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The makeup artist was rude. When we first got there she was writing down the two hair and makeup prices for me and my daughter. Which it was $7.00 each. She wrote down $21.00. And when I said something about it, she stuck her hand up like pointing a gun to my head and made a stupid noise. Like I was so dumb, and when I told her it was $14.00, then stuck my finger up to her head like she did me. I took my daughter there for a mother daughter day. Not to be disrespected and tried to be made look stupid in front her. Plus, I had my 2 nieces, and my best friend there. My friend was getting hers done to. Who saw what she did. She was the rudest person, until I started getting snobby with her. I wanted my daughter's hair crimped, she said no that it would take to long for her to do that. She put them in hot rollers instead, which did look nice. I was under the impression that we got what we said we wanted. I also didnt know that a make-over just meant that she put eye shadow on, and some lip gloss. I thought it would be foundation, with blush. I had to walk out of the store twice, because she was being so rude, and I was getting ready to go off on her. Which it takes alot to get me mad. But within the first 5 minutes she did. I am very disappointed in that woman. The other woman was very nice, friendly. Couldnt of asked for nicer women. But like I said that one was rude, I have never met anyone like her. And I hope to god that I never do. Plus, she stunk so bad, and her breath was terrible me and my friend was both looking for mints or gum or something for her. I hope that she does do better hygeine, before the next time she works. I am sorry for writing such a bad review. But I was so embarrased when she pointed her finger at me and made like a gun sound. I waited for months do go there. But I would never go back again. Thank You, Nancy Hoskins nancyhoskins66@yahoo.com

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