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Compliant on poor service in Raymore store

I called the store for about an hallf an hour, no response. I went over there and i ask them why they were not answering the phone their response was was like da they were all standing around talking. I had to drive over there to get my answers and your associate Andy was vert helpful, but i can't under why i had to go to the store to find my product, can't they answer nthe phone for a simpe question. I have spent thousnds of dollrs in your store, but if is the way it is going to be pleas let me know, i will go to Lowe's

I once loved home depo and still love my local store but the corporate office had mistreated me to the point that I am writing everywhere on the initernet to warn others they caused me a financial loss due to bad carpet installation and then offered me pennies as settlement I use facebook to warn people not to use home depo again and so far got 550 hits I will use the internet plus the cable show I am part of daily to warn the world that the corporate part of home depo needs to be changed and until then no one should use this company again I have a church with 11000 members this week I know exactly what I will preach on I hope to financially damage them as they did to me

Found lights that were awesome. but could not order on line were doing away with them. went to closes store to me they only had one. So went the extra mile to locate two more. The Clinton store and Council Bluffs stores could not understand they could take my credit card and ship to me!!!!!!! Found the other Two in Waterloo, they knew what to do. Where is the logic in this. Why do other stores not have this logic!!!!!!!! How frustrating !!!!!!!!

Negitive feedback

Very dissatisfied with the service I received and the rudeness of the sales person. I will never visit any Home depot again. Delivered a refrigerator I purchased. Left it I the middle of my den. Very rude to my daughter. Had paid to have it installed and the old one removed. I am unable to do this because of my back condition. Refused to return and finish job or come pick it up for a return. I fully expect some response to this matter.

Muslim law

Now that Home Depot has decided to accept the Muslim concept in their company, I have just cut up my credit cards!

Forgot Veterans

If your not a "active veteran" (currently serving in the military)... then you don't get the discount The veterans who served and are out of the military are forgotten at Home Depot... If these inactive veterans were recalled they would fight for the rights of the people who live in the United States of America ...AGAIN..... Forgotten are the ones who have already serve

disherwasher not repaired for over a month

Very poor service

Truck Rental

I've been using home depot for many years without any problems that management didn't solve to satisfy me. Yesterday I rented a truck and had to top off the gas when I was finished, which I did. When I topped off the tank I found I used 1.797 gallons of gas, and if I calculate correctly after traveling 14 miles it costs 7 miles a gallon which I think is dreadful mileage. I feel I paid for someone else's gas which they didn't top off the gas. I have one suggestion, and that is to have a dip stick that indicates the gas has been top off.

Door Install & Ordering

DO NOT LET THEM..i bought and paid for a exterior door install in april 2014 its now sept 2014 and already been paid for on the home card since june and still no door. stay away go with a local custom company.Yes its going to claims court. stay away from home depots install & ordering dept..all they care about is store numbers meaning end of day $$$$$$$$ thats all !!!! but its all gonna leak someday how home depot does things.and social media is gonna buckle the chain wait & see

your managements does not give a damn about the employee's they do not treat them with no type of, and on top of that the do not care for the ones that outside in the heat all day for 6 hours or more.


I spent 30 thou at the Trussville store for cabinet refacing ,granite counter tops and baksplash for kitchen and bathrooms in march 2014. It was to take 2 to 4 weeks. the job was started by disconnecting my kitchen sinks, bathrooms and dishwasher. 5 months later the job is not finished and my cabinets are empty and no end in sight, I have Called everone I can call. the manager will not help me. is there no way to resolve this without lidiigation .

Ex employee and thrilled to be

After ten years working as a sales specialist in one their stores I was assigned a new supervisor. She knew nothing about my job, but criticized me constantly, even in front of customers, she recruited people to spy on me and forced me to do busy work when I should have been helping customers. I spoke to the store manager but nothing improved. Eventually I was hounded into quitting. This is a prime reason for poor customer service. They promote people they like instead of people who know what they're doing.

Storm Door Installer sucks

Worst customer service ever!! Installer shows up late to measure and complains about not being paid enough for storm door installs. After doors came in, installer scheduled out 5 weeks, then doesn't show up. When contact makes up excuses and advises we have to reschedule. Called HD and nothing they can do, gave me a refund. Therefore, after 2 1/2 months of waiting for our new storm doors, we have to start over. I will never buy anything from HD I can't install myself. Warning!! If you live Reno/Sparks, do not fall for HD install...Their installer totally could care less about customer service!

Horrible Service

I hate having to writ this review but they deserve it. I ordered a gazebo nearly a month ago and I still dont have it after paying $55 for delivery. I call Home Depot and they try and call a company called Serpo (which NEVER answers)... We had planned on using this for my wife's party but that didnt happen due to lack of it NOT BEING HERE... wrote an email asking for them to make this right and never received any corespondence back... Shopping at Lowes from now on... cancelling my credit card

Disrepect of Veterans Sends Me Away Shhopping

Home Depot Nolonger has Respect for Lives Veterans Risked to let them be in business and will no longer get any of my Business! Arrogant Decision to Increase profit and change Veterans Discounts when the only reason You can buy so much Chinese Inventory instead of speak Chinese is Veterans held the Line to protect America over and Over. So, Change back to as Lowes Does as Honoring all Vets or live to see The day, Vets might not show up at your stores at all. Vets be sure to ask Rules when entering Home Depot! If u go to Lowes , Don't worry there are None , Lowes respect Vets sacrifice to be open amt All. One Star given as unable to enter Negative 10 Stars!

Failing to Serve Customers

On 25 April 2014 I paid in excess of $6,000 to have Home Depot have manufactured a set of custom iron doors to my home. It was supposed to take 12 weeks. To date (14 August 2014) I have not heard when these doors are going to arrive in the local area. They can't even tell me when the order was accepted. I got passed around through the Home Depot organization and all I learned was that incompetence is rampant at HD, at all levels. Once they have your money there is no customer service. Did you know that you can't even reach anyone at corporate headquarters? That's not a mistake. They don't want to deal with complaints.


I want some one to know how hard it is to get through to the High Point NC store. By all appearances the people in that store are nice, helpful and easy to deal with but getting through to get some info is impossible on the phone. It appears they don't have enough help to man the phones and take care of customers in the store. They must need more in store help and since it has been going on for some time, they are not getting the assistance needed from your corporate offices. I am asking that you do something about the problem. I have to go a ways to buy from Home Depot. I buy on line and then try to pick it up. But if I can't get any info before going there, do you expect me to make useless trips too just to stay a customer?

Rogers ar

Tried to purchase lawn mower ,last one female store manager refused to give a discount on lawn mower. I will asked for her to come over she refused ,I felt bad for sales guy helping us he was great . They lost a thousand dollar sale . Poor service from manager.

they suck

Home Depot SUCKS big time, I used them for my windows, they subed it out to a sub contractor, a year later the job is not done yet, still fighting with them

AC Installation

I went through Home Depot to have a new AC/heating unit installed for my condo. They contracted FH Furr to do this. What a nighmare! It took FH Furr 10 hours to install it and they had to come back 3 times because they didn't get it right and I had no A/C. I will NEVER use FH Furr or Home Depot for this ever again. I eventually had to use another contractor to fix what FH Furr could not and no one reimbursed me.

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