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On Friday, February 17th, after having an X-Ray done at the Capital Hill Group Health building, I passed-out in the hallway, as I was leaving, as my blood-sugar had dropped to 33, due to my giving myself too much insulin for a high blood-sugar reading. A nurse saw me, asked if I was okay, and then yelled "code blue'. I woke up with doctors and nurses asking me what happened. They were prompt, professional, polite, understanding and VERY helpful. They got me on a gurney, gave me medication to bring my blood-sugar back up, helped me contact my wife, and kept me overnight to make certain I was okay. These people saved my life because they cared. THAT is something I will NEVER forget. THANK YOU and God-bless these WONDERFUL people. ,

Group Health has very rude on call nurses. I called to get some help for my dad who had an extreme ear pain. The nurse asked to talk to him and I told her he can't due to extreme pain. She said, with an attitude, "if he can talk you, he can talk to me." She wouldn't even let me finish my sentence without being bitchy and rude. If someone was dying, would require to talk to them or just let them die cause they couldn't talk to them?! I am very angry with them and will look for another hospital with better service and a better insurance. I do not recommend this hospital to my dying enemy!!!

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