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thanks to your rainbow chips, this customer is gone

Homosexual Doritos

No one in my family will buy your products until you remove that product from the shelves!


Thanks for doing it right.

the best chips ever made


$4.29 per bag, " ARE YOU CRAZY"....?

anti gun

Frito Lay will terminate anyone who is an advocate for gun rights. Also Matt Smith hr and John Walden Bammer sucker are two of the biggest lying thugs to represent this company. They should be terminated for there lying tactics. The company is run by an Indian who doesn't give a ___ about her employees anyway .Boycott this company!!!!. If you really knew how sanitary the Pulaski location was you would never eat another cookie or chips from Frito Lay again !!!! Oh that salt taste comes from the employees (SWEAT)

lack of inventory

I always knew frito lay was good at making chips, but they are awful at mind reading!! When they went to predictive orders, inventory is low or out completely for a week at a time! put the chips back on the trucks and 'see' what has sold, don't try to guess what people will eat this week!!


You have ruined the flavor of cheetos... What happened. found a cheaper way to make them. Your are losing your customer base.. Did your ceo need a bigger bonus and.unless your production team reverts back to the original recipe you will continue to lose customers permanently, like my family..


For some reason Frito Lay is attempting to kill off Cheetos. Fist they have continued to raise the retail price almost monthly, Then they had a family size to buy and they did away with it and charge the same retail for a much smaller bag called Party size. Now they have started using a new cooking oil that leaves the Cheetos hard as a rock and oily taste. Not even a close taste as the ones I have bought for many years. SO LONG Greedy folks.


For many years I've enjoyed Santitas tortilla chips and often found them at retailers such as Grocery Outlet for a reasonable price. Lately however Santitas are no longer at Grocery Outlet but are stocked at major supermarket chains only. The package size has been noticeably reduced but the price has risen significantly. I no longer buy them and in fact have chosen to remove myself as a consumer in this food category. I'm sure millions have followed suit and Frito Lay has seen a significant revenue loss. Frito Lay take note. If you want more business you'll have to bring the value back to Santitas.

New Chips Contest

This is an inquiry about the voting process for the new potato chip flavors for the contest winners. I am a special education teacher in Gilbert, Arizona and I teach 7th grade resource language. As a part of ourm learning to write persausive letters I had my students write letters to your company to persuade Frito Lays to choose their favorite flavor. We tasted all three flavors in cvlass, wrote our letters, then wanted to go online to vote. Unfortunately they need a Facebook account to place their votes. Is there a way for them to vote without a FB account? They don't all have access to FB and were very disappointed that their choices couldn't be counted. Thank you. Clarissia Bent Gilbert Junior High School

new chips flavors

My daughter and I tried your new chicken and waffle chips. Both of us thought they were so disgusting that we spit them out. I know from talking to a large number of people that if you would make doll pickle chips like Charlies Chips used to you would have a wonderful new increase in sales.

I am upset that Frito Lay uses a Doritos commercial that uses the killing of a cat by a dog to sell their product. I think the company is guilty of condoning animal abuse. This ad is sick and I think people should boycott the company. Where can I find the addresses of the company so that I can complain?

i am with special olympics indiana. i was given the assignment to contact your company to see if you could donate some of your products to our fundrasier. we host an elvis fantasy fest in october (12,13, and 14. this is our biggest fundraiser for the year and we service over 600 atheletes. anything you can donate would be greatly appreciate it. thank you very much for your cooperation. Margaret Metzger 1126 country club dr crown Point, In. 46307

I have tried repeatedly to enter flavor contest but have been unable to access entry for, what is the problem? Is this a REAL contest?

Good day, Dr. Zein Obagi, MDI am Jamelle L. Santos, a Cosmetic Science graduate of Centro Escolar University Philippines. I am loonikg for an oppurtunity to be a part of your Research and Development Team. Thank you.Best Regards,Jamelle

Hi, JamelleYou may forward your reusme to Justin Morgan, ZO's Vice President of Research and Development (jmorgan@zoskinhealth.com). We do not do any research in the Philippines, however. All of our research and manufacturing is done in the US (mostly in California).Thanks.

I have been a Frito-Lay consumer for many years, and have always liked them. Now however, and specially with these new Artesan Tostitos which are excellent, I find you are using a tremendous amount of salt which I think is completely unnecessary. The taste is what we call in spanish "SABROSISIMO", and I think with such a fantastic taste, it needs less than 1/2 the salt on the outside! Congratulations on your new product! Millie

Heck yeah this is exactly what I neeedd.

On 4/29/11, I went grocery shopping and noticed Fritos Lightly Salted 50% less Sodium Corn Chips. I purchased a bag and was absolutely elated with the taste. It's about time that there's chips a low sodium diet person can eat. I didn't feel so guilty and truly enjoyed the moment. Fritos Lay you really nailed it. A Big thank you!!! How about some unwanted potato chips?

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