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My Gateway stopped loading Windows. I looked at their website and it talks about Acer. This was an expensive computer. It comes on, runs diagnostics, then the screen turns black.It did not come with any disks so I cannot even reinstall anything. This was my second and last Gateway.

Never Buy Gateway!!!

I had my computer for 2 months when it crashed. It would not come on at all and I had my computer tech work on it and we had to sent it off to Gateway. They sent it back and it worked for 3 days until we restarted it and then it would not recognize the hard drive. So, once again I have to send it back to Gateway, because I cant get a refund anywhere. Gateway did not fix the original problem, which looks like the motherboard is done. I will do all I can to get the word out on how horrible a gateway experience is for the customer. I hope enough people will get frustrated and work together to put them out of business by no longer buying any gateway product!

Support from Gateway.

I have two Gateway Computers and when I encountered a technical problem this past week, I called the Tech Suppoort that I determined in india. I was told that I could not speak with an American.I was also told that there would be a fee. I cannot afford a dfe as I live in poverty. I can't believe that any company would stoop so low as to have stupid indian people supporting their product. If this continues, I will never again but a Gateway.

Gateway is a MESS !

bought a laptop NE71B for x-mas 12 and had to contact thier tech support in India more than 35 times since. they are rude surley and indignant, and each time I've lost more data , when microsoft stepped-in and tried to install another (working) operating system , they intentionally broke my system and claimed they didn't have a corporate office. was forced to contact local media and now they will not coorporate with microsoft tech so he can restore this POS .Save yourself alot of headaches and purchase a Casio Calculator , you'll be alot happier !

zero (poor to poorest) I purchased this computer 23 December 2012, and I have had for only two months. It freezes up and runs slow. I have called to attempt to return it, however there is no USA help for this action. The corperate number only provides numbers to customer service or tech support somewhere in India or offers the operators number and after (6) calls I gave up. Terrible service.


I purchased a Gateway Profile 4 computer maybe 7 years ago. I tried calling the tech help information in India and was told they didn't have the serial number and could not help. All I asked was could I add memory to the computer and if so how much memory could I add as the computer was running slow. They referred me to outside tech help. If Gateway people cannot give me the answer, how could outside tech people help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he just put me on hold. I was not asking for something free. I was willing to purchase the memory. But I didn't want to purchase it if it could not be added. If I have to purchase another computer, it will never be Gateway. There service is horrible.

I have a Gateway NVU55 lap top. I LOVE IT!!!! Best computer ever. Never has given me a bit of trouble. I have had an HP which died after a year, an Mac Book Pro - which I liked but was more difficult to use and didn't like the graphics as well, and a Dell which had problems the day it was taken out of the box. I bought if for the deep red color but have been pleasantly surprised with the experienced overall. I would highly recommend Gateway products and will definitely buy again. BTW, I am not a paid endorser nor did I win the product. I paid full price!!!

I give you one star because I can't give you less than that. I have NEVER had so much trouble with a computer in my life, and I have owned more than a few, starting with a TI 994A from Texas instruments. In the less than 6 months I have owned this POS. I have restored it twice, the retailer restored it once, it has crashed more times than I can count, and it made the round trip to Texas for repair (which lasted less than 90 days). Now it's being readied for ANOTHER trip to Texas. I'm not even sure I'll accept it when they send it back. DO yourself a favor, spend a little more for a Dell or HP and have one you can depend on.

Last October (2011),I purchased the Gateway ID49C04h laptop. In December of the same year I sent the POS to the repair facility because of the faulty, erratic and crazy touchpad. Of course they 'allowed' me to send it in after the dance with the tech weenies. The machine came back quickly with the notation saying they had adjusted the mouse settings. This pissed me off immediately considering I've worked on computers since the TRS80 days and have built my own machines and have rehabbed dozens of laptops, mostly Dells. Again I found myself suffering from the crazy mouse syndrome so I reloaded the Alps driver, loaded the Synaptics driver, loaded the MS driver. All would work for a few minutes and then the touchpad would do its nut job on me. Put the cursor in a spot, lift my finger and off the cursor would go to its own place. Try and drag the slide bar down and the bar would go back up, all by its lonesome. Try and drag the slide bar up and down it would go. Try and check a box, forget that, sort of like trying to catch a fish bare handed. I did the tech weenie dance once again and sent the machine back with a note stating the touchpad was still FUBAR. The machine came back after a new mother board was installed. The notation said all systems tested good and all PC DR test passed. Sure, whatever, I had to reload the OS again because the CAPs lock wouldn't come on and something else wasn't quite right. Again, this all after the dance with the tech dudes. So here we are as of yesterday. Let me back up to the day before. I was IMing two different people on two different IMs and could not make the cursor go where I wanted to be. It simply would go where it wanted to go. As a side note, the Dell laptop had this problem but it was easily repaired by installing the Synaptics touchpad driver, not this POS, no way, it is the touch pad from hell. Yesterday I decided that I had had enough harassement from this Gateway laptop, enough dancing with the tech department wherever it may be, so I decided I was going to kill my laptop without remorse of any kind. I took it out back to the concrete slab and commenced to chop it to pieces with my fire axe. Pics can be found on my Facebook page, Robert Robb. I have the dead, battered and totally useless laptop ready to be packaged and sent to coporate offices in Irvine, c/o Ted Waitt, co-founder of Gateway and one of the board directors. Gateway was his baby afterall, before he whored out to whomever had the fattest wallet. This true story written on my trusty Dell Latitude D610.

this is my third and final gateway. customer service does not exist.

We had nothing but problems with are gateway computer less then a year old has been in repair with gateway four times, We had such problems with support getting no were and sent every were with no help all i can say is gateway you need to get a handle on your support team it is them that makes a bad name for the company,, Now after going thew the unpleasent ways with your support team i gave up and talk with David in the corporate office I and my husband gives him more then five stars he work with us keeped in touch and resolved every matter David is the type of person I would strongly suggest to train your support team ,Thank You David for all the help and many phone calls,,,,

6 weeks after getting laptop it wouldn't boot up, said no bootable disk found, support couldn't help over phone and recovery disk also didn't work. I had to pay $25 to ship it, and was without it for 2 weeks. When it was returned it was scratched up alot and damaged. they want me to reship it and I'll be without for another 2 weeks. Gateway is the worst in customer service, and their products are junk. a few years ago I purchased a digital camera that took 4 batteries and they would die after 3-4 pictures. I will never purchase another gateway product and hope that no one else does.

My new Gateway NV5502 is the most difficult computer I have ever used. NO written instructions,and I had trouble registering it. Windows 7 Home Premium is no great thing either. I had an old Dell laptop that was slowing down, and am going to get it upgraded, and use it. If I can, I am returning this computer to the dealer. I got it two weeks ago. I was supposed to be able to hook this Gateway up to a new HP printer with the "Set up Wizard" on Gateway. Gateway didn't even have my computer listed on its upgrades, so now I have to work through HP to set this up. Years ago, I had an iMac...the one that looks like a space helmet, and it was the best computer I have ever used, and required no security or stupid updates. Too bad that it became obsolete because of Microsoft required licensing. Maybe ALL new computers are rotten and hard to use, who knows???

Unfortunately their customer service is not so great... you rarely ever get someone in the U.S to help you with the problem.. And they try to get you off the support chat as fast as they can and they don't even ask if there's anything else they can do for you.. Normally anyone company would, but they just either hang up on you or close the chat session 2 seconds if you don't respond..

Purchased a Gateway® DX4850-57 from Compusa, Saturdday 6/25/11, set it up,worked well with out speakers hooked up. 6/26/11 hooked up speakers and got no sound. Checked pugs and settings all ok still no sound. Tried to contact customer support on the 800 # got no ware. Told me I had to pay to get answers. I just purchased 1 day ago and I have to pay for support you have to be f in kiding me, so I returned it. They just lost a customer and I would use a blanket and smoke signs be fore I buy again. But their is no other out there. HP has problems shutting down and Dell sends u to india for support. Forget about it I will just stay with my 10 yr old computer no matter how slow it is .... Hey Gateway YOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had my gateway tech support for 4 years. Last time I reordered I paid 299.00. (service contract is for 2 years or 15 issues a year) I hadn't used the tech support for a year but need it now. My new pin number does not work. Tried for over 3 hours last night to get help. Typed on my pc with Sanjai and Rene. Useless. Rene gave me a number for customer service for today and it dosen't work. Called corporate office this am & was told to call back all customer service tech's are busy. Going to call consumer fraud and the ny news station that handles these problems I think it's channel 7 in ny. We should all get these problems but on tv and not just let them get away with it. I work to hard for my money !!!!!!!!!!! And so do YOU !!

So my wife doesnt know ANYTHING about computers right. So she is having a major issue that only two things would fix. One (Which she calls in for cause they dont come with them anymore) are recovery CDs. Or TWO (Which she didn't know) was to press F8 on her computer during the boot up process to find the system recovery (Restore to Default) option. HOWEVER they tell her that she is out of warranty and it will cost her 100 dollars to continue the call. So she hangs up and figures she will just deal with it. So I get ahold of it when I finally have the time. I do a little research and figure its better to wipe it clean. So while trying to find out where to get reinstall CDs I find out about F8. I back up all her important information and then do it and BAM!!! It is working perfect again. So today I am on the computer messing around and I wanted to find out how much those CDs are for her to fix it if I cant or am not around. I find out she JUST ran out of warranty mid last month. She was STILL in warranty when the INDIAN company wanted to charge her 100 dollars!!! So I call in (Keep in mind this is after it is fixed and they tell me they dont make CDs for computers anymore) the "Supervisor" says he sees that she did JUST run out of warranty and he sees the documentation of the person she talked to and said he will take care of it. Honestly I bet he just went to the next phone call. He ACTUALLY had the nerve to say he would get it taken care of. As soon as I said I already fixed the problem I asked "WHAT can you do for me???? It is already fixed... What?" He had NOTHING to say. If you are doing research on getting a gateway, Acer or Emachine DONT if I could I would rate them a -4!!!! They are the same people. Next time DUDE... Im getting a DELL.

Beyond incomprehensibly poor customer support, technicians, worse ( if possible) outsourced worker's tech skills and language arts ( if you can't understand Indian dialects forget calling support entirely and go directly to their legal dept.), bad repair service ( that is if they manage to keep your computer - they lost 2 of mine at their repair facility in Tennessee!, more than a year apart so it's an ongoing problem). If at all possible and regardless of how cheap it is at Wal-mart ( which by the way contracts for different parts in models than are available at other retail locations -in short a scam , and now being owned by a Taiwan based corporation , i would NEVER buy one, even if 99 US dollars or less). If you are not a tech savvy PC owner forget Gateway's or e-machines computers.They are not going to honor their policies having hidden loopholes to most scenarios printed nowhere on materials that ship with the machines.If you absolutely need help from them, skip the usual channels and contact someone at their corporate HQ in Irvine CA- which means looking at their "investor relations" , finding a person's name and googling that name for extra-curricular activities, say , a golf tournament they played in for a charity- then contact that person's office by mail, or call via telephone...until you get that person and can plead your case..it is truly the only POSSIBLE to get resolution..otherwise you are wasting your time..

The only reason why I didn't give your company a zero is that it was not an option. I had multiple problems with my NV54, including it powering off quickly, overheating and text jumping. It took close to 15 emails to originally even obtain a return authorization. I had to pay UPS $29 and be without a computer for 18 days. While the power and overheating issues were repaired, Gateway never did anything about the jumping text, which would occur at least twice in every paragraph. Although this was a real nuisance, I had no intentions of incurring another UPS expense nor be without a computer for 18 days. I regrettably tolerated this, for as someone who is seeking work, I needed my laptop for my job applications. As much of a nuisance as this is, I was tolerating this until I have now begun to write a novel. While I have already made four corrections to type jumping as of this line, I had no intentions of making several thousand corrections for a repair that Gateway had refused to repair. Therefore, on November 7th, I emailed Gateway and wanted to have this text jumping issue repaired locally, with Gateway incurring the expense. I received a system generated response that I would receive a response within 7 days. None was forthcoming. On at least one occasion, if not two, I sent Gateway service another email, the last one until today being on November 21st and stated that if I don't have a formal letter from Gateway stating where I can have this repaired at no charge to me, I will file an on line complaint and forward that to the corporate offices. Apparently, they thought that I was bluffing and as of 30 minutes ago, sent them the complaint that I filed with "My Three Cents" titled "Gateway Customer Service-The Ultimate Oxymoron" I further went on to say that if I don't have a formal letter by tomorrow morning stating where I can have this repaired locally and at Gateway's expense, I will file complaints tomorrow afternoon with the New Jersey, California and Texas Departments of Labor. As a former customer service manager, I would have been fired on the spot for the lack of a sufficient response. As can be seen by the number of emails that I have had to write, it is probably approaching 20. In short, if Gateway's refusal to satisfactorily address these problems is based upon costs, I will structure all of my actions to insure that it is not cost effective for your company to sustain its position. incident 101121-00234 Sincerely, Robert Sinatra

Customer services is AWFUL! You deal with India and you can't understand them at all!!! All they tell you is they can't help you. My computer is less than a year old I paid over $900.00 for it and it completely turns off. Won't turn back on and my keys keep falling off!!!! Awful, Awful, AWFUL!!!! I went from a terrible DELL laptop to a WORSE Gateway. I will NEVER BUY GATEWAY again. MAC is my next computer. BILL GATES can kiss my butt for all I care....his company does NOT stand behind their computers. NEVER BUY GATEWAY!!!!!!

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