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2nd cruise w HAL

1st cruise was on the Ryndam. We had a great time. 2012. Now we r going on the Westerdam April 2015. really looking fwd to it. We r not hard 2 please. Kudo's 4 a good job.

Security & Stateroom Attendants

We were on the 2013 Malt Shop Memories Cruise and want to commend the Security & Stateroom Attendants for the excellent job they did! (We are not related to any of them) We had an incident where we were helped by the Security onboard when I left my purse upon returning to our ship on the x-ray belt and they kept my purse safe for me until I came to reclaim it! Thank you to Holland America & their Security! Our Stateroom Attendants were Santos & Cocos and they were awesome! We have recommended Holland America Cruise Lines to all our friends!

zero tolerance

Alaska cruise wanted to book a trip to Alaska with daughter and son-in-law but for some un-godly reason you feel that a single senior should pay the double occupancy for the privilege of sailing on your ship.Well raise your anchor head out to sea with "another" empty stateroom.thank you but no thank you.


Because it is very difficult to get a cruiseship job online I decided to mail this short review. I hope to get in contact with the right people to look for the possibilities for a cruiseline job. I have a 5 years experience in hotel and can speak different languages. Hope to hear from you!

wedding event

RE: Westerdam Wedding, Gale and Sean, March 3, 2013 It was a day that was long anticipated. My daughter, an only child, was getting married and going to sail away for a long awaited vacation. There were problems from the very beginning of this “romantic” setting. We were not permitted to board for almost an hour later than the scheduled time. A wheelchair was needed for the mother of the groom, and none was available. Preparation of the bride was hurried, allowing us almost no time after the ceremony to toast the bride and groom. The hors d’ouvres were served poorly. Hot items were cold. Cold items were room temperature, and some items were omitted totally. No items were served after the ceremony, which meant the bride ate NOTHING for the day. The wedding cake was not the cake ordered. The ONLY item the groom actually specified. We had to exit via a cargo ramp. My sister uses a walker and the bride’s father is in a wheelchair. That wasn’t fun. But of all the wrongs, we were smiling, looking forward to the photos of that cherished day. They aren’t here. Your shipboard photographers did something that ruined that day. There ARE NO PHOTOGRAPHS. One child, one wedding, and not a single photograph from those intrusive individuals that didn’t even let us view the ceremony unimpeded. I wasn’t going to complain about the mix ups on board and situations, but not having the photographs is an issue that I cannot keep quiet about. I am writing this review in an effort to warn others about having an “EVENT” aboard your cruise ships. There is really nothing you can give Gale and Sean to make up for the lost memories of their most special day. And I will never have those pictures to look at and smile. Mother of the Bride, Barbara Pedowitz

Review of Reviews

I've sailed twice with HAL. The first was 38 days and the second, 28 days as I recall. Both ships were in a better than expected state of repair even though the MS Statendam was scheduled for refit after our cruise. My point in this review is simply to point out that I was very surprised at the number of negative remarks. I am reminded that people often complain publicly but praise privately. I will return to HAL in a second. Did I have any compaints; of course? My steak was over-cooked and I had to wait 15 minutes to have it replaced. The service I expeienced on HAL has been superb.

NOORDAM 12/17/2012

simply the worst and I have been on many a ship.. a tugboat would have been an upgrade... paid $6ooo for a dingy small "deluxe" suite with a plastic bathtub and the suppposed rubber shower mat was in the act of self destruction

Rolendam September 26 2012 Transpacific Crossing 24 nights Vancouver to Sydney! Earlier this year I sailed on a 14 night asian cruise on Zaaanndam! Loved it!! From September 26 until October 9, my experience with HAL was sheer pleasure! Was given a disability cabin!!Around 6pm had a shower October 9 oh my gosh the cabin is flooded!! Next thing I smashed my back against the heavy bathroom door lsying on the wet carpet in agony! Managed to struggle to the phone was told to go to the ships doctor - how? anyway a wheelchair!! was arrangedsaw the Doctor was then wheeled back to my wet cabin! When I look back I am amazed that this happened! Because the same thing happened and I fell again because of the wet slippery carpet! Agony pure devastation! It is now the end of October and the pain is still acute especially when lying down! A more detailed and legally worded account of this incident will be forwarded to HAL! I asked my room steward while lying in agony (no one checked on me) why the cabin flooded and the answer THE DRAIN WAS BLOCKED!This I found out at 2,30pm the next day! I would habve appreciated some human concern and kindness from the staff onboard HAL! There was a shining light, a balinese room service angel! He has been commended! Two couples approached the front office on my behalf the result for my pain and suffering through no fault of my own was $50 onboard credit! Twelve days and nights were spent aboard in great pain and to think I paid for aa 24 night cruise! I have to go now and write out the full report to HAL

i had a choice to go on the oasis or cinarval dream but i heard cinarval was for a younger crowd which i like. besides the dream is 532$ with everything included while the oasis is 900$ just for the room it self. sooo dream it is lol. plus i heard mixed reviews on the oasis about it being hard to get into certain restaurants, long line because there's over 6,000 passengers, and you have to pay if you wanna go to the boardwalk. it looks nice but maybe next year if the price goes down alittle

I'm crew mamber!!! I have alreadi 7month for waiting list

We just returned from a 7-day cruise in Alaska aboard the Zaandam. This was our third cruise on Holland America. We loved our first two HAL cruises-one to Europe and the other to South America. This one was way below the HAL standards. The dining room food was very salty and of poor quality. The service was awful, especially on formal night which should have been special. The only good meal we had was the night we went to the Penacle Grill. Both the cruise director and the IT specialist were extremely rude. As a retired HR director,I would tell HAL they need to send their employees back to customer service training. We also thought the shore excursion prices were outrageous. Never have we seen such expensive shore prices. Both the Mariner luncheon and the Captain's party showed how HAL has cut way back on quality. The new tipping policy is a real turnoff.

This doesn't even deserve a one star (1) it deserves a -000000. This is to inform everybody that is interested in taking a cruise with this cruise line that they should seek another cruise line instead of Holland. The deck plans and catalog nor the travel agent Orbitz and the agents at Holland America tell you just exactly what these rooms really look like because no one would book them that is how ugly they are. If your interested in pictures let me know. They also don't tell you that for three days you will have to listen to maintenance as early as 5:30 am off and on and as late as 8:00 pm. They think there is nothing wrong with them doing this since the boat has to be maintained at sea, really? This is my vacation NOT theirs!!!!!! They also do not tell you that with this partial view not only do you get to see half the boat they have a wench 2' feet from your bed a metal deck, ladder, a huge box, huge forks, metal railings, wires, hoses and the only thing missing is the KITCHEN SINK and everything is White except the cables on the wench!!!!!! This is a top to bottom window & you can not open it the wench is right up against the window the only thing that is not white are the cables and the wench which gets cranked and its very loud, they see nothing wrong with this and they see nothing wrong with not telling me this information about the maintenance when I booked this is disgusting. The mortisions treat dead people and people that are alive better then this cruise line treats people. Just the fact that they see nothing wrong with this maintenance being done outside my cabin for three days and they don't have to tell me is what really inferiates me the most!!!!!!! Like I say can't change the spots on a leopard. Don't fall for the credit of $100.00 to $500.00 credit they give you you can only use it on their ships and you have to book another cruise with them in order to use it. This is what happened to us and they made the cruise we took before them look like child's play compared to this cruise. This is how arrogant and pompas they are how dare you Holland America (Signature of Ghetto) insult people like this!!!!!! They tell you the next cruise will be better and make up for the "Nightmare on the High Seas Ship" cruise you just took they are true to this and they do make it better by insulting you even more by giving you a room like this and putting you in a room where maintenance is being done and not telling you for three days of your cruise yes, and your second cruise with them will be better because it is called "The Cruise from "He!!" they out do themselves on the second one. So the ship board credit means nothing to anyone who has been screwed by this cruise line because they aren't losing any money. They actually thought we would fall for this a second time (like I said $$$$$$$) sorry fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. They keep it on the records like people are going to come back and treated with disrespect like this unreal. Plus this credit can only be used on their ships. They also actually see nothing wrong what so ever with you haveing to listen to maintenance for three days off and on and as early as 5:30 am Orbitz sees nothing wrong with this and Holland America Line sees nothing wrong with this and they don't have to tell you imagine that? Wow. Oh, you are also suppose to know everything about what a ships rooms look like and the workings and the making of the ship inside and out. I guess they do this because the agents they have have NO CLUE themselves of what really comes with these hidious rooms or better described as albatrose rooms! They put on these fancy uniforms that make them look like they have class and they talk like they have class and in actuality they are just pure Ghetto. They give you a bottle of wine on the third day when maintenance is done and dinner in one of their specialty resturants to make up for you having to listen to this noise for three days like this is going to make us feel better? Not!!!!! To show you how Ghetto they are the wine is a screw off top!!!!!! This cruise line only sees this sign $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ when it comes to people or customers you don't have a face nor body nor mind really nothing you are seen as this Dollar Sign. Their apologies are insincere shallow and hollow they are pompas, arrogant, rude and assuming. I have reported them to various agencies and I'm taking them to small claims court both Holland America and Orbitz. You can go online and file complaints and send emails this cruise line needs to be stopped because of what they do to people and Orbitz has a contract with them "BEWARE". Listed below is one of the agencies. Federal Maritime Commission 800 North Capitol Street NW Washington, DC 20573 You can file your own complaints with agencies like this one listed above. one listed above.

Holland American Lines; My wife Debra and I just returned from a 7 day inside passage to Alaska on the Ms Westerdam. Our suite was VE-5104 which from the time that we got a board was clean and all our needs were met each and every day. Our room steward was Denny this gentlemen was one of the best people that you could of placed in out room to take care of all our needs. Every thing from getting our clothe pressed for our anv night at the Pinnacle Grill to removing standing water on our deck,he was always their for us with a smile. Please let his supervisor know how much we like his kind service. Next from checking in from the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle,our luggage boarding the Ms Westerdam went so smooth,we were aboard the ship after we arrived at pier 91 within 20 minutes. All we could do was thank the people from Hal to make this boarding personnel had they took care of all our needs. The reason we went on this first and a lifetime trip was to enjoy our 40th Anv,and boy did the Ms Westerdam family take care of us. I had pre planned with Jennifer who works with ship services that I had a special request to give my wife Debra a diamond ring and other surprises for her, the night of our Anv,this lady made it all happen,all I needed to do after I got on board was give the ring to front office until the night of our Anv. I want to thank the following people who help me plan for our Anv night at the Pinnacle Grill the night of July 15th 2012. Front office Supervisor Romona,what a wonderful and very kind lady that you have in charge of the front office aboard the Ms Westerdam. She knew that this was a very special request in making sure that the diamond ring made it to the Pinnacle Grill and given to my wife Debra on a silver platter,my wife had no idea this was going to happen. To me this is not only great service but exceptional 10 star service. Other people I want to personally take is Tamara,and Michael from desk services to making sure that the manager from the pinnacle Grill was notified about our Anv. night I am so thankful that these to people help me to arrange for a special evening. I will always remember these Two people in how after we got back to our suite how they took care of me for a surprise for me and my wife Debra, Swans on our bed with rose peddles on the bed,with strawberry and sparkling wine sitting on the table. Wow these people need to be mention to their supervisor for outstanding service. Finally in closing from the time we set our feet a board the Ms Westerdam, from dining to everything that we did a board, people like the supervisor Nadine to our wine Stewart frank,Tiger table host and sever,also Jerry who waited on us at table 120 made our trip so very very special. Thank You Holland American Line and Captain Henk and Alexis for making this a once in a life time trip for my wife Debra and I. We will sail again with Hal because of our experience that we had cruising to Alaska. Please feel free to address this letter and please let the people mention above be notified how we feel about them. And because of them that is why we will sail again in the near future with Holland American Lines. Warm Regards Mr & Mrs Patrick Hurley VE-5104 425-636-8310 Home Phone

To Whom it may concern; This morning I sent a posting about our experience aboard the Ms Westerdam,I did not make a copy what I sent could you please send me a copy to our e-mail account phurley49@yahoo.com. So that I can fax a copy to the Captain aboard the Ms Westerdam. Thank you warm regards Mr. Patrick Hurley

on June 27,2012 when we boarded the ship and went to our room the first thing we saw was that the bed skirt had large holes in it, there was also no chair to set at the dresser. When we went into the bathroom there was no hot water in the sink it was never fixed The entire trip there was never enough room to set down and eat your meal no matter what time you went and the only dining room that was open was for various times each day and only for an hour. The buffet was so poorly arranged getting anything to eat was a nightmare people were lined up three deep. The servers in the buffet area were poorly trained and understood little english communication was difficult. They tried hard. When standing in the dessert line on June 2 I standing in line with another passenger we were discussing how hard it was to get food and that we could make some of the desserts better when a employees named Sabrina said in a hateful voice then don't eat and she kept saying it until I walked away. Later when I was walking thru the casino I saw her and looked at her name tag as I passed by she started yelling what are you doing looking at my name tag your just going to tell lies about me she continued to yell it as I walked through the casino until a passenger I was with backed her off by threatening to have her fired right then. On June 3rd when we were to disembark we were advised that we had until 9:30 am to leave our rooms At 7:00 am that morning a ship steward knocked on the door then walked right in I was setting on the bed in my panties he said oh I will be back in 10 min. to strip the bed I followed him outside and said no he said he would come come back in 15 mins to strip the bed and clean the room I said we had until 9:30 to leave the room he said no. we had ordered room service for breakfast at 8:00 am we got dressed got our luggage and left I tried to get back in the room about 15 mins later and my room card wouldn"t work I had left my glasses I had to find a sterard to let me in. We were also told we could leave the ship and visit in the town until our time to board the train the day we disembarked not true they wouldn't let us off the ship until our number was called and it wasn't 11:20 it was 1:00 pm

We recently returned from a 12 day Mediterranean cruise which started in Barcelona. The itinerary was great, Florence, Rome, Naples, Catania, 2 small Greek islands, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Venice. Our stateroom was well appointed and kept very clean on a daily basis by the room attendants. The ship as a whole was kept very clean the entire voyage. Service throughout the ship was excellent and the staff was most helpful for any questions. My wife and I were made to feel most welcome and comfortable. The food was of high quality and fresh. Presentation was good and the meals were varied. We especially enjoyed dinner and the opportunity to interact with a variety of passengers from all over the world.Service at dinner was excellent. We very much appreciated the variety of shore excursions offered and found each one we booked good value for the money spent. The tour guides were excellent and informative. I only wish we had more time in each port to see more of the sights but one can only do and see so much in a day. We also enjoyed the variety of entertainment on board, there was something for everyone's taste. We made the right choice and we will return to Holland America for our next cruise. Thank you HAL for a GREAT trip!

I have a cruise booked that goes to Athens and Istanbul. with the unrest in that part of the med, what will happen? will we be able to change our cruise to a different part of the world?? We are not wanting to do this itinerary with the problems there. Please respond ASAP so we can rebook another itinerary Thanks

Just returned from a 17 cruise aboard the Veendam South American and Antarcita on 1 06 12. This was our ninth cruise on five different lines so we know what to look foward to, but we did not expect this. From day one the tempeture in our room went from 55.0 degrees to a high of 62.0, in Antarcita no less. Spoke and wrote to every one on the ship and no one cared or tried to help, "Just I will report the problem". Heck of a way to run a business, it costs more to get a new customer then to keep an old one but HA does not get the message. I paid for a cruise and got a camping trip, no less a $16,000 camping trip. I have written a letter asking for a refund, will keep you posted as to the results.

Re: Cruise for 14 Days - Ryndam - embark: 11/21/201 disembark: 12/05/2010 Was a horrible experience - Ship obviously used to train new employees we were not informed in advance. Very sloppy, rude and unqualified personnel. A disappoinday cruise. Service and customer relations not like it was years before.

My husband and I took a two week Alaskan vaction with Holland America. The hotel room in Denali was dirty and both of us woke up covered in bug bites. On the ship, our toilet overflowed the night we arrived. Supposedly, it was fixed. However, the next morning, at 1:00am, it gushed, soaking the bathroom the stateroom carpet and the hallway carpet. We waited at least 20 minutes for housekeeping. They cleaned the bathroom and told us it was fixed. But in the morning, we were wading in water. When we asked to be moved, we were told there was nothing available, but they offered us another room for a few hours only as the occupants were boarding that night. After missing a day and night of our vacation, Holland America offered us $50 by way of compensation, an insulting amount considering we paid $450 dollars per day. The ship's staff was indifferent at best and corporate offices completely uninterested in our complaint.

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