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crony capitalism

... now that they've bumped all the mom-'n-pops into bankruptcy, the Home Depot execs are free, to pay themselves high salaries, buy themselves fancy cars, jack up price and lower quality selling inferior goods, and ratchet down on product return policy --


Your customer service it the worst! In addition why do I have to press 1 for English? This is an insult to all legal Americans!!!! FIX IT!

Terrible customer care.


I am redoing my bathroom from ceiling to floor. I am looking at spending about two thousand dollars in materials. I would like to know if there is any credit discount that you can offer to a customer who will be purchasing everything from one store : Home Depot .

do you?

I'm a United State's Navy veteran and have tried very hard to support my family since leaving the service. I've had at least four interviews at the Palm Springs branch and get the soft shoulder, WHY don't you HELP your VETERAN'S out?

Thank you Nate

Wanted to thank Nate for his help with a problem we had. We went through the normal channels and got no where and after contacting Nate (manager of the Marysville OH store) the matter we think has been resolved. Thank you very much.

2900 sqft remodel

The manager after scheduling 2weeks in advance called and cancelled tried to reschedule and she started to get rude with me I've spent about 9000$ and. Will not ever use home depot or any of their services again

Management has no Idea, and neither does the staff

Former HD employee, it's Feb 10, still don't have W2. Called the store, they told me to log in, DUH, I can't - don't work there anymore! STRIKE ONE, then they told me to come in and get a copy from the business office, did that, they said they can't provide a copy, STRIKE TWO, called HR (mindless drones), they couldn't help me either. STRIKE THREE.

Too long of wait for product

I ordered a dishwasher and microwave from HD 12/4/13. They advised me it would be about a month and a half until I get the product as it was backordered. I was ok with that because I really liked the products I was getting. Well now I have 2 calls and they keep rescheduling my delivery date for another week. I called HD in Bloomington, MN and they kept telling me something different than what the HD delivery people were telling me. I am still waiting to hear back about how they are going to compensate me. Better make it good.


I worked for homedepot in 2013 from Jan. to April. And as of Feb. 1 2014 i have not got my W2's from them yet. I will be calling Corp. on Monday Feb. 3 2014 to see where my W2 is. When i called the Covington Homedepot they (HR) said they couldn't find my W2

home depot need a overhaul of the way they do business

I have work for home depot for about 3 years and i have never seen such disrespect toward employees as at the home depot. Home depot needs a good audit from a law enforcement agency

poor employee care

home depot does not offer any christmas bonus to hourly associates, a multi billion dollar company cant afford it, yet thay will have manages take anything that dont sell, or if a big head is coming to visit the store and have it destroyed in thr trash compactor, I have seen thousands of dollars of product get destroyed, why dont they give the product to people that are in need of it, they could build houses with what the destroy, I say, donate it.. there are people who's house were destroyed in storms,that could use it to rebuild there house.. HOME DEPOT dont be so cheap!!! READING MA

Great follow up

A year ago I purchased a refrigerator from the Bullhead City, AZ store, One year & 4 days later the refrigerator quit working. If I had not had the extended warranty I would have not had the repair done. However the part needed was not available & if it had not been for Nadine in the appliance department I do not think I would have gotten such great service. Nadine got things rolling & I was able to get a completely new refrigerator as a replacement. THANK YOU NADINE !!!

product review

Home Depot removed my bad review of CREE led light bulbs because they explode. I found others at the Consumer Product Safety Comm site. I love led bulbs i dont like the fact that they can explode as mine did. I emailed CREE, CPSC, Home Depot. and safeproducts.gov.

teraible service

i have been waiitng to have a littl door installed and its been 6 week and no getting back to me

Animals in store

Went to Greenville sc store and saw two people walking around with non service dogs. Has Home Depot gone to the dogs? Not healthy and not comfortable shopping with dogs in store

Rude Associate

I was trying to match a fabric I had for curtains, to paint swatches at the Silverdale WA Home Depot. The associate working the paint dept. couldn't answer any of my questions as he was new there, then said he was going to lunch in 15-min, and if I wanted paint mixed, I needed to hurry up and choose a color, or come back in an hour. I left, and shopped at True Value!

Horrible Service!

Bought a refrigorator for my wife for christmas. Cost over $1300.00. Didn't work. Wouldn't get cold, freezer wouldnt freeze. Ice maker wouldn't make ice. Called HD about them selling me a broken fridge...HD told me it was on a 1-year warrenty, and gave me the phone number to the Maytag repair people! Horrible service! I put a stop on payment and returned item + contacted the attorney general...BEWARE! One STAR is too good a rating for HD!

Go To Lowe's!

Poor service, cheap products that are sold broken, or break within weeks of purchase...customer service is BAD. Go to Lowe's!

Bad Service

Rude customer service, treated me like I was wasting her time asking a question about paint. Kept looking at her watch, like I was keeping her from a ciggerett break. I finally left and bought paint at Wal Mart...

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