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jolly ranchers drink packets

How come some boxes come with 6 n some with 8 I love the watermelon 1s n I buy them at the very least 6 boxes at a time I think u should put 8 in all the boxes n have some type of reward system for purchases cause I like them better than pop

submitted idea

I have submitted you and idea on the website you told me to go to and it's been several months and also tweeted you Instagram you and facebooked you I haven't got any feedbackother than those a lot of decisions I go into it I just a little more than that is there like a yes or no but you like my idea how to chocolate covered strawberry Oreos and look for the blonde flavor peach cobbler I still love you but I would like more feedback onand like I said when I wrote you guys I'm not trying to become rich just want a little foundation for my son meaning like a house savings for his college.

haven't had a reply

having had reply about what I submitted I feel that's kind of rude an unprofessionalother than that I love your products that you put out in the stores.

6 hershey people descending upon a store

to say that i was taken completely aback when SIX Hershey candy people showed up at my store, unannounced in any fashion and just want to look around. i think its rude. i think its unprofessional. i think it is arrogant and makes it appear that their time is more important than the retailers who sell their product for them. they didnt bother to introduce themselves, no business cards of any kind, moseying around my little place and then leaving. it goes to show you what they really think of us little minions that get their products to the end user for them. What makes them think this is an acceptable behavior??

twizzlers twist chocolate

bought chocolate by mistake,looked like black liquorice==taste like stale coco.misread the package.==did not like the taste.

outdated mounds

I bought a mounds candybar and it was out dated

banana reese's

Please come out with the limited edition of banana peanut butter reese's cups again year after year. They are so good!!! I miss them so much

We have purchased the large Hershey bars with almonds for years. We recenty purchase ten (10) large bars as a post-dinner treat. The packaging has "changed" from a shrink-wrapped aluminum foil (with outer paper labeling) to a product that is not foil wrapped and placed "loosely" within the labeling wrap. The product was had not adequately filled the wrapping, had been subject to heat damage, and the interior contents was "fractured" and distorted. Until you revert to some sensible packaging of your product - we will not longer be buying your product.

We are notifying Hershey's that we are boycotting New Adventures / Old Christine of Life Time Network as it stars Julia Louis Dreyfus and she backs Barack Obama. Until she and other movie stars take the time to listen to us and our research of UN Agenda 21 and how it will destroy our government we are boycotting anything his backers star in. We do not want to do this without advertisers being notified. Thank you. Mindy Rodriguez

Years ago we would visit Hershey Pa and go to Chocolate World but when you took all those JOBS to Mexico, we gave our candy dollars to MARS, no more HERSHEY ever!!!! Not Hershey for cookies either.

I have never felt the need to contact a company before but as I can see from above post that other people feel the same way. I keep a wood bowl full of candy on my kitchen table for guest, my children and my grandson. I was totally shocked when I happened to look at the reese peanut butter cups to discover they were made in Mexico. I threw them away and was totally disappointed. Hersey is/was an American Icon to most and was always assumed do to Hersey PA that the candy was made in the USA. As a single mother when my children were young I always wished that I could have taken them on vacation to Hersey but it was not financially possible. I am just so sad and disappointed!! I have told a few people about this and they said from now on they will check to make sure that their Hersey products are US made. I didn't think Hersey would be one of the brands I would have to check.

I found out that you are manufacturing your caby in Mexico.....You are just another out sourcing to other countries for cheap labor....millions of americans are out of work so why not stay in the united states......I will not buy anything mase from Hersheys ever again.

I am dissapointed in the Hershey Company. I have been an advocate for the company for many years since I learned that some of the profit from the candy goes towards education. I have spread the word until I noticed that the candy is being made in Mexico. I was about to purchase 12 boxes of the Pot of Gold assortments when in looking for the contents noticed they were made in Mexico... I quickly put the boxes back on the shelf and the people I was purchasing the candy for will be receiving another brand. I have purchased my LAST hershey bar.. Mars here I come!

- Four hundred foreign students complained to the State Department that the Hershey chocolate company abused a foreign-exchange program to put them to work packing chocolate and stashed them in overpriced company housing that leaves them only $40 to $140 for a week's work. The National Guestworker Alliance claims Hershey abused the J-1 student guestworker program, violated labor laws, intimidated, coerced and threatened them with deportation. In an Aug. 17 letter to the State Department's Under Secretary of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, 12 named students said they protested the abuses on behalf of more than 400 similarly situated "Hershey guestworkers." The students say they were recruited in their homelands around the world, including in China, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, Ghana, and Thailand, and that they paid $3,000 to $6,000 apiece to participate in what they were told would be a cultural exchange program, "as well as to work for three months." Instead, the Hershey student guestworkers found themselves packing chocolates for the Hershey's Chocolate Company at the Eastern Distribution Center ... in Palmyra, Pa., supervised by Exel North American Logistics Inc., SHS Onsite Solutions, and Cultural Exchange Travel USA (CETUSA)," the letter states. "Students are paid from $7.85/hr to $8.35/hr. After automatic weekly deductions for above above-market rent and other expenses, they net between $40 and $140 per week for 40 hours of work. They are forced to live in company housing, for which they are charged $395/month each, at least twice the market rates paid by Americans in the same housing complexes. The Hershey student guestworkers' economic reality leaves them little to no chance even to make back the $3,000-6,000 they paid to come. They have been offered no cultural exchange of any kind. Many actions by these entities violate federal statutes regulating labor, employment, and foreign affairs. "When the student guestworkers have complained about the violations of U.S. laws regulating labor, employment, and foreign affairs, they were threatened with deportation and other long-term immigration consequences to coerce them to remain quiet about the violations. Student guestworkers from all three shifts were summoned to 'captive audience' meetings in the plant and threatened with deportation. Back home, the recruiters in their countries sent threatening emails to the student-guestworkers, called their parents, and even flew into the U.S. from China to undercut the organizing. Their employers and the employers' agents took these actions to interfere and chill lawful complaints." The students say the companies violates OSHA regulations, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act, failed to provide cultural activities, threatened their health, safety and welfare, and that the entire experience "brings notoriety and disrepute to the Exchange Visitor program." They ask the State Department to supervise participants in the J-1 program more closely, and suspend, investigate and revoke CETUSA's permission to participate in it. The letter is signed by Jennifer Rosenbaum, legal director of the National Guestworker Alliance, based in New Orleans.

It saddens me to inform you that since you are a sponsor for the Dr. Phil Show, and because of his donation to the George and Cindy Anthony foundation, and his scheduled interview, I will no longer purchase your Hershey products.

To Whom It May Concern, I am a retired Vice President of a company. I love your Hershey Kisses with Almonds but, in the past month I have noticed that there a shells in the Kisses. Tonight when eating some I Broke my tooth. Please, I am not asking anything from you as I have very good Insurance. The one thing that does concern me is you might not be aware that this is even happening. It might cause others to quite buying your product and or I know that I would want to know if any problem like this was going on. Good Luck, and I will continue to buy your product. Kenneth Benitez

your bliss white chocolat with creamy meltaway,is not so, one is as soft is the other,the sehl sould be much harderthat it is.

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