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My laptop started making a weird high-pitched beeping signal when I started it up. It was just past warranty, and I needed it fixed without losing it for weeks. I called Friendly Computers. I asked when I made the appointment if their techs have a supply of parts with them, and I was told they did, but the part may need to be ordered. Fine, we made an appointment. When the tech got here, he immediately informed me that he thought the problem was a stuck key, he proceeded to play with the laptop keyboard. Even after I stated the obvious, I don't use the laptop keyboard, the split-Microsoft keyboard prominent on my desk, which he was using! There are no stuck keys. I tried to tell him how the problem seemed to be escalating, but he wasn't really listening, just playing with my computer. He decided I needed to buy his CD of malware security. Said my current security (Norton) was not good enough. I said I wasn't interested in security. Once I was sure he was useless, I left the room to get my checkbook. While I was out of the room, he changed some of my settings, de-installed my security, started an install of another security software, and did unknown things to my start up. I started getting hit with virus pop-ups, that's what clued me into what he had done. When the pop-up for the installation of the security software HE decided I wanted, I deleted it, not knowing what it was! I was charged $86.40. I got less than nothing in return. My laptop is still in trouble. I have no hope now, wouldn't trust another computer repair business at this point. Don't hire these people! They have accused me of lying about everything, and will not work with me on a refund.

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