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no service,hung up on me

you called me, and hung up when i answered 1 question??? i m switching to bing right now.


Cool cool cool


Google will not b getting any of my business. Google is detrimental to un owners of America. Guns are not the enemy, people do bad things not guns!

customer support sucks, on hold 2 hours no one answered

need to talk to real person at google inc call back please





Stop that google plus

Remove google plus. I like Facebook better.

Google don't put ads and collage videos

Remove the google plus. Also remove google ads. And also collage videos from collage click tv on the YouTube channels.

Money out of my account

I stop a Google music account on Dec, 17,2014 and on Jan. 16,2014 money was taken out of my account again. I'll try for 2 hours to get a number now on hold as far for 45 minutes

politics that hurt consumers

Google has joined ALEC so individuals are boycotting Google. ALEC damages individuals and families in very evil ways.

Telephone Customer Service?

Used the above phone number and held for over 30 minutes. Can't believe a company of this size does not provide support for the products they sell. Won't make the mistake of buying another one. Even Dell has better customer service. Shame on you Google!!

I am deeply disturbed by the app geo gun marker. This app endangers my family and my person. I am holding Google and the maker of this responsible in the event of injury or death because of this app making me something I'm not where a neighbor or foe could map me as a potential person in this app. I would hope that Google would see the seriousness and danger of this app and remove immediately. Sincerely J HIME


People from Google call my office five or six times a day. I I have asked them to stop but they just hang up on me and call again and again. They are rude and like to harass.


i'm leaving. you support obama, the nsa, and god only know what else your doing to help remove our constitutional rights.

my name on goggle

about two sundays ago, i was falsely arrested and the charges where never filed. why is it that when i goggle my name, my arrest history pops up from a fraudulent charge? please remove my info, its not correct and could potentially destroy my career. i will be going to court shortly and i will be requesting an order for this removal at this time

Crappy Service

They do not answer their phone and there is no provision to choose the operator. Very poor service.

Leaving google for good!

Because Google Inc refuses to recognize the Christian day of Easter, I will no longer recognize them as any Internet tool for me. When you insult millions of people who are Christians it is not a company that deems support. I would leave no stars, but the company is so conceited that a star MUST be selected - shameful.


I just received a NEXUS thanks to your generous contribution to the Hillsborough, NJ school district. I am so excited to have my special needs students use this device. The voice activated feature, the apps and the interactive writing features are so well designed. I teach children with Autism spectrum disorder, as well as others will severe learning disabilities. This device will make their learning easier, more appicables and most of all fun. The apps will help me to create individualized instruction for academics and to assist with behavior improvement. Thank you so much.

Google play

I am so over google, I purchased a smart phone and am forced to use g-mail to do any transactions on my apps. I forgot my password to my g-mail account, and tried to use the reset password option, they locked me out of that account, I was never able to get back into that account, so I had to set up a new one, I had a 5.00 credit on my other account and now I cant use it, because they are not allowed to transfer credits, I really feel that because they are such a huge corporation, that they can rob the general public and not give a damn one way or the other, what do they care, it doesn't affect there bottom line. We are just john q public, and our little measley 5.00 doesn't account for much. I will make sure in the future that if I have a choice at all I will never use google products again.

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