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Hi I live in Juneau Alaska we used to have a Gottschalks here up untill 2009 then it closed Why I do not know but any body and everybody I say anything to sure misses it A LOT it was the only store here that was better than big box and not over priced for the quality of goods there and the selction was great too. We miss you from Juneau Alaska!

I loved Gottschalks. I can barely live without it. My two most frequented locations were Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis and Fig Garden Village in Fresno. Now I am even more bummed. I just located a $100 Gottschalks gift card from my sweet mother-in-law. Her son, my husband, passed away suddenly a little over a year ago. I don't know when she sent the gift card, but I just now located it. I don't suppose there is anything that can be done about the loss of the $100. If anyone knows who to contact, I will appreciate your letting me know. I am hoping that Joe Levy and Robert Wiser come through and open a similar store for all of us "Gottschalks=deprived souls" to welcome with open arms and wallets!

Rumor has it you will be back to Auburn , Calif. Store. We need it ABSLUTELY N PLACE TO SHOP IN THIS aUBURN. Big Box stores no quality and no good brands. Since store closed need P>J's Robe Slippers, clothing of any kind, large womens sizes. Not junk. Am handicapped cannot travel to Roseville . Even catalog not good. And seniors cannot get along with what this town has. Please verify if you are going to return to Auburn, Calif. Thanks

Tried to look online for a particular item at the Carson City, NV department store. The website does not offer any user friendly way to look up particular items, so I called the only number listed for the Carson City location 775 883-8888, and the recording stated is was NOT a working number? I phoned your Corporate Headquarters and all I got was a voice recording- as the only other option was to enter the extension of my choice? It did provide me with a number to call for Gottschalks credit card holders/billing so I called that number. The gentleman I spoke with after telling him I was having a pretty difficult time getting through to ANY department at the Carson City store, put me on hold briefly, came back on the line only to give me the same number above. I indicated to him, that was the number that was not a working number- to which he replied, it was the only number he had on file also!!! It's no wonder the Gottschalks department stores are failing. Pretty sad indeed.

I how do I get my money from my gift cards that my brother bought for me Michael Gomes. franoso@aol.com

I was so disappointed when the stores closed. I had been considering for sometime to contact you about a location in Roseville, CA There was a Ross Store that burned down due to electricians & faulty wires. A new structure has been built but sits empty. I have pictured a Gottschalks store there for 4 years since it was rebuilt. Then when you closed I was sad to see you close. The location is on corner of Harding & Douglas Blvd there's a Trader Joe's that get a huge amount of traffic. About 4 - 5 businesses have closed. There's a Rite-Aid next door to this empty site. I think this would be a great place to re-open a Gottschalks. Thanks, Donna Turner donnakturner@comcast.net

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