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spoiled hamurger has a bad smell

I went to the Hardees like I always do.... Ordering my favorite the frisco burger... I live 2 minutes from our restaurant... Sat down began to eat it.... It tasted different I ate another bite.... Still didn't taste the same like the sandwich I'm used to.... Then I smelled it.... Wow.... It didn't smell bad, it smelled worse.... I called the manager Scott.... He said," I just ate one I thought it tasted good.". I love our hardees.... Really sad about this.... I bought one for a friend and told her not to eat her's.... Thanks for letting me vent.....

hair in hotdog

hair on my hotdog, can't pay me to go back, called to a "manager" they sounded less then concerned. brooksville fl location- gross.

apparently hardees has gone to false advertising like taco bell/ kentucky fried chicken. my first and last memphis burger only had half a teaspoon of onions, not fried onions as in the tv ad.

I really doubt that you read these complaints, but I will try to tell you how I feel, your commercials are nasty. The last commerial I saw for Hardee's bordered on pornography, and I have lost all respect for your companay. Half naked girls eating some kind of food seductively, is that really the only way you can think of to sell food?? Chic-filet is keeping it clean, I think you can too, but do you want to, that's the question.

URGENT FWD NOTICE____________________________________ To The Professional Management of Employment: First and formost, search the Hardees in Clinton TN!!! We need your urgent HELP!?!? The shift leader JOESPH MULLINS is currupting the store left and right! A poor little girl had to practically work Everything by herself, inside and drive thru. I went through drive thru and all I can see is her going in a million circles going every which way trying to keep up with it all? It's so sad to watch and is pathetic I saw her boss Mullins send her home for absolutly nothing at all? Why is this happening and when will the city of Clinton get some answers!?!? July 4th, he was seen outside with the employees working "helpless" inside with there so called "leader" doing simply nothing. Why must we watch this? The employees are working and doing there part, please remove his position and result better counseling. I come through the drive thru on a weekly basis, and this concern happens over and over again. I understand she put her two weeks notice due to the horrible treatment of this Mullins. As I see it, this is not the first employee that has quit. He is running them out the door INCLUDING me, a very disppointed customer! TAKE ACTION!

Sorry Jack you are right the zombies are all kids and they dont care they just want their drugs the mangers dont care they let the kids run Hardees so the kids do as they please the food is not that good anyways so go to BK for a burger you have to be in the click to have a job there or they want keep you working you will get fired if you are over 28 Hardees sucks


The red burrito combo - rice is always cold Donno why ???

Our Local Hardees in Washington North Carolina has a long road to recoveryand they may be on the fast track at the consumers expense. They have coupons sometimes like buy one get one free, for example a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Whether is is one a coupon specil or not there is a limp one slice ( or 1/2 slice) of bacon for the biscuit. I eat breakfast out all the time and have not found a place yet to compare with Hardees. Comsumers being satisfied is what makes or breaks a business. Id rather had a satisfied customer, knowing they will return even with out the coupons if their meal was good. Good luck. I hope to never return to your place of business. Thanks for letting me be heard.


Worse Sweet Tea I ever tasted at Hardees in Morristown, TN needs to take leasons from McDonalds for making Sweet Tea.

I went through the drive through for Hardee's # 1500477, in Yadkinville, NC. I ordered a 32 oz. sweet tea to go with my biscuit. Since I was on my way to work, I did not taste the tea immediately. This was a mistake. It tasted awful. I added sweetner to it but it still did not taste right. It tasted like it had soured. I will definitely not be getting Hardee's tea in the future. YUCK!!!!!!!!

I love Hardees ,I prefer it to MCDonalds,I hate Hardees coffee.So I keep going to McDonalds for that and end up eating their less than fresh sausage Mc Muffins.I love Hardees steak biscuit with gravy ,I was upset during a visit to my local Hardees to find that they now charge about $.50 extra for that roughly tablespoon of gravy ,the same amount that I am sure they normally have so much of made, that they end up disposing of it any way.Big dissapointment Hardees

I wrote one of these once did not ever see it in print so will try again,I love Hardees for the most part I am not sure why one would go to McDonalds for any reason other than their coffee,Hardees coffee sucks.I end up going to McDonalds for their coffee and eating a nasty stale sausage McMuffin .The one think I really loved was Hardees country fried steak and gravy biscuit ,on a recent visit to my local Hardees in Nevada Mo.we were told that the gravy was now an extra .50 cents it costs my husband and I .99 to put gravy on two sandwiches,about a tablespoon of gravy per sandwich.This is not a cool move Hardees

Last night, 5/15/2011, my husband and I visited the Hardee’s in Robinson, IL. at 5:00:29PM there phone number is (618)544-8410. Upon our arrival my husband and I went into the restrooms to wash our hands. The ladies room had hand soap but the men’s restroom did not. We went up to the girl working the register and asked if they had any hand soap for the men’s restroom. She asked the Shift Manager, Jennifer, if they had any soap for the men’s bathroom and she said, “No, the delivery driver didn’t bring any.” I then told her, “Then you or someone needs to go to the store and get some because that is against Health Code Regulations.” Jennifer then looked at me with an attitude and said, “Someone is going to the store now.” There was a little boy behind the counter that kept trying to intimidate me by staring at me. I will not be intimidated by anyone, certainly not a child. Now, here are my problems with your employees. No, I have not stared with all the problems I see with this. 1) It is Management of all stores responsibility to take inventory properly and order enough supplies to last until the next delivery date, not the driver. The driver does not take the order off the shelves and load the trailer. He only drives the truck and unloads the trailer. If he does not deliver the correct supplies it is the Manager that did the orderings’ fault and no one else’s. 2) Jennifer, the Shift Manager, didn’t like having Health Codes brought to her attention and as soon as I said it she had an attitude. Now, I do not appreciate a big helping of incompetents with a side dish of attitude. 3) I asked the little girl working the register if anyone had brought to their attention Health Codes before and she said to me, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Now, this tells me at the very least this one employee doesn’t have the training that is needed to work in a restaurant and I wonder how many others are lacking in proper training as well. 4) Now let’s go back to the Men’s Restroom. The employee’s also use this restroom. If there IS hand soap is the Men’s Restroom there is a possibility they will use it. A POSSIBILITY. But, if there is none in the restroom I know for a fact if an employee goes into the Men’s Restroom and urinates that male will put his hands on his penis to urinate into the urinal and put his penis back into his pants. If there is no soap it is more than likely he will leave the restroom, not wash his hands and handle the publics’ food. I have a problem with this. 5) I am now going to take it a little farther. Let’s say the male employee needs to have a bowel movement. That employee if there is hand soap may or may not use it. I do not know because I am not in there, I would like to think they do for my owe piece of mind. Unfortunately, if there is no soap in there and they have a bowel movement and leave the restroom and go right back to work well, I think you know where I’m going with this. However in case you don’t, I will direct you to the Health Department and I’m sure they will be more then willing to educate you on the Micro Organisms that live in fecal and how sick and/or deadly these Micro Organisms can be to people when ingested. I see nothing wrong with keeping a couple of bottles of hand soap in the back in the event of the happening but, I guess this is too much to ask. In conclusion I feel this is a matter the Health Department needs to know about. I do not feel the employees at this restaurant have the proper training or maturity to work with the public or to work with food. I will foreword this e-mail to the Health Department so they can come in and help your management with the training. The shift manager, Jennifer, does not set a good example for the employees and does not care to further herself in the company therefore, does not show any enthusiasm for her work or towards the customers. Sincerely, Tina Jackson Robinson IL.

My husband was served RAW CHICKEN at the Mandarin (Jacksonville, FL) location today. His chicken biscuit looked cooked on the outside, and 3 bites in, he discovered it was RAW. Needless to say, he has been vomiting all day, and if it doesn't stop, we will be heading to the ER. Spoke with the district manager, who STILL has not called back. At least I have a facebook forum on which I can warn the local residents...

This is for Hardees, at 2921 Randleman Road, Greensboro NC. My son and I ordered approx. 5:30pm. on April 28th, 2011, a foot long cheeseburger sub combo, a double cheeseburger, side salad, and 5 piece chicken tender. I was brought after a more than normal wait a cold cheeseburger, and no fork or dressing for my salad. By 6:15pm, after waiting " 45 minutes"..my son STILL had not received his foot long sub cheeseburger. Problem was, they messed the order up so bad, they brought him a hot dog. By that time, I had finished eating and my son told them to just forget the sandwich and refund our money. After waiting 45 minutes, they told my son if he wanted the foot long sub, he would have to pay more money. This is only one complaint. Another man there asked for his money back when they messed up his order. Three people left before they had a chance to order because they had waited in line so long. I use to like Hardees, for the food and service, but this was awful. I refuse to ever go back there again. It was OBVIOUS the person taking the orders did NOT know what they were doing, and that wasn't their fault..but they should NOT have been taking orders if they didn't know what they were doing. Hardees lost several customers because of this.

Hardees in Acworth, GA - rude employees, sloppy Team Leader with no customer service skills whatsoever. My order was wrong, no apology was made, and they even acted like I was inconveniencing them by bringing it back so I told them I wanted my money back instead. The 'Team Leader' yelled across from the drive-thru "well, she'll have to wait a minute!" When she came over to return my money I asked for her name and she said "It's right there on my name tag." This is a small town frequented mostly by travelers, so obviously repeat business is not their concern.

This store at 900 South Thornton Ave, Dalton, Ga is the worst Hardys that I have ever been to and believe you me, I have been to a lot of them. Management needs to be retrained or totally replaced, and the cashiers need to be trained better. They ran out of picante sauce for the burritos, didn't cook the bacon crisp when requested, but gave more bacon that was just as raw as the first, the gal behind the counter waiting on me was more concerned with taking of customers that were after me than getting my order correct. I requested a loaded breakfast burrito without meat and she said they could do that, but then tried to serve me another breakfast platter instead, so I explained that was not what I ordered and she informed me that they could not do that, then proceeded to have them make one without meat. When you have burritos and do not have salsa/picante sauce, the customer should be informed before the burrito has been served. The gal didn't even give us any silverware until I requested it 3 times. I don't think the management knows how to order the supplies correctly or train the helpers. I also think they need more than 1 gal at the order counter when it is so busy. You have another Hardees in Dalton, but it is a much better organized Hardees with nice polite workers that seem to be better trained. I will not ever use the one on Thornton again even if it means that I have to go to McDonalds!!

I left my purse in the Hardees on University, Waterloo, Iowa. By the time I realized it was left and sent my daughter over to retrieve it the cash (300.00)I had just taken out for presents for the grandkids was gone. Everything else was left in the purse. My husband and I went back to the store and we then realized that the one who cleaned our table, (we were the only ones in there and there was only a couple employees there as well when we ate), was the store manager. She gave us such attitude and said that we couldn't prove anything was taken and go ahead and call the cops because they won't do anything anyway. They hadn't even moved the purse from the table to the office. We thought that though our money would never be returned that we should tell them perhaps someone was taking from the till. That is very possible. I will now tell all my friends to NEVER to eat there again for the attitude alone. I only wish we could do minus stars. Reading these other comments I know nothing will be done but at least someone can know NOT to go to Hardees!!!

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