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Pistachio Ice Cream

Have you stopped making pistachio ice cream? I cannot find it anywhere.

I love your ice cream! Especially coffee flavor and raisin rum. But you are getting too expensive for the senior citizen's wallet. Can you send some coupons, because your coffee flavor ice cream cannot be beat. email me at: tsurles27@gmail.com

Please note that we love your product - I am writing this message regarding your store located in Pentagon City Mall/Simon Mall in arlington Virginia 22202. My daughters stopped by at your store and asked to buy ice cream. they were advised by one of your employees (with chocolate cream all over his mouth) that they were closed and he needed permission from his manager. In line waiting to buy ice cream was another lady (african-american). The manager came, not realizing that my daughters speak arabic started talking about the girls and the lady using very rude language about color as well as the fact she was not going to serve them. One of my daughters finally turned to her thanked her in english and politely said goodby in arabic. You should have seen the look on their face and they were asking each other what had she just said. This type of behavior is totally unacceptable. If they did not want to serve them they should have told them so - noone would have forced them. Regards

I would like to part of this co... I want come for interview. Pls get back to my e-mail I'd - don_roshi50@gmail.com. Cell no - 7666718520 / 8898141930.

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