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Customer Service

The service is terrible. If you place a order it will not be correct. If want want to get a surprise biscuit visit Hardee's.

no professional service

the girl taking our order was so busy with her mouth full of food, and don't tell she was on a break, she could hardley take the order, I noticed several employees eating in the prep area thats not sanitary, they took 15 mins to tell us they are out of burgers,thier time index is different from ours, after 45 mins our order was wrong three times, we requested our refund, and another girl said you wont get a full refund, I said we have recieved nothing everytime it was wrong we gave it back, this needs to be corrected.

Sexual images you send

I love your food, I am very displeased at your new commericial plus the song you used, Montley Crue Shout at the devil, That song holds backwards lyrics saying Jesus is Satan. It is almost you dont care about Christian values!


We are yet another family who will not be eating at Hardy's because you have and continue to put out inappropriate commercials.

"Tasteless" commercials

Boy did your marketing strategy change with the new management. You have lost my business!

No cheese please

I ask for two cheese biscuits and got plain, but of course we had to charge for the cheese. Lastly, your commercials suck! The cramming of a huge burger don't the throat of a half naked girl is gross and disgusting.

mile high bacon thick burger

I got my burger and had to come home and put some bacon on my burger. I got bacon bits on my sandwich. Nothing at all even close to the picture shown. Hardees will get no more of my money. Im tired of paying my hard earned money and not getting what I pay for.


I am done with Hardee's. Called the store manager to ask if they could please pay attention to "no cheese" when I order through the drive-threw. I can't check it, as she suggested, before I leave. It completely defeats the purpose of "drive-threw" !!!

mile high club

The commercials are creative. These people who say sexist and offensive must not watch any other TV or news. These people are the type who complain about everything. Keep up the good work

mile high burger

I find this ad highly offensive and degrading to women. This has made me never to eat at anotber hardees.


I agree with everyone about your ads. They are disgusting. As a retired person with money, I will never step foot in your restaurants. I will take my money elsewhere. Who "works" for you....16 year old boys?

Hardee's "Mile High" commercial

Hardee's "Mile High" burger commercial is to say the least highly offensive and as my wife and I see it akin to soft port. We have patronized Hardee's for years but this commercial is such a turnoff that we are done. Whoever came up with this brain-dead brainstorm should be fired and a public apology in lieu of t.v. commercials should be aired regularly for at least one week. Disgraceful conduct by a corporate giant in the fast food industry!!!


The Hardee's in noblesville in. is the worse Hardee's I have ever been to, the manager was so rude and treated me like an Idiot when they messed up our order...

Really Hardee's... If I had wanted to cook this morning I wouldn't have gone to you.... 3 uncooked Frisco's and when I checked the order at the window & told them they forgot the hash rounds.... She huffed then came back holding them by the top... The palm of her nasty money handling hand touching them... And holds them out the window, no bag... Yuk... Needless to say those were thrown away & I still had to cook the Frisco's.... My family is OVER you..... — at Hardee's.


Horrible place to work. If U quit them, they will lie about your hours worked and NOT pay what they owe or return equipment that you turned in so u can get your money back. Bedford INDIANA general mngr TY.

Lousy serviced

I am in the process of sending a letter to Hardee's Headquarters. The service and food in our local store is getting worse by the day. People have been leaving because of the long lines, improperly prepared food and the general filthiness of the location.

Hardees in Pensacola, Fl have managers who do not care about their crew and their working conditions. They are constantly keep raising the prices, but not the wages. People work for years and do not get the raises they deserve. Btw! The new uniforms SUCK!

latet commercial-bikini clad girls

The scantily clad girls in your latest commercial...I find the ad sexist, socially inappropriate, and offensive to women. Makes me think the CEO of Hardee's must be a frustrated middle-aged man!!!!


What do your smutty commercials have to do with hamburgers? They are disgusting and border on pornography. What is your target audience? It definitely isn't family. My family will not eat at your establishments. Shame on you.

I must say, that it saddens me that your commercials are so sexual and look like they should be in the back row of a magazine rack with a brown bag covering them. Really you must be mostly undress and sweating to eat a cheeseburger !! Come on you surely can do better than that. Is it a last resort or what. You have great food but I am boycotting it due to the radicolous commercials you feel necessary for a sales pitch!! I am embarressed just sitting watching tv with my daughters!!

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