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hilton garden inn stole money from me

i stayed @the hilton garden inn in st louis (airport location)...they took ad 250.00 off my card, saying i smoked in there, and i didnt....and the gm wont call me back......who ever stays here better watch your credit card information

Lobby Flooring

Having just stayed at your new hotel at 136 W. 42nd., NYC, I am trying to learn the manufacturer's name of the entry and lobby flooring (a faux wood style).


Had dinner at the Garden Inn in Victoria, TX. Ordered iced tea. I sent it back as it was cloudy and old tasting. Found out, that's it's boxed iced tea. If a restaurant can brew fresh coffee, why can't it also brew fresh iced tea?

Telephone Etiquette

Call me old fashioned, but certain business conventions have not gone out of style. A person answering a telephone for a business should readily provide both the name of the business and his or her own name. It can be as simple as a first name. And certainly when a customer requests the employee's name, that employee should gladly provide it. This was not the case when I recently telephoned the Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio Airport. The young lady responded to my request by saying, "I don't give out my name." So now I have no idea who confirmed the details of my reservation. But I do now have an idea about the adequacy of training provided to Hilton employees and the level of service to expect during my upcoming visit. I assume I will see her name tag pinned to her apparel when I check in - unless she is too afraid to wear it.

Double Charged

I was over charges on my bank card. My total should have been 176.45 but 336.30 was taken from my card. This caused me to have overdraft fees in my account. This was a very inconvenience and a hassle trying to call my bank and Hilton to try to get straighten out.Funds were taken from my saving account to cover my overdraft and overdraft fees. When I called Hilton they called my bank but didn't offer any kind of compensation for the next stay at Hilton are anything. My bank account is still no right, which leave me without funds until this is straighted out which could take 3-5 days.

Reservation Nightmare

I am really disgusted with Hilton Garden Inn and their Reservations... on Jan 10, 2013 I called and reserved a room at the uptown Charlotte North Carolina branch for April 5 thru 9 2013, when I learned I had the incorrect dates I called on March 20 2013 and changed the dates to April 7 thru 9 2013. Using my debit card to hold the room. On April 6 my debit card was charged $630.89 and then on April 7 it was charged $315. (and I have not even checked in yet) after calling and trying to get this straighted up the employee stated that they didnot have that change well I DID CALL AND I DID CHANGE THE RESERVATION, I even asked to I get a new confirmation number? she stated NO..... so now I have 9 overdraft charges of another $315 and a new room charge of $294 so for 2 days it has cost me $1554.... I will never stay in another Hilton Garden and when my bank called to see if they would help with the overdraft charges she was told no I was lucky they did not charge me for the whole 5 days.... what a rip off I do not have this kind of money and I am just sick over the whole experience

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