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My rating is beyond poor my wife yesterday 7/14/11 went into the store to prepay for the gas the amount was 5 dollars this happen at the store on Tomball parkway and louetta,a physical address 21103 the manager is an asian male there were two i dont know there name, there was an african american female trainee who was also disrespected and spoken to extremely unprofessional. Back to the story i pumped 5 dollars when clearly it says on the pump pay before you pump, so my natural assumption was my wife payed. The pump was authorized before payment when my wife's card was ran it was denied for some reason at this point we got gas without the money to pay. Times are hard and many of us live paycheck to paycheck but when my wife couldn't pay she was spoken down to made to feel like a poor idiot in front of all customers as well as the employees. My wife came back to the car crying i am extremely upset about this i want an apology to my wife she was not at fault, i use to work for petroleum solutions so i know the fault lies with the cashier. My wife a 30 yr old woman did not deserve to be repremanded by an overly rude manager or his friend quite frankly the cashier didn't deserve to be spoken to the way she was but myself my family and anyone i know will not go back into one of your stores until the appropriate actions have been taken at the very least he could have taken my wife's drivers liscence until she returned to pay. my wife is ashamed,embaresed ,hurt by your employees actions and i went to the store and payed the 70 cents difference after your employee told my wife it was her banks fault and told her he didn't care figure it out. We searched and found 4 dollars and 30 cents and was still treated rudely over 70 cents this is not acceptable and i hope its not by your standards we can be contacted serena and nathan 18940 sims road cleveland tx 77328 or reach us at 281 593 2610 please and thank you, where are peoples compassion today

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