ever seen!!!!!) by B & L Kreger

Not quality fabric

I purchased a love seat four months ago and paid over a thousand dollars. The fabric is pilling, bunching, and wrinkling. I was told by Matt in customer service that this is"natural from use" and is not covered by warranty. I should have purchased at a lower end store and paid less money for better results. I am so disappointed in the quality of materials being used by Lazyboy. The high standards that this company had in the past , obviously no longer exist.

My lazy Boy recliner that my husband wanted did not get delivered as promised today. No one is available in the delivery department or corporate office. They took of the amount of the delivery, however I now have to re-arrange my whole schedule for a couple of dazed and confused delivery drivers.The Store manager in So. Elgin has about as much customer service as a wet rag. Her assistant was at least accomodating did the best she could. After reading the above blogs, I am very concerned. If my husband didnt want the chair so badly, I would cancel

Actually this is the poorest Quality merchandise I have ever seen or known about any kind of a furnature purchased from me & my family & around the world ! I purchased a lazyboy chair over 30 years ago & it went through years of use from me & my family ! about 18 years > So I decided to buy another lazyboy chair from them & it lasted less them a year > what I found out was they turned out to be making them in a way cheaper way > by using plastic screws & a little bit of medel covering them ! That is the main reason why my new chair broke ! years ago they did not make chairs this way ! then because I did feel something snap when I was sitting in it > It took some time before I found our what it really was ! Mean while it made a big groove in the cheapest wood you can find & use for furnature > partical wood > please help me ! Years ago they used quality wood that help their chair last for years not seconds while sitting in them ! I notified the store I bought it from & they told me they had to send it to another place to be fixed > BUT THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME MORE MONEY TO SEND IT THERE ! I WAS SO VERY UPSET ^ BROKE AT THE TIME I COULD NOT SEND IT THERE ! NOW I INHARITED AN OLD LAZYBOY FROM MY DAD & IT JUSY BROKE ON ME & THEY WANT ME TO START OFF PAYING THEM $ 99.00 JUST FOR HIM TO COME OUT & WORK ON IT FOR NO MORE THEM AN HOUR THEN THERE WILL BE MORE MONEY & COST TO FINISH THE JOB !! UNLESS IT IS A SPRING OR MECANISM WRONG WITH IT IT IS NOT COVERED BY THE LAZYBOY COMPABY AFTER A YEAR FROM PURCHASE !! LAZYBOY FURNATURE IS SOME OF THE WORSE FUNATURE OUT THERE > SAVE YOUR MOEY & DON'T BUY ANY OF THIS OVER RATED CHEAPEST CRAP THEY HAVE TO OFFER !!! BUY OLD FURNATURE > NOT LAZYBOY & NOT ONLY SAVE FROM THE PURCASE PRICE YOU WILL GET WAY BETTER QUALITY FURNATURE CHEAPER PRICE & PEACE OF MIND ! TELL LAZY BOY TO GO TO H*** !!

I'm thinking about taking them to small claims court, has anyone tried that?

Ordered $1600.chair had it picked up brought it home.Was suppose to to swivel. it will if you get out of chair use both hands.Now they want to charge $75.00 to send tec man out to fixa defetive chair.Iwillnever buy another Lazy product.

I to have a disturbing tale about the poor quality merchandise, store manager and service department that I will gladly share with any other person stupid enough to invest a large sum of money at Lazyboy. We purchased our sofa, the "Carmen", on sale for $2,898.99 at the North Vancouver (Canada)location and then were told to pick it up at another location as their store was only a gallery. That was a 176 kilometer round trip from our house,and as we have a truck we decided not to spend the x money on shipping as the couch was over our planned budget already. We picked up the sofa on a Saturday, set it up and then had to leave as we had a function to attend. the next day i stretched out on the sofa only to find that 1/2 the sofa was soft and the other half firm! So I immediatley phoned the store to tell them the problem only to have a sales clerk tell me that it only needed to be adjusted and immediatley went on the defensive and basically told me that I would have to return it to the store, another 176 km.,as we picked up the sofa and it was no longer their problem. Needless to say I told her to have the manager phone me ASAP because I was not about to make that trip. Their poor merchandise, their problem, right? Well that would be a big fat NO!She also tried to convince me that we hadn't adjusted it properly and when the anger really start to take over me she tried to calm the situation by telling me that she would have the service department phone me so we could figure this out. Well that was even a bigger waste of time than talking to the previous store employee and manager! Kevin did the grave mistake of telling me also, that we hadn't adjusted it properly and since we picked it up we would have to return it, and, that they didn't service our area. His exact words being "we are in Coquitlam and your all the way out in Squamish" Wow, talk about standing behind your product! So he instructed me to take some pictures of the sofa and e-mail them to him so they could see the problem. Again, Wow, they must have magical powers to be able to tell, by a photo, that 1/2 is hard and the other soft. Anyways, he e-mailed me back giving me 2 options. 1.they would order me a new sofa but as there wasn't any in stock it would take a long while to get another and we would have to return the defective merchandise because, that's right folks, we were out of their service area! 2.They would order a new section, ship it up and then we would have to find someone here to unscrew it all and make the replacement. I am so glad we spent $2,898.99 on a sofa that was already defective. I e-mailed him back and told him that he should stop doing drugs!! Oh and by the way, he made another grave error of asking me "if we sat on 1/2 the sofa more than the other"-we are now talking about a sofa that was a week old! So as of today, July 25,12, the store manger so kindly left me a phone message telling me that she could order me a new sofa, would take 6 weeks, and that Kevin was only following Lazboy policy and that we would only have to drive to their store to drop off this sofa and pick up the new one. Funnier yet, she offered to trade it with the one on the show room floor and this is were it gets realy funny, not a single mention of a discount!!-I haven't yet got back to her because, honestly, I would rather just return this piece of crap for a full refund BUT, as Kevin pointed out, "you wouldn't get a full refund" If anyone reads this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, never buy from Lazyboy, spend your hard earned cash on a company that actually knows a thing or two about CUSTOMER SERVICE and who doesn't blame the customer for defective merchandise!!!!

I will never again buy a Lazy Boy product. I purchased over 5000.00 in furniture. One of the chairs that I bought which is a glider/recliner has been trouble from the first week I bought it in which I paid over 900.00 for a custom cloth design. The fabric in the front is wrinkled, the padding is bunching and the recliner does not recline correctly. The first time the repairman came out he ripped the material, stuck a piece of foam in the foot area of the recliner and sewed it back up, and he then ask me if I had a steamer to get out the wrinkles because the corporate office would not buy him one to use on the job. I said no so he said how about a damp cloth and an iron. I said you have got to be kidding. Within a month the chair was in the same shape but worse. I had to take the chair myself back to the warehouse and they put me a whole new bottom recliner on the chair. A couple of days later the same bunching happened. Then another repairman came out and took pictures. Well he said he knows he can fix it. The other guy did not know what he was doing. I said no why would I want to repair another new part that is now broke just like the original. Not to mention that the warehouse called several times after I already picked up my chair for me to come in and pick it back up They had no idea I had already picked it back up several weeks prior. They do not know what they are doing. The first repair guy said Lazy Boy will never replace your chair they will fix it a thousand times but never make good on you a new chair. He said he worked for Gallery furniture and they would always make sure the customer was satisfied but not Lazy Boy. He said this chair and some of there other furniture was not built like it used to be anymore. Then today I get a call from the warehouse to schedule a pickup of my chair. I said for what. The girl said I don't know. I said are you offering to fix it again or take it back. I don't know someone will call you back. Then Michelle called from customer service and oh my goodness was this lady rude. She said we will fix this again but you will not get another chair , no store credit and if you wait much longer you will pay to fix it yourself because the year warranty will run out. I ask to speak to her supervisor and she said NO!. I could not believe it. She said they will tell you the same thing. I ask to have them call me and she said NO! You can leave a voice mail but I am not doing anything further. I was shocked at her customer service skills. I work for a large hospital system and active in my community and I will tell everyone I see NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT AND WILL USE EVERY MEANS I HAVE TO TELL MY STORY OF THE UNSATISFACTOY PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE I RECEIVED.

I'd give you zero stars if I could, but your scale does not go that far down luck for the Saugus,Ma. store. Last December my wife and I did two rooms over in our house and decided to also put new furniture in them as the walls and ceilings and floors had just been done. We decided to go to La-Z-Boy because that is where we had bought our living room set about 20 years ago it is now in our sons new house. Well the two new rooms of furniture were delivered without a problem. One couch, one love, two chairs, and two end tables. A couple of weeks later we ordered a sofa table that we knew would finish off the den perfectly. We have been waiting for it to be delivered,BUT there always seems to be some problem with broken glass chipped glass always something. We feel we have been more than patient than most people would. I don't know what the problem is in getting a piece of glass for a sofa table. I don,t think it should have to take 4-MONTHS!!!!!!. And we still don't have a sofa table. What do you think I should do continue waiting or should I cancel my order and go to another furniture store in the area, such as Bernie and Phyls Bob,s store Lexington just to name a few. Let me know please call the Saugus.MA.store and let me know I'll call your corporate office later in the week.

I have been a Laz-y-boy Customer for 20 years and have spent over $20,000.00 on Laz-y-boy Furniture. My last purchase was $2,790.80 on a sofa and two recliners...In addition to referring two of my co-workers to the Grapevine, Texas store for their purchases. (which I now regret), as I hope that they do not experience what I have been through with Laz-y-boy over the last two months... Within 8 months after receiving my new furniture, the sofa stuffing broke down and sagged. The two recliners, the fabric started to pull and separate...starting at the seams and running down into the fabric. I took the furniture to the Dallas location service center at 10676 King William Drive to have the furniture repaired. Laz-y-boy did restuff the sofa, which I am satisfied with, but refused to repair the recliners. (which would be at very little cost to them.) The "Customer Service" manager, Pat Schutza accused me of having an animal that created the damage, which I find very insulting! 1. Because I do not have a pet that can cause any damage to the chairs and 2. Because the fabric simply does not hold the weight of my husband. My husband is 280 pounds and he is solid muscle. I exchanged several emails and attached photos of my husband to Pat Schutza so that she could see for herself my husbands muscular physique...My point being that her accusations of pet damage were very incorrect!! She proceeded to discontinue the conversation that the fabric is defective. She told me that there was nothing more she would or could do for me. I was totally appalled by her demeaning nature! The sofa didn't hold my husbands weight and started breaking down and 10 days after he sat in the recliner on a daily use, the fabric started pulling and separating. I had him sit in the second recliner while the first one was at the service center and it too began pulling and separating days after his use. I find this unacceptable treatment from Lebco Industries/Laz-y-boy, considering how much money I have invested as their customer. After many arguments with Pat Schutza in trying to get the chairs fixed, I asked for someone higher than her position to speak with, and she refused to give me that information. I find Pat Schutza very difficult to work with and do not understand why a company as large as Lebco Industries/Laz-y-boy would have her in such a position as Customer Service. After much mental anguish and phyiscal exhaustion in this matter, I will continue my quest in getting my chairs fixed. Should Laz-y-boy take the time and care in repairing my chairs, I will consider myself a satisfied customer and continue doing business with them...should they not repair my recliners, I will not ever buy from them again! I truly hope that all Consumers will beware of the lack of care that this company has when it comes to Customer Care of their defective products.

I ordered a supr.cmft.QUEEN sleeper on 01-20-2011.I was charged for a QUEEN sleeper.But what was delivered was a FULL sleeper. THE SALES TICKET was written up as a FULL sleeper and we did not notice this, until the sleeper was delivered. The sales rep. had difficulty recalling these details,but knew us immediately as we had bought a recliner from him several months before. We knew the price of the FULL sleeper, because my sister had purshased one a month before and the sales rep had a copy of her sales slip. He kept telling us that our price was higher because we were getting the QUEEN sleeper. When I called him about the problem, he had trouble recalling this fact. He brought the price down to the FULL sleeper. He said we would have a great deal of problems trying to get what we wanted. He came down $50 and that was the best he could do. I accepted this,my wife hates it. The store is 7900 Falls of Neuse Rd.,Raleigh NC. Sales rep. is JD WOOTEN. SITUATION STINKS!!!

I ordered a chair from LaZboy several months ago. I was called in January and a delivery date was set up. The chair was not delivered and a new date was set up on Feb. 4th. The chair was not delivered on the 4th and a new date was set up on Feb. 9th. The chair was not delivered on this date. I have had various excuses from the delivery service and the store but still no chair I suspect the chair may have been lost or stolen. The store involved is in Rockville. Md.

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