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granite counter top

purchased kitchen cabinets and counter top.cabinets ok but sorry i ever purchased counter top.poor quality.finish is terrible.i purchased about two years ago.bothers me every day i look at it.


The worst nightmare trying to get a stove and refrigerator delivered. No on from home depot could give a status on delivery and when they did gave the wrong info.

Appliance Purchase

Mess from the start! Will buy my appliances from somewhere else, where they know what they are doing!!!! Very disappointed!


go to Lowes. Better service.

Va 100 percent disability discounts are good, but why can not one use other discount coupons as well along with VA discount together?


Check out the scams SolarCity has by themselves-Now you wonder why HomeDepot is supporting them?

Non-Customer Satisfaction

EVERY store is equipped with a Human Resources Department, or so I hear. When asked to provide a number for this office regarding an employment, because many elderly, some who are only looking for a job and a little kindness, are given a number to call at a certain time and it is to a trade school, this is my second experience with poor front desk response which happens about every time I contact corporate and local stores. Perhaps you need a mature, polite, elderly person on staff!

A suggestion for the Home Depot app developers

Would it be possible to put an item locator in the Home Depot app so that while a customer is in the store they would not have to ask directions for certain items? We could simply access a GPS type system on the app itself.


If anyone is reading these reviews as part of one's decision to do a remodel of any kind with Home Depot. My advice is run! Run as fast as you can. You will not be happy with the workmanship and as far as customer service, well good luck finding any.....it is in no way a priority to them. $$$ added to their billions is all that matters.

Brand Accountability

For years I have complained to HD headquarters that apparently customer service is a thing of the past at my store. A simple "Thank you" after a purchase should not be too much to ask. Then today the store refused to honor the warranty on an HD branded product that had a LIFETIME warranty. After 40 years of this I finally figured out that I don't have to shop there! Duh, Lowes it is.

Worse experience Ever !!

I will NEVER order another thing from Home Depot Online !! Ordered a Beverly Sectional, armless chairs, and ottomans with Dragon Fruit cushions..the cushions did not match ! After receiving bolt covers, lounge chair cushions, and shipping a whole new sectional from California to Matthews, NC with the wrong cushions..Finally after two months someone in your so called Corp. Online Customer Service figured out what to do to get me different cushion covers that ALL MATCHED !!! Horrible Service !!!!

Home Depot stop selling gas leaf blowers

Gas leaf blowers are illegal in many cities. They polute the air and are too noisy. Noise is a serious issue. Please stop selling gas leaf blowers.

Can you be more critical?

Just read a couple dozen reviews and I am disappointed that so many people are so negative. My local Home Depot just rocks! Customer Service is very important to them and I am never talked down to nor ignored in any way. Lowes loses by a landslide when it comes to their dealing with women.

Double charging two dif times

I bought 18 board hangers at $3 something each along with boards and supplies for a deck project, later I found out they rang the hangers up twice. I went back and they asked me to leave the receipt and never heard back, followed up and nothing, no contact call as promised, nothing. Its been a few month and another hack and my wife catches them double charging her as well. Has anyone else had this occur? I wonder if crooked cashiers could be responsible for the hacks as well, either way we got hit 3 times in less than 6 months at Home Depot. Be Ware!


After seeing the news article of your company embracing and bowing to Sharia law in Michigan I or the others that I can convince will no longer shop at Home Depot.

Sharia law

The Home Depot and sharia law compliant. Mistake! Everyone that shops at the depot needs to know what this means. To me, it means you condone sharia law. sharia is not compatable with US law. Good bye!

muslim preference

Goodbye Home Depot Hello Lowes Never share I purchase from you again

maintenance super.

while shopping in home depot,one of there sales rep. approached me about a free water test in my home. To test the water in my home i would recieve a $50 gift certificate .They gave me an appointment for Sept.29 at 6pm, i recieved a text the 28th to confirm appointment. The day of the test at 5pm i recieved a phone call stating the tech. for my area is out sick and they would call me another day to schedule an appointment. It's Oct. 27th and i have yet to recieve a call back, so i made several attempts to reach them no one answers the phone and the mailbox is always full

Win 5,000 shopping spree

This review is about Home Depot's "Win a 5,000 gift card" promotion which has run for several years. Has anyone heard of a winner? It seems to me the entire process is just another corporate gimmick in a long line of corporate gimmicks country-wide by numerous companies. Give it up already!

Security Breech

I was a shocked to learn that as a result of the security breech my debit card was compromised. I woke up Monday morning to learn that someone using my information completely drained my checking account. I feel very violated and disappointed. These individuals first used the card to purchase a soft drink to see if the card would work and once it did they went to town and I mean they went to town. I am now in the process of filling paper work out through the bank to dispute the transactions that took place in NY. I truly enjoy shopping at the HD but now I am paying the price.

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