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Insurance Verification

If the Homeowners or Dwelling/Fire insurance information is mailed directly to GMAC Mortgage, why do Insurance Agents have to waste their time speaking to individuals who speak English with thick accents that are difficult to understand or interpret and often they are rude. If you get the information in writing and if the premium payments are escrowed, shouldn't GMAC know if the premium has been sent? How about trying to consider that the Insurance Agent's time is just as valuable and stop the annoying phone calls. Personally, because of my experiences with GMAC, I would never consider acquiring a mortgage from GMAC or it's affiliates. I like to work with people I can understand.


gmac and mortg. investors corp. are the people handling my mort. and a couple of months ago they sent a person to my home address to hang a sign on the front door that read , "this property has been deemed empty and vacant and we will brake the door and/or doorlolcks in order to protect our interests." Ironically though, I had just done a refinance thru mort. investors in oct. 2012 and they had my contract info. that i would get to skip a pymt. had i been gone on vacation, most likely would 've found my home invaded by this maniacs. they keep telling me that they honor us disabled war veterans, but in fact are more like voltures wating for us to drop dead for them to feed on us.

HARP Refinance

When I initiated my HARP Refinance with GMAC I was told that it would take 90 days to do my 20 yr refi. In the process the paper work was lost or misplaced. I was told that the loan was stopped because I hadn't provided the paper work "false". The loan was reinitated, this time for a 30 yr loan. I made an effort to contact my loan officer. He didn't respond to my calls to correct the info..it's been almost a month an he hasn't called. I'm wondering if the business model for GMAC is to stall loans until rates go up so they can make more money on the loan. If the process is broken fix it. If the people are incompotent fire them and replace them with people that are professional and service minded.

Never again

I applied for a mortgage with GMAC in good faith. I supplied all forms and paperwork as ask. The loan was approved in record time. I HAD a credit rating of over 800. When the loan went to the processor it seemed to stop. I was assured of closing date that never happened, this continued time after time. The worst service a person could receive once application reached loan processing. NEVER AGAIN.

I have read these comments and agree and sympathize with everyone here. LETTER SENT TO GMAC, October 6, 2012. We are all being cheated, ignored and taken advantage of by Corporate America. GMAC and ALLY are powerful enough to use the justice system to get out of their own mess, leaving us all hanging in limbo, and no one cares. GMAC, you are the most difficult, irritating and uncaring company I have ever dealt with. If I have a question or a problem I can never speak with someone in the USA. You outsource all your calls to a foreign country. I usually get the Philippines where the language barrier is difficult, my problems or questions are not resolved, and I’m completely frustrated by the end of the call. To make matters worse, on October 2, you debited my checking account over $1,200.00 TWICE on the SAME DAY! This has caused a great hardship for me. Now I am low on funds for the rest of my monthly bills which will auto-debit soon. If I do not have funds available to pay them I will incur penalty fees. I request a refund check for the duplicate debit be deposited into my checking account or mailed to me IMMEDIATELY. I also expect GMAC to repay any fees I incur. I have always paid my own taxes and insurance but this year I set up an escrow account. Now you are bankrupt! This is a great concern for the safety of my money in your possession. I want to be in charge of my own money where I know it is safe. When I asked to remove the escrow I was told NO, it is impossible! And see what happens. You double dip into my checking account! And you expect me to trust you with my escrow funds. Nothing you say will remove my distrust of you.

Beverly Harvey 6648 Whitmore Ct. Apt.#143 Glen Burnie,Md.21061-2333 RE:Avalible/Programs For Homeownership: My Husband And I Are Both On,Disibility Incomes. Do Have A Avalible Program/Options For People Such As Our Self; Too Become Home Owners? * If You Do,And Know How We Need To Go About Finding Out/And Avalible Option:Correctly. With Good Resures. Please Forward A Hard Copy By US Mail Of The Above Requested Information;Also If You Have A Listing Of Avalible Houses In The Anne Arundel County,Md.Area;That We May Qulify For. With The Right Program For Home Ownership.Please Forward Property Locations/And Person Of Contact;Per-Property Listing. Sincerely, Thank You,And Look Forward To Receiving The Above Requested Information,And Contact. Beverly Harvey

I really didn't want to give them any stars. This company took money out of my account not once but twice without my permission. I was left for days without money because I live pay check to pay check in this terrible ecomony and everyone I talked to in this company could care less. I was literally robbed because they have a bunch of incompetent call center workers.

After research a few of the blogs in your wetbise right now, and I enjoy your approach to running a blog. I bookmarked it in order to my save web site itemizing and can end up being looking at once again quickly. Pls take a look at my web page because properly and tell me what you believe.

forget trying to get help,they want your house even if you paid for it. r i g h t to c a n c e l d o t c o m and get educated! stay in your house, possession is nine/tens of the LAW! save your house or get it back now,its up to UALL!

Attorneys can't do any more than you. They call the same numbers and send the same prpeawork. You'll just end up $3500 poorer.Chase is one of the worst. Employees of Chase openly admitted that they are told to give applicants the run-around. The number of people who get mods is staggeringly low.Recently, there was a piece in the news saying close to 50% of the people trying to get into the program drop out. Do you think that they suddenly lost interest in trying to keep their homes?

You all have to understand the basics of mortgage inquiry. GMAC like CHASE, WELLS FARGO, CITI and BANK OF AMERICA all have educated qualified staff (by experience and on paper-BA's etc)that were not properly trained or take the time out to at least be able to hold an intelligent conversation when you call to inquire about your mortgage. Then to add insult to injury, they outsource that department's incoming calls to INDIA. One has to wonder if this is an attempt to further frustrate the homeowner as these individuals barely speak English and have difficulty understanding a basic mortgage question. God forbid you should ask them about the current unpaid balance or for a breakdown of the arrears. If you are lucky they will ask you to hold and transfer you to an extension in the US which is where you should be having a conversation in the first place. So please, do not blame GMAC per say, blame their HR Department and all the Heads of Departments, for as the old saying goes, if the head of the stream is dirty, you cant expect to get clean clear water at the bottom.

I don't know if you all know this, but GMAC has declared bankruptcy. Here is link: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2012/05/auto-bailout-ex-gmac-puts-mortgage-unit-in-bankruptcy/1 Ally Financial, the former GMAC, which still owes taxpayers about $12 billion $17.2 billion in loans it got as part of the General Motors and Chrysler bailouts, has nudged its home mortgage subsidiary into bankruptcy court to try end the drag of its toxic mortgage assets on Ally's profitable businesses, such as car loans and direct banking (ad above).

This company is the biggest joke on the face of the earth they have called us left notes on the door and the house has been paid off they are so stupid.The left hand does not even know what all the fingers are doing. They need to get thier heads out of thier hinnies. If you have a loan with them you need to run, you are dealing with the biggest bunch of idiots in the world. if I could rate them it would be a negitive number number

do you need a loan if yes try and email us back with this email:johnson.williams606@gmail.com

GMAc is the worst. I have been trying to do a short sale since March 2012. Every time I would call to verify they received all the paper work they would ask to give it 5-7 days to up load in quarantine. They can never give you an explanation on what is going on. They forclosed on my property today. They states that we never submitted an offer on the property. Mind you the offer was submitted four times in the past 60 days. This is the most and unorganized morgage company I have felt with. No wonder they have one of the highest foreclosure rates out there today. I would recommend not to do business with this company, worst and most stressful expirience I have had to deal with.

Was approved 90 days ago for refinance. Have not heard about closing, can not get any info from contact numbers. I can get better rate from other banks, but now credit reports are saying we have just taken out a new loan. This stinks,we are tied up with them, since locked in rate ends monday I expect a call from them saying we are still approved but at higher rate, anyone heard of "Bait and Switch".

I am just refinancing a measly small amount to get a name off my previous loan with GMACM. 50K I have had to have 3 loan officers so far. Started this process February 3, 2012, it is now June 26 2012 and still not completed. Unbelievable the lack of respect people out in the mortgage industry has. Does no one care about their job anymore. I say fire the entire lot and get new people in that don't know a damn thing what they are doing- could not be any worse. No one is respectful enough to get back to me. When I get another loan officer it seems like my paperwork needs to be started all over again. And we wonder why our country is falling apart. We wonder why companies move overseas to have people work for them that CARE The few that do care are drowning in the plile of idiots around them that have control over what they do and say.I am totally disgusted at this point.

Are you kidding me? One star is a gross overrating for this mess. Settlement was today and have been trying to get a letter from GMAC stating that the two account numbers they assigned to our account are for the same loan. Total lack of understanding of their own system - many promises made to send the right documents that are never sent or the wrong documents are sent. Total incompetence at the call center. Tried to get through to the "executive Offices", selected the prompt to speak to someone about an immediate concern, only to be forwarded to a message stating no one was available to take my call. Worst than the call center. No wonder that this company has filed for bankruptcy with a the wild hope that it can restructure - my money is on total failure within months.

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Of I could leave a negative amount of stars I would. This is going to be short and sweet...GMAC JUST TOOK MY 79 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHERS HOUSE FROM HER ! This is a horrible company and all they care about is themselves and to keep making more money no matter who or what it hurts! This is not the end of this, I would do what ever I can to showcase what a HORRIBLE company this is!! I mean really a 79 y/o women would has lived in this house since 1950!! This sickens me!!!!!!!

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