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grand thieves

grand furniture are thieves and do not stand behind their products. They are bald-faced liars

shut grand furniture down

poor customer service bad quality furniture staff in office worst ever in this america when you see a sale ad from grand furniture turn off your TV pass message on to family a friends run run run from from grand furniture tell the cost of their buying is 26% rate save yourself and RUN

Sofa Damage

I will never shop at Grand again in 2010 wed purschased a leatrher sofa and two chairs from them oh they were so nice while we were making the purchase we took out an extended warranty on the furniture now the sofa is blistering and tearing and i called the warranty place and to my surprise (HA0 they said the problem was not covered under the warranty (it never is) I contacted the mananger of the store and he seem no to really care then i sent pics. to them and they called back and said there was nothing they could do. But it is not that they cant they wont. I sold furniture for seven years and I know they could do someting . We paid cash foir the furniture . So if you dont want to get screwed dont shop at Grand.

What do you expect

It is a buy here pay here place for people with bad credit. You don't see anything on here that doesn't evolve "I didn't pay them" "I made payment arrangements". If you don't pay you suffer the consequences. If you don't uphold your end of the bargain then legal action takes place. It's simple, don't pay, get garnished. It's like that in any collections department in any company.

Don't ever deal with these people. They will ruin your life. They will call you non stop being extremely rude, steal all your money and keep coming back for more and more. You'll never be rid of them. This place seriously needs to be put out of business.

Never again

If you ever want to have a bad experience when life happens and you have no money, use Grand. They will not work with you after a judgement is on your account. Forget that you have kids to feed. I get paid every week and they took most of my money whereas I am unable to pay my rent. I understand the garnishment but just to ask them to take the percentage down was not even a consideration. You are money hungry when it comes to peoples lives and are very horrible in customer service. We are people and not everyone has perfect lives.

Class Action

I can relate to every post on this thread. Never in life have i experienced worse customer service. The liens on my bank account are funny to them. Even after payments are made, they find an excuse to prolong the process. Ghetto is an understatement. I think a class action lawsuit against them will make them reconsider their actions There is strength in numbers.

Terrible Business

The worst place to do business with. Shady business practices and poor customer service is just the tip of the iceberg with this place. You'd be better off shopping at a retailer who will give you a fair deal as well as treat you with respect.

Warranty dept

This place has given us the run-around since we made a complaint about the mattress we bought Mar 2012. We followed all the procedures and still got no repair date or even a phone call. When we were threatened with a law suit we brought the account current and restarted the process with the same results. Now we were served papers by the sheriff of our county that we had a 5 Jun court date and he would be coming to pick up the mattress we don't even use anymore. My first reaction is to drop the mattress off and put a sign saying grand furniture doesn't honor their Warranty program. Which I may do. This whole deal is crazy and unethical.

Customer service

Grand furniture dose not tell you everything up front about warranties and payments. I have had nothing but trouble from the beginning. I will never deal with Grand furniture ever again and I have family and friends from NC to CA and I will make sure I will pass the word on.

Poor Customer Service

I bought furniture from Grand and every piece had problems with them. Their "standard procedure" is to send a technician. I believe the furniture should have been inspected before delivery and the furniture should have been in excellent condition. The furniture was not in excellent condition. So now my time wasted waiting for the furniture to be delivered and waiting for technician. After that, waiting for replacement. The money we pay the furniture should be in excellent condition and our time not wasted.

Poor Attitudes worse customer service

I had lost my job and so was unable to pay for my furniture, I called Grand hoping to voluntarily surrender the furniture which was only 2 months old and still in excellent condition, The representative was very, very rude, she explained that even if i turned it in I would still have to pay for it, even when I explained I lost my job and was about to loose my home, which I did and became homeless, 2 mnths later they put a lien on my bank account, but pitty for them, there was no money to take, I am still living on thr street but placed the furniture in a safe place, called them just today to try and resolve, was only met with more rudeness, Grand furniture can kiss my a%%

they are horrible

I am one month late on my payments. they have sent me a letter saying they are sueing me. but Lashondra called me yesterday asking for money. i asked her why i would pay her when they are set to sue me for $4,000? she then proceeded to say " consider this your 72 hours notice for the sheriffs to come and take the furniture" and hung up. I am in shock right now

I purchased a bed for my daughter from them February 2012, one if the rails were accidentally broken, so it had to be replaced, which was covered in my warranty. I submitted my claim August 2, 2012 and it was approved. I called them at t the beginning of September to find out what happened to the replacement parts and apparently they didn't order them until the end of August. I explained to them that I was moving out of state and need the parts sooner. They told me that they would try to get them in. After I moved and still hadn't received the parts, I called to find out how I could get them to my new location and was told that I could either pick it up at a Grand here (which there aren't any) or they would ship the parts. It is now December and I still haven't gotten anything. They claim they sent exchange letters for me to come in the store to exchange the furniture. I never received those letters and if I did, it would be too big of an expense since I live 5 hours away from the closest Grand. Oh and by the way, I would have to pay for the months I was without the furniture in order to spend more money to travel 5 hours and have to rent a truck to bring something back. Now I'm being sued for refusal to pay on my account as agreed, but I did pay as agreed, I paid for the product and I feel that since I don't have it to use, I should not have to continue paying them. Also, they didn't replace my part as agreed and in the time frame that I was promised, which was no more than 6weeks after I filed my claim. I had the same issue with customer service that I see other people have had, as soon as I explained my problem nicely to her, she just began yelling and telling me how that wasn't her problem. Now I have to figure out how to handle this court date and get my daughter another bed to sleep on.


I received a notice saying i was past due. I contacted a collections manager,made arrangements for payment ,then my money is gone out of my bank account leaving me with no money for rent,utilities, or food.Supervisor of collections said yes she saw on the account where arrangements were made but she was taking the money anyway and for me an my wife to go to any grand furniture store and sign a release allowing the bank to send funds to them.She said i had no money coming to me and oh well about my bills.Whoever is in charge i need my money back.

I purchased furniture from Grand Furniture and really worked hard to pay it off well on 2 occasions I had to deal with a Ms Boggs. She is RUDE and very unpleasant. I am a soldier in the Army so I understand protocol and regulations but her attitude will automatically make you feel defensive. I was told by the finance company that a letter needed to be faxed to them from Grand Furniture to ensure that they are no longer requesting money since my acct is payed off. She is so interested in hearing her on voice that she didn't listen to anything that I said instead she rudely cut me off with I heard you and what she was willing to do. When I asked if she would call me back with the disposition she answered with yes but I can't do that until we get off the phone. I think Grand is going to lose a lot of business behind their customer service because no matter how good your deals are or how you say you are trying to help people with blemishes on their credit no one want to feel talked down to. So I say go somewhere else to get furniture because GRAND is obviously not concerned about Customer Satisifaction.

i agree with you guys about the legal dept at grandfurniture co. they are rude no manners where did they get their home trainning........../?

purchased furniture from grand, wasnt satisfied so i asked to have the items picked up after 2 months. was never allowed to speak with anyone in charge, when i sent an email a response was made over a month later saying that someone would contact me in reference to my complaint. a week later i received a court order to garnish my wages. a year after my purchase my Tv stop working, when i called to file a claim it was denied because i was told my tv wasnt put on the insurance when i made the purchase, which was my sole reason for purchasing the insurance. they make it easy for poor people to get in a bind. i lost my home because i couldnt afford to pay my rent. i begged these people to take this furniture back only after 2 months.

my issue with grand is this i purchased a beautiful bdroom set, set up monthly payments and was on time every month for a whole yr well my gma passes away and i had to leave the state where i was living and relocate to where my fam was. so i makes a agreement with my roomate saying i cant take this (bdrm set) so would u mine taking over the remaing payment which was 700 she says yes ok well i leave and nothing is paid for the whole yr grands gets incontact with me saying account is passed due so im confused at this point cause i figured she was paying ...well she didnt so now its back on me. Yes customer service is very rude when i called to correct the issue or to get some understanding i ask well if the payments are so behind why not pick the furniture up this lady says to me we dnt want the furniture we want the money! i looked at my phone like WOW!! where they do that at?? anyway i continue to explain to her well my living situation has change and i dnt knw if i can pay well long story short court dates been issued now i have a letter of garnisment and one about the police coming to seized property can that happend when you receive SSI disability????????????????????????????????????????

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