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Went to my local Home Depot well they hired new cashiers again. Cashier I always have wait on me because she is fast and and through is cut in hours. Sorry Southfield Mi. Home Depot. Lowes is close also. I'm "not" coming back. The cashiers are slow....and I haven't "time" to wait!

On hold for a very long time, almost impossible to get through to a live person.

Last evening went to local HD store to pay my bill . This was the 1st time since the data breach , I went to bank ,cancelled my debit card and received a new one as soon as the breach was made public. . I was appalled , have you not learned anything from this experience ? I had to manually enter my account number on the key pad ( with 20 sets of eyes waiting behind me ) and then manually enter my pin # from my debit card . scanning the bar code is far safer , The bright light who thought up this one ,needs a new career .

Sub contractors are not checked out properly

Beware when you contract for installations from Home Depot, one of their subcontractors had 5 BBB complaints against them.. that's not good in my book.

Kitchen Cabinets

I purchased 2 kitchen cabinets from Hampton and what a disgrace of workman's ship, fron doors are wolped, back panels from cabinets are made really cheap and also front doors showing defect and a crack and side panels of cabinet. would "NOT" recomend to purchase from Hampton bay ever again.

Bait and Switch

BEWARE! Home Depot does not honor the prices that show up on their website. I wanted to purchase a 20 in. x 30 in. Recessed or Surface Mount Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Oval Deco Framed Door in Oil Rubbed Bronze Model # SP4603. When I put this item in my "list" it comes up as $81.75. When I move that exact same item from my "list" to my shopping cart the price jumps to $109.00! I've called, I've emailed and all I get from them is that they will not honor the $81.75 price. I was about to spend over $500 at Home Depot but if they will not honor the $81.75 price that is on their site I will go elsewhere. Really stupid on your part Home Depot.


We just bought a diswasher from Home Depot. They installed it. Now, the first time we run the item it does not work properly and guess what HOME DEPOT does not stand behind their installers. I would strongly advise people to never purchase any major item from Home Depot.

HD Extended Warranty only covers them.

Maytag Bravos washing machine, worst machine EVER!!! I bought this machine a year and a half ago. The entire drum and spin motor need to be replaced. Maytag's warranty only lasted 1 year. I bought it at Home Depot, and also purchased the extended 5 year warranty. The extended warranty is as bad as the washing machine. I am now just 2 days shy of 4 weeks of trying to deal with both parties. I've had to take my laundry in to have it done. The cost of the laundry, the cost of the machine, and the cost of the warranty is $200 more than what Home Depot's Extended Protection Plan is willing to reimburse/refund. Home Depot does as much as Maytag when it comes to standing behind what they sell. An $800 washing machine only good for 18 months, really????

Garage Doors & Installation

I ordered two new garage doors and openers to be installed by Home Depot. Had some problems with the maker of the doors but Terry the Assistant Manager of the Gonzales Louisiana store resolved these problems in a very efficient manner. My doors are beautiful and am telling all my family and friends to get them from Home Depot.

Stabbed in the back by a company I trusted

One of the store employees charged $341 on my credit card. All my charges were deleted and could not be found. Only fraudulent transaction show on my statement. Even with all the proof and paper work they tried to scam me. Save all you receipts. Had to cancel credit card because of all the fraudulent transactions. They acted nonchalant about the whole situation, I'm now a loyal Lowes customer.

Hardwood flooring

What a nightmare! Contracted with H.D. in April for hardwood flooring. A Western Washington construction company affiliated with H.D. came out to install, which occurred in May. The crew got glue all over the floor. This same company attempted everything to remove it, with no success. Each step took weeks between scheduling. Eventually, the floor had to be completely removed and reinstalled. Due to sloppiness the job still remains to be completed. A promise of a 2-3 day job, instead taking months. BEWARE!

Compliant on poor service in Raymore store

I called the store for about an hallf an hour, no response. I went over there and i ask them why they were not answering the phone their response was was like da they were all standing around talking. I had to drive over there to get my answers and your associate Andy was vert helpful, but i can't under why i had to go to the store to find my product, can't they answer nthe phone for a simpe question. I have spent thousnds of dollrs in your store, but if is the way it is going to be pleas let me know, i will go to Lowe's

I once loved home depo and still love my local store but the corporate office had mistreated me to the point that I am writing everywhere on the initernet to warn others they caused me a financial loss due to bad carpet installation and then offered me pennies as settlement I use facebook to warn people not to use home depo again and so far got 550 hits I will use the internet plus the cable show I am part of daily to warn the world that the corporate part of home depo needs to be changed and until then no one should use this company again I have a church with 11000 members this week I know exactly what I will preach on I hope to financially damage them as they did to me

Found lights that were awesome. but could not order on line were doing away with them. went to closes store to me they only had one. So went the extra mile to locate two more. The Clinton store and Council Bluffs stores could not understand they could take my credit card and ship to me!!!!!!! Found the other Two in Waterloo, they knew what to do. Where is the logic in this. Why do other stores not have this logic!!!!!!!! How frustrating !!!!!!!!

Negitive feedback

Very dissatisfied with the service I received and the rudeness of the sales person. I will never visit any Home depot again. Delivered a refrigerator I purchased. Left it I the middle of my den. Very rude to my daughter. Had paid to have it installed and the old one removed. I am unable to do this because of my back condition. Refused to return and finish job or come pick it up for a return. I fully expect some response to this matter.

Muslim law

Now that Home Depot has decided to accept the Muslim concept in their company, I have just cut up my credit cards!

Forgot Veterans

If your not a "active veteran" (currently serving in the military)... then you don't get the discount The veterans who served and are out of the military are forgotten at Home Depot... If these inactive veterans were recalled they would fight for the rights of the people who live in the United States of America ...AGAIN..... Forgotten are the ones who have already serve

disherwasher not repaired for over a month

Very poor service

Truck Rental

I've been using home depot for many years without any problems that management didn't solve to satisfy me. Yesterday I rented a truck and had to top off the gas when I was finished, which I did. When I topped off the tank I found I used 1.797 gallons of gas, and if I calculate correctly after traveling 14 miles it costs 7 miles a gallon which I think is dreadful mileage. I feel I paid for someone else's gas which they didn't top off the gas. I have one suggestion, and that is to have a dip stick that indicates the gas has been top off.

Door Install & Ordering

DO NOT LET THEM..i bought and paid for a exterior door install in april 2014 its now sept 2014 and already been paid for on the home card since june and still no door. stay away go with a local custom company.Yes its going to claims court. stay away from home depots install & ordering dept..all they care about is store numbers meaning end of day $$$$$$$$ thats all !!!! but its all gonna leak someday how home depot does things.and social media is gonna buckle the chain wait & see

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