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Horrible experience!!

Caution - they LIE

These guys lie over and over again. I now worried about the security of my information. My recommendation is to NOT use Geek Squad. I would rate them a 0 if the system allowed.

Geek Squad is absolutely the best!!! You should raise your prices but please do not or I may not be able to afford your very excellent services.

I cannot believe they can do this to people.

I purchased geek squad support for $200. I asked them to remotely renew my antivirus service. Geek squad instead installed a different antivirus, which crushed my system. Now they want to charge me $50 to come to my home and fix it. I cannot believe they are still in business.

get it together

they will charge your card without your consent and will not refund your account back instead continue to transfer your calls and say they made a note its been 2 months now and i still have not had my account credited back the money they took now i will have no choice but to file a dispute with my own bank account.

unqualified agents

my laptop computer hasn't worked right for a year and a half I brought it to the best buy store 2 times for eight days and they didn't fix it...I went online numerous times to no avail..now I tried to talk to someone in the corporate office and wasted an hour waiting for someone to talk to and guess what they never answered me..

Iphone 5s

Worst experience I have ever had with any company. Uneducated workers, pathetic customer service, I regret any time, money, effort or thought I've put into this POS company. WORTHLESS. I hope they get shut down so no more people are screwed over.

Geek appointment

I thought you were to help with computer problems. Spent 1 1/2 hrs. on the computer while you "fixed" my laptop and now nothing works. Called to make an in store appointment and because it is "Black Friday" you can not do this. What kind of service am I paying for? Really disappointing. Must be a corporate decision!


I spent $ 3000 on the refrigerator and after the fourth repair they told me does not qualify for replacement. I wasted my money with Geek Squad

Incredible - unbelievable service

Sales personal very knowledgeable in store and local guys are very good, but the call center is a disaster and corporate customer service/policy terrible. We had an order for service (with order number) from the 800-geek-squad number; no one showed, they didn’t scheduled a technician for the day/time we were told was reserved for us. They claimed they could only schedule another day for us rather than try to get someone local out today. Another day wasted waiting for nothing. Not a happy customer – not helping the company reputation.

ripped off

My credit card expired and didn't know it but they still charged me the next month. Not one person called to say the payment wasn't going through so they cancelled my contract

Never Buy Again

Watch out.....a technician visiting my home lifted a bracelet from its box before leaving the room during a TV installation. Need to stay with these guys.

Geek Squad Service Call

One needs to watch for technicians who may be susceptible to stealing home valuables and keep in sight. We noted a valuable bracelet was missing from its case following a technician visit. Disgusting .....and Police advise this is happening frequently during various home service visits.

Don't use them.

I took my computer in for a graphics card upgrade, got it back over a week later to find the card wasn't installed properly and wouldn't work. When I took it back to them to fix my liquid cooling system sprung a leak and ruined the whole computer. Now I get nothing from them except a shrug and a comment that "it's policy" not to replace the things they break.

Worst customer

Feel Squad is the worst customer service I have ever experience I have ever had.take my computer for tune up and virus protection now my computer won't run. They issued me a report saying no hardware problems or software issues. But they able to their product on my computer. Best Buy should be ashamed to let them occupy Space in there store. GEEK SQUAD SUCKs

Worst customer service!!!!

Very Disrespectful Supervisors they send out 3rd parties to install appliances and they do it write my dishwasher is out of the wall, its been 3 and a half months they don't stay on there contractors and now is telling me that all he can do is try after 3 months and told me I can't sue them for bad customer service! they ripped me off and send out crappy installers and don't back up there warranty plans that I paid for!!


These people has went into my account seven times in one day and stole money that I did not authorize them to do. I am consulting an attorney regarding this situation and suing them for stealing my funds out of my account.

Worst experience I've ever had with a PC service company. Do not waste your time with the company. They DO NOT live up to what they promise. NOT worth the $199. Go else where.

Oh my gosh!! The lies and run around is the totally unprofessional!! I will NEVER use geek squad ever ever ever again. What a Lying, greedy, worthless corporation!!!!!!

Oh my gosh!! The lies and run around is the totally unprofessional!! I will NEVER use geek squad ever ever ever again. What a Lying, greedy, worthless corporation!!!!!!

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