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Frozen castle with Anna and Elsa!

Just waiting for you all to come out with a FROZEN little people castle with Anna, Elsa, snowman, etc. my little girl is always setting up scenes from the movie with her pink castle. But I have one request, would be nice if the price wouldn't be outrageous like many other places that have anything associate with frozen. :) My little girl is a HUGE fan of little people, she takes them EVERYWHERE, we've even had to turn the car around before to go get a little people toy she's left behind.

EZ Bundle and Open top take along swing come back

Don't know why you discontinue items that are in higj demand,pls bring back EZ bundle,open top take along swings and 3in1 swing into the market,they are being sought after.

3 3 generations and it still works!

My grandson is the 3rd generation to enjoy the Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock. This is why I buy your brand of toys. They last so long! Would love to send you a photo of my 9 month old grandson playing w/ the clock. Thank you for continuing to manufacture such well-made toys.

01.28.11 at 9:14 amHouston Soilers@snakeBud is a complete tw*t. He got piessd off and took the team from Houston but stayed as a resident for tax purposes. We LOVED the Oilers (I remember VIVIDLY the comeback game against the Bills when those blind-a$$ refs gifted them that game) and that fat f**k tried holding the city hostage, and he was offered concessions but still left. We were in football limbo for years and now we have the milquetoast Texans. Thanks Bud. He can get f***ed for all I care. Oh and Fisher, take some time off, you and the stache can go hunt down yeti's and sh** for a year. Once Kubes takes the piss again this year with the Texans, come on back to Houston.

Hello from Kathy I'm an educator, mother and grandmother who recently completed the patent for my invention. This product will provide a new line of toys for you. Please give me a call to discuss this opportunity. I discussed your toy line with my Patent Attorney and he also agreed that your company could really use my product. I've taught Kindergarten for years and know what kids like to play with, what toys they desire and of course I buy quality toys that last and offer educational options for both genders. Please give me a call. If you prefer to speak directly to my Patent Attorney you can call him as well. John Richison Attorney At Law 765-640-4134 Sincerely Kathy Morgan 765-617-4864

My son loved his Explorer 980 ATV when he was two years old. His daughter is going to be 2 in June and I would love, love, love to surprise my son and send Lily an Explorer for her second birthday. Found one on EBay, but too late . . . missed the bidding by hours.

My daughter is shortly to have a baby and today, we found Happy Apple again, in a trunk where he has lived for the last 25 years. My children are now 30 and 32. My son had a baby a few months ago and my daughter will produce next month, but I only have one happy apple. Neither of them has ever forgotten him; I need 3 of them now, one for each child and one to live with me for when their children visit. Please, please being him back. Make happy apples again...a whole orchard full would be fun. travellingrhea@gmail.com

Re-issuing the Fisher Price 980 ATV Explorer would be good. It survives 2 generations of hard play and still gets good reviews. I would like to give one to my grandson in Texas, born 2/2/11. Get going. thank you, RC Pickering

Would like to attach a photo of my grandson playing with a circa 1978 ATV Explorer at Thanksgiving. This toy has passed through four children and still is in perfectly good working order, including horn and engine pull. If there are any "old time" staffers around, perhaps they will remember this toy. Would LOVE to see it updated and returned.

Is it possible to purchase an old item from you? I'm looking for the book that goes with the Woodsey Squirrel House. Now that I have grandchildren, I'll like them to have the book that goes with the house & squirrels. Somehow I misplaced the book. Thank you mbs211pondst@aol.com

Are you aware that Fisher Price has Hammerin' Rattle and I Can See Saw rattle with packaging that says FOR A BUSY BOY.... Are you kidding me. !!!!!.. I purchased these toys for a friend of mine's little GIRL..... it is actually quite offensive to see a major toy company blatantly stereotyping like this. I work with two outstanding women engineers, if their parents never let them play with a hammer or a saw they wouldn't be where they are today. I am a huge fan of Fisher Price toys so this packaging threw me for a loop. I had to wrap these gifts without the packaging so as not to offend the parents. NO ONE labels toys exclusively for boy or girl anymore. I am extremely disappointed in the packaging although the quality of toy is still outstanding.l

Fisher Price security bunny from 30 years ago is selling all over Ebay for $144 and more. If you google it, there are zillions of people who want this toy reissued. I think Fisher Price is missing the boat on not having this item on toy shelves today. The demand is clearly there. Please make the Fisher Price Security Bunny available again.

I recently purchased a Fisher Price toddler type talking base cube from Goodwill for my grandson when he comes to our home. It is about 15 inches square with peak a boo cubes that when plugged into the base will say what the item is and then plays music. I only have 4 of the blocks and by pressing different buttons on the top of the cube have determined that there should be about 12 cubes all together. We have a cow, dog, car and guitar. Others that we would like to have would be drum, pig, boat, lamb, horn, airplane,bird and one other. I have no idea what you call this toy but I am assuming that it is an older toy since I got it at Goodwill and can not find it listed on line. Is there any way I can get the additional blocks and can you tell me what the name of this toy is? Thank you. Veta Hall, hh_tech@comcast.net

I have a problem with 2 of your items. One is that my grandson of 18 months got his hand stuck in one the area of the item and got hurt. Please reply, thank you, Rita

Actually, I wanted to let you know that you are missing a wonderful opportunity in your advertising for children's toys. I am the Director of Pediatric Program Development for Easter Seals NH, VT, ME, RI, & NY. I have been a pediatric physical therapist for over 25 years and my focus has always been children birth to 8. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about ways to educate parents and families about early childhood developmental necessities, increase your toys' capacities to better meet the needs of children, improve the quality of your advertising and thereby selling more toys. Fischer Price is the only toy company that comes even close to creating toys that I would buy for my programs - BUT you could still do more. If you are interested, please have a representative contact me: Easter Seals NH The Family Place, 603-895-1522 or on my cell at 603-305-1811. I believe you have both an opportunity and a responsibility to at least hear what I have to say. I have dedicated my life to meeting the needs of children and families and I believe that Fischer Price is in a unique place to do even more for children and families. Thanks so much. Patti-Jean Rawding-Anderson Please feel free to google my name to demonstrate my commitment to children and families. Thanks so much. Email: Pedipt@comcast.net

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