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Marketing failure

The marketing campaign that objectifies women does nothing but hurt your brand. My family and I will no longer eat Hardee's, and it has always been a breakfast tradition since my childhood. It's disappointing that I can't share that with my young children, but I refuse to support a company that shows no morality and feels no responsibility for the way they portray women.

Bad service/rude employee

Went threw today after work wanted a large ice water. Got to the website had to wait 5 mins for my water. He gave me a small I asked if I could have a large he just shook his head no I told him i would pay for it. He shut the window in my face came back and said $1.96. I said for water he shook his head yes I said no just give my small one. Got the small one it was only half way full with NO ICE!!!!!

bad website

I tried to make a comment about the ice cream machine not working in my local store, Pinetops NC, but the comment section of the website will not submit. I have tried many times without success, so I guess they don't want comments!

bad website

I tried to make a comment about the ice cream machine not working in my local store, Pinetops NC, but the comment section of the website will not submit. I have tried many times without success, so I guess they don't want comments!


As long as these very vulgar commercials air I will not purchase anything from any of your stores. Funny thing is the food is good enough you don't need the nasty commercials. Why not use humor instead?

When advertising returns to being as tasteful as your food and service i will be returning from McDonald's Burger King, or even a more expensive sit down restaurant. Hope to see you back on my radar soon.


Hardees commercials are disgusting. I don't even eat at Hardees anymore. Not a kid friendly commercial. Beer commercial has better than a fast food restaurant our kids use to like to eat at.

Tasteless Commercials

Hardees has taken the sleezy commercial to a new low. What kind of perverts are running this company? Why don't you study the new Coca Cola commercial to see how reputable marketing is done. I actually hit rewind on their commercial to watch it again. Shame on you.

Very Disappointed

I was an employee, I got my kids their first jobs with Hardees. Boy have the commercials changed I was so embarassed when my 6 year old asked why the lady was takin her shirt off to eat a burger in the sand I am done with Hardees till the innapropriare commercials are off air not suitable for the family atmosphere we have until now ALWAYS experienced.


The hardees in St. Louis, Maryland Heights is amazing, service is great, employees are great, food is amazing, and they should let me do the advertising

I tried your grilled codfish sandwich today, except for the burnt edges you could not taste the fish. The fish was so then it was covered by the tomato and lettace. Though the fish was burnt on the edge it was not completely done in the middle.


I was hired at the hardees in troy alabama and the management is very unorganized! I only work once a week for maybe 3 hours the payroll card I received is not active the check I received is non negotiable and not in my account. I do not understand why I was hired and do not work!

TV Commercials

Hardee's TV commercials are degrading to women, vulgar and inappropriate for children. What does your company think they are gaining buy airing such trash? My family will not make any purchases at Hardee's as long as these vulgar commercials continue.


I applied for hardees and waited two and a half weeks for them to get back with me for my orientation, I called them everyday and they told me the same thing, that they would get back with me, then when they finally do decide to tell me something about it they tell me that they completely forgot they hired me and that some one else has taken that position and that I am no longer needed. I thought that it was they're job to do my orientation and not forget that they hired me.

I am shocked that the board of directors can not find suitable marketing people to boost sales for Hardees. Who do you have working over there? Guys that can't get dates and get their thrills coming up with the most provocative things they can? WOW talk about desperate! Bottom of the barrel for sure.

UnFair Firing

I have work for this company for two months now. I worked for McDonald's for 13 1/2 years and never fired anyone for being sick. This a unfair firing of all times. This typed unfair firing needs to stop.

TV commercial

I was shocked that you have a commercial on TV about a Hardees product showing a woman in a bikini bending over with a view that is almost porn! What are you thinking? This commercial was shown during a time that children watch TV.Regardless of the age of the viewer, this commercial should be removed.

The store in Kokomo, Indiana and all the others owned by the same franchise should be investigated for gross misconduct concerning intentional and purposeful violation of labor laws. I am not, and have never been employed with the company, but have knowledge of serious violations.


Strongly disapprove of your seductive advertising on TV. If you really believe that practically nude bodies are going to sell your hamburgers then the sick minds of those who come up with the ideas are totally out of touch with the 'majority' of the American people.. You must be desperate! I have 21 yr. old grandsons who are in college, really into football and most sports and like pretty girls but your commercials turn them off too! Why don't you just stick to trying to sell good food. I really liked your burgers but i won't be eating them anymore.

Close it

Consistent disappointment in food service for 24 years. No one cares, they could care less if you wait for a long. Once again they screwed my order up. Please close the Hardees in Hillsborough, NC.

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