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This is absolutely worst hungry howie I've ever been to. They got my order wrong and took 40 minutes to make it over. They were rude and and all the employees were picking off food and leaning around.

Very nasty cashiers and cooks !!!! some people are to appreciate a job these days and not take the one that they have for granted and treat customers like crapp !! the store in Eastpoint mich. have the worst food and service and i,m going back for a refund of the very bad pizza and service that was given to me

Bum's clean this store

At 3333 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34234 I saw a guy walk in the front door and right in the kitchen. I was standing at the counter waiting to be served when he walked in and the girl on the phone told him to start cleaning because they were closed... at 9:20 no less. Much to my surprise because I was standing there for about 5 min before he walked in. The only reason why I waited was because it sounded like she was giving directions to her driver.I'll never eat at this location ever!

worst customer service

ordered a $20 pizza special they delivered half the ordered in 50 minutes of waiting. My wife called and let them know of the issue just to get the run around by the manager Christy. Finally after several minutes she offered to send the missing food but it would take additional 20 minutes. so my only choice was to wait and eat reheated pizza or eat half my meal and wait fro the rest. this is unacceptable i just hope that this franchise can get it together or they will be out of business in this area. Moreover unacceptable customer service

Wow Howies- You need to get into your locations and do some serious control maintenance.

I actually spoke to the GM about a coupon that was listed through their online order menu off of the corporate website. They stated that they WIILL NOT honor what was listed online. At this point, I have dealt with this location on numerous occasions and they do not care about customer service. Quite frankly, they are taking advantage of the college area that they are in. Here's the deal, in tempe there are more people who are not students and value the businesses that are in our city, but if you are here to take advantage of the core of our community, which is our students, you do not deserve the business. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are terrible business owners and should wake up to the fact that this is a community and you decided to be part of it. So honor your company and what they represent. I will be reporting your behavior to your corporate office, as I am sure they are not aware of your lack of professionalism. I grew up in Detroit, where this company came from and I know that they would never stand for this.

store @ Zerphyrhills fl Dirty

Terrible customer service, extremely filthy and horrible drive through. Also they were very disrespectful to me and my wife. See for your self!

I agree too. The school cicunol at my son's school organizes weekly hot dog lunches as a fundraising program. Hot dogs, chips and juice. Some parents order two hot dogs for their kids. Parents need to take a stand on this issue and schools need to lead by example. Any healthy school lunch programs out there? David Thompson, Ontario

My service was horrible Pensacola Florida 9 mile road they were very rude and burned my wind after I told them my wings were burnt he call me a liar..I expect that our of people who make minimum wage..

My family and I have ordered faithfully from Hungrie howies across the country but tonight I ordered from N. Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida franchise and like always used my debit card over the phone for payment. That was fine but when the driver got to my home, he asked for my debit card and I thought he was taking it for ID and prove that it is my card but then he pulled out a piece of carbon paper and copied the numbers from my card and told me his manager has them handling debit/credit cards this way. I asked why he took my numbers and explained that is not secure and I am uncomfortable with some stranger having my numbers copied in his pocket. I called the store and they told me that is what they do and I explained that this branch has never done this before to me or my family members and that is a security risk and asked for the corporate number and everyones name involved. Please contact that branch and educate them in reference to ID security. If my card is abused or used, I will report this matter to my bank and then a lawyer.

I just recieved a pizza and bread stix I order at 4:32pm (Batch#000428)and it is 6:15pm, everything is cold and hard to chew .... I stopped buying Hungrey Howie a few years ago and now I remember why .... The store on W. Warren in Detroit, MI 48228 is just useless ... I am so feed up with this store and thier personell .... I called the store and they just said the order is route, it should be there soon ... Ok, an 1 1/2hr later here it comes, Thank You so much .... I will never buy Hungry Howie again and then, the people wanted a damn tip ... Ordered:Batch # 000428 09/02/2012 G Joseph

We have been regular customers at HH-Hazel Park for years. Tonight, I called HH-Hazel Park to order a pizza. She asks for my first name; I give it to her. She then asks for my LAST name??!! To order a pizza for pickup?! I don't want surgery, just a pizza! I ask why and she says we have to have it for the computer? Come on. Give me a break. Do you need hair, blood and a urine sample too? If I wasn't caught soo off guard by the request, I would have just hung up. Wish I had of now. I'll have to find a less NOSY pizza place, I guess.

i ordered a sub from the ventura ca office. i waited half a hr and got a call back from a mgr a mgr she said i was not in there service rout i told the mgr so u waited half an hr to unstand u didnt come to were i live. so i called back and she was rude and would not give me her name nor would she give me the main office number i dont know if hungry howies cares about the people that order from them her in ventura ca 93003 but she was wrong for cussing at me i told her that was all the money i had and she said that was not her problem what good about this is my family works for the helth and food safty iam shure they will get a vis soon but i want my money back... and i want this lady fired for the way she treated me customers always come first always i shur hope hungry howies does something about this.... this is going a lil to far for a mgr not to give her name and turn every thing on me.... but i do have it recorded and would like to release it to the press if no action is taken on her

Go to pick up pizza for my roommates and I who just moved in and the idiot closer locked the doors and when he saw us try to go inside he ducked and ran in the back of the kitchen if you wanted to close a half hour early then at least turn the open sign off idiot don't appreciate driving all over town just to pick up some pizza

I'm livid after 7 years of being a satisfied customer and now I will not allow myself to indulge in halls pizza or subs any longer no matter how convenient it is, I'll deal with cooking. I have been looking forward to an oven baked sub went online and found the number and menu to the Columbus ga location and called and placed for pick up... 2 large pizzas am oven baked steak cheese and mushroom sub and when I got home I was furious to find lettuce and tomato cooked in my sub with literally 3 mushrooms and barely any meat... I have probably consumed 50 baked subs and never had this happened and when I called the store they tried to make me look stupid. Really now I callqnd order a steak cheese and mushroom sub not a lettuce tomato mushroom steak cheese sub. Thanks but no thanks ill will be eating dominios before I think about ever ordering from yall again!

Tonight is the third time i ordered from hungry howies and they took 50 minutes to deliver. I live about 5 minutes away. i was home with the flu. I called the manager last time this happened team (#03012: 6570 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33707). I asked them if they are going to be late to just cal and let me know. by now i could have gone out and bought something else than waiting at home. I suggested that if the roles were reversed i'd refund the customer's money and give them the food for free. This is not the fault of the delivery driver. I might also add that when i complained t eh manger he didn't sound sorry so much more than annoyed. It is the fault of how things are run. the food is good. Delivery is terrible

Tonight me and my husband decide we wanted to try something new from hungry howies so we did we ordered a small pizza, Greek Salad and Wings for the first time.. We always order pizza never anything else there pizza is amazing don't get me wrong. When my husband came back with our food we sat down to eat and i took a bite out of our wings and almost threw up there where so nasty they were not cooked all the way. So i had called the manger to let him know i was not happy with my wings because they where not cooked and he told me well your are so pose to ask us to cook them longer i had try to explain to him it was my first time ordering wings there i had no idea that i was so pose to tell you how to cook the wings. He had told me to bring them back but we have a little one and we are not going to take him out again because they missed up our order. So i had asked him f i can come in the morning and he made a joke at me saying what your going to bring the wings back i said we order 20 of them can you do something please he said no unless we come back tonight to but them back in the oven. He was a very rude manger and they well not be getting out business any more.. They need to cook there wings more our suggested to customers how would you like your wings cooked if we have to tell you how to cook your wings. Ugh so mad we have 20 wings that went to waist..

I ordered a small pizza on 3-12-12 and was delivered what the delivery boy said was a calzone, even though the receipt said pizza. I paid and tipped him and he said to keep the calzone and he would return with the pizza. 35 minutes later i called to see what was going on and the girl on the phone told me that i ordered my pizza folded and that was it and if i had issues to call the manager tomorrow and hung up on me. I then drove up to their location to get my money back and give them the incorrect order back. When I arrived which was no more than 1 minute later. it would appear that they were expecting me because the door was locked at 9pm. As I said through the glass that I wanted my money back, the boy behind the counter flipped me off and started making a phone call. this was unreal... completely unbelievable?? they flat out robbed me for the 14 dollars + my time. the address for this branch is 17744 Frazho Rd Roseville, MI 48066 and I would not recomend anyone to visit. I dont trust people like that with my food.

On February 25, 2012 I placed an order by telephone with Hungry Howies #245, 1498 apalachee Pkwy Tallahassee, FL 32301. Before today I had been a loyal customer since they opened their doors many years ago. I was going to get something to eat before I went to work and when I ordered from Hungry Howies, it usually only took 10 minutes to prepare my order. I placed my order about 4:15 PM over the phone. I stay approximately 5 minutes from the store and I had expected my food to be ready when I got there. To make a long story short my food wasn't ready until 4:40 PM. I was very upset, I asked who the Manager was thinking he would come out and apologize to me but he never did! I didn't make a scene because I was already late for work and I am a uniformed officer, but Hungry Howies has lost my business forever! As far as I'm concerned they can tear that building down and make additional parking for the other decent businesses in that area. How can you expect to stay in business and treat your customers any kind of way! I know most of these franchises are owned locally but, it makes the corporate office look bad when the people working in your resturant have no people skills and they are losing business on a regular basis! The customer is always right! I will return back to Dominos since the food is good, they are closer to my house and the know how to treat their customers! I don't want any coupons or your apology, it's too late for that but, I will tell everyone I know about my experience with your establishment and the crappy service that was rendered! This rating should be lower than 1 star, more like 2 thumbs down!

I call for pizzA delivery and the odertaker was a manager he rude so I asked for someone in charge so he refuse to complete indmy order he told me to order some where else remind you

I can see by all the complaints that its very unsafe to deliver pizzasa, wow didn't know that. I worked for the company. They had young kids running the store the owners were no where to be found. There is simple no structure, no management, no training, no corporate involvement and the kids could care less. Most of them are trying hard to do what they can. I was very impressed with the original meeting and intervieww though I was rushed thru it, should have been a red flagg. So the kids are quickly hired to fill spots, most try hard but have little to no supervision, structure or training but the food is good. It might vary from store to store. There was no map in the computer and the best directions came from the customers. They simply need corporate to be involved and train the mostly enthusiastic kids. And owners actually at the stores. Its really alot like being at an amusement park pizzaria atmosphere and in that its good pizza delivered by young innocent kids.

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