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Goodwill HazelDell WA such poor customer service employees are rude and the store is always so dirty.

I agree, the prices are outragous and at our new store here on the coast the supervisors are rude and treat the others badly, the turnover is rediculous, doesn't the head office notice this? and to send employess from the coast all the way to Portland for training is a waste of time and money, not to mention to send them up there ill prepared???? To rave about a new employee for the first two weeks of work and then as soon as she tells you she is pregnant and all the sudden her tills are off writing her up every day she works after that lends and open door for a law suit, not to mention ruining the good work history for a young lady.

i went to the goodwill here in shelbyville tn i took items there to donate when i went to drop them off there were people there to get it he noticed i had computer items such as a monitor scanner and printer he said we do not take these thing is this true why in the world if items are being donated would you refuse anything someone that really needed these things could have used them and i really have to ask where do these prices come from i thought that goodwill was there for folks that need help i took a lady there to get a few items that was having a really hard time and truthfully i could have bought new for the price of used im just really confused

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