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Truely Disappointing

I served my country for ten years and at check out i was given a choice of their 24 month free financing OR a Military discount of 10%. They don't think that military vets are important enough to truly separate a veteran and their credit card terms. Credit card terms being 10% or 24 month free financing. If they upheld their military discount, they should give vets 10% off and still offer their free financing (26.9% if not)

Happy customer

Yup finally you guys have it right. Enough clerks to assist customers. I needed fencing for exhibiting paintings at a Fair. Had 3 clerks help me out. I left very pleased with getting what I needed. Way to go . . .

Veterans are not being informed that Home Depot does not honor its discount for all items sold in their stores. There is no list available from corporate or store level. Veterans Discounts are on selected items only and those items are not disclaimed until checkout when it's too late to comparison buy.


I placed an order for 3 appliances online and received confirmation of delivery date. After placing the order and payment taken for the 3 appliances, I received a call from HomeDepot stating that I am not going to receive my purchase on the date confirmed when the order was placed. I explained that the order needs to be warranted as agreed at the time of purchase cause my old appliances has been removed. I was then told to go down to our local Home Depot and work it out with them. My husband informed the representative on the call that, my wife and I have done so three times prior to making the purchase on line.

HomeDepot stopped honoring my Veteran discount

At the check stand I was told there was a policy change and I will no longer get a Veteran discount. Has HomeDepot decided to blow off the Veterans? 98% of their merchandise comes from China so I guess we Americans aren't important to them. Allen

ridiculous service

stores phone line puts you on hold everyday for at least 20 minutes before I hang up. No service. Very few knowledgable people in store, rude in carpet department. Needed carpet but was due back a deposit fee from last carpet book we borrowed. Man was unprofessional and rude. Going back to small independent carpet house. prices just a little higher but well worth it for the service.

Waited 15 min for help at windows and Doors

Went in to Home Depot to order part for a door. Waited 15 min for employee to help us. Finally had to leave after going to employees of other department asking them to call for assistance for window and doors. Time is money. This was at the Vinings Home depot

Why are the store hours different on holidays for each store. All store hours should be the same. Let your employees enjoy some family time on the 4th of July. Not many will be shopping after 6:00. I am sure you are enjoying your 4th of July.


I ordered a Hunter Carmen 34 in. Indoor New Bronze Ceiling Fan $79.97 (order # W278446033) on June 6, 2014. It has now been 13 days later and I still have not received my order, but have received many 'run around' excuses every time I call about my order. I was even told, when I requested that someone call the warehouse to locate my order, that there was 'no' physical phone number for them to research my order. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. I am hoping that Home Depot's Corporate Headquarters can do me right. 334-403-7518


i cannot blieve how long it takes to getan employee to call me back with a date to get a simple item installed all i want is a phonecall telling me when

Poor communications

As of today I am naturally miffed with the poor communications for customers expecting installation. After rushing home from a trip to Calif. to prepare for a patio door install I learn on the scheduled morning that it had been cancelled and needed to be re-ordered. No message to myself was called to let me know. Not having one project person to contact is another glitch.

Hobbs store

I shop a lot at your Hobbs store. The garden center is nicer and cleaner than it has ever been since they opened the store. Every time I shop your associate shawndell in garden is always helpful. She is always busy working and takes the time to help me find everything I need in the store. You have a top employee there. I appreciate her every time.


I was in the Allentown, Pennsylvania store on 6/10 and the air conditioning was not on. I was soaked after 10 minutes of shopping. Then there were no "N" batteries and the scew numbers for papertowel holders were inside the package behind the holder...dah! Had the store had the airconditioning on I would have continued shopping.

air conditioner

I purchase air conditioner from home depot in moreno valley ca. it was install by there contractor ars air conditioner & heating this was the worse install. when they where done with the install they left old broken conduit bare wires and to top it off they did not install a condensate pump this is filling my air ducts with water and mold this can be a serious health risk, what should i do !

help my neighbor

I have this neighbor who can't use his arms very good and I was wondering if there is a program that can help him he only lives on ssi and his roof leak and basement I was wonder if there was any way you can help him


Went to the store in Snellville on 125 Scenic Highway this morning - what a great treat. Fantastic people - friendly, stayed with me until they had my large load loaded in the van. Especially (and my bad, I did not get his name) the retired Army Captain and retired teacher who did the heavy work. Kudos and a bunch of Atta-boys.

exterior door

I was wanting to buy a exterioer door and they wanted to charge me 40.00 to just come out and measure when I can do that, lol.


how come you don't have contractors available in your stores. Full service?


I think your CSR are retarded. I was attempting to use a virtual visa card and was told that I couldn't. It is amazing that you are stuck in the age old paper world where you need to see it to use it. You guys going to Lowes!!!

crony capitalism

... now that they've bumped all the mom-'n-pops into bankruptcy, the Home Depot execs are free, to pay themselves high salaries, buy themselves fancy cars, jack up price and lower quality selling inferior goods, and ratchet down on product return policy --

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