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Sorry to read all the above very poor ratings. They need to come to St. Petersburg, Fl where they will get excellent service from the staff at the Park Street store. Recently I was at the Park Street store and had alot of trouble trying to figure out how to get something copied from my computer. Your employee, Bryant Williams, was a great help. He was most patient and explained things easily. It is unusual to find these qualities in staff when I go to any store. He's a credit to your company. It occurred to me you might even consider creating a new staff position--- using him solely as a computer trouble shooter as so many people struggle with all the new technology. I found him most helpful and am sure this alone would boost your business. The employee Joy is also a great help, knowledgeable and cheerful. Thanks for the great customer service I received. Chris (cadams80204@yahoo.com)

I was injured at a Kinkos store went inside treated like dirt filed an accident report and no one ever contacted me guessI need to get a lawyer.

Had a bad experience with a local Fed-Ex Kinkos NW 63 & May, Lori Craig. My company needed a flyer printed and mailed in ample time for an event that we had been planning for several months. The flyers were not mailed in a timely manner prior to the event and some of our clients received the mailer two weeks AFTER the event. After complaining to Lori Craig, Fed-Ex (NW 63 & May) Rep, she promised a full refund. To date we have not received a full refund.

What is your company policy for individuals closing the store at night by themselves. In your Goldcoast store in Chicago, IL there is (1) young man that closes the store by himself everynight HOW FREAKIN DANGEROUS IS THIS!!! This kid trys to handle all the customers that come in while trying to watch the store. He is a hard worker and was a great help to me but I felt so bad since I had a big project and needed his help with bringing it together. I hope something changes and nothing happens to this kid with things like they are nowadays...his family should sue the pants off of your company if he is hurt in any way since I am sure that it is not your policy to have (1) person in the store at night by themselves closing...pay attention!! Poor Management **I will make sure that I contact authorities and let them know what I have seen if something crazy were to ever happen at that store..concerned citizen

Dear Sirs; I went yesterday to your store on Huntington Drive in Monrovia, California, to have some urgent material printed for the clinic. There were 2 other customers in the facility and a total of 4 employees huddled in the back, one of whom was asking a question about a job for a customer. The other 2 were engaged in small talk. Today, I sent an employee to have this job completed. There were 3 female employees there, and one could not discover how to work a copier (!) another could not get it to staple and my employee finally figured it out for them (!) Performance of this nature is totally unacceptable. The downsizing of this store (it was a year ago twice the present size)was not, I believe, in response to a stagnant economy: rather, it was in response to poor quality control and failure to properly train employees. Quit cutting jobs, train your people, the efficiency of whom will attract more business, and your positions will not be in jeopardy. Sincerely, Dr. W. David Goff


I sent this email to Mr. Pham and wante to copy headquarters on it. Thanks. Hello Mr. Pham vince.pham@fedex.com, I have been helped on two occassions by your design/sales associate: Nidia. She works in the Kinkos Fedex shop on Vine St. near Sunset Blvd. She has shown me the highest level of professionalism each time I have had contact with her. She is very knowledgable, offers suggestions, and, is extremely pleasant, helpful, and quick. I would really like you and her to know she is a 5 star employee and I hope she is rewarded this!

June 29, 2010 Today, I went to a Fedex Kinko's Office here in Stockton, California, Fedex Office 5125, telephone number 12099571204 to have some documents faxed. You have a very rude and unhappy sales clerk whose first name is Sue Ann. Your store was close to empty and there was only one customer besides me in front of her computer. I would like to inform you that there was no greeting whatsoever....not even "May I help you" from any of your 3 stoic and detached employees. My concern as a customer is this: After Sue Ann fed my documents into the fax machine, she failed to let me know that there is a wait time until transmission is verified. She went back to the computer and didn't even look at me or anywhere! Sorry, but she appeared and acted like a robot. After waiting for a few minutes, I asked, "Is there any cashier who can help me so I can pay what is due"? Sue Ann replied in a very stern and unfriendly tone, "There is a wait time and you can go somewhere else if you want to go"! Sue Ann's bad behavior is completely unacceptable. Clearly, her personal issues should not be brought into the workplace. She is young and should move to the right path before it becomes unmanageable for her. However, your store manager, Petra, should be commended for exhibiting excellent customer relations. She re-faxed all the documents( was not done correctly by Sue Ann at the beginning ) and apologized for my unpleasant experience with Sue Ann and promised to advice Sue Ann as soon as possible. Petra's demeanor should be mirrored by all your employees. Her facial expressions and mode of speaking reflect a satisfied and happy employee of Fedex Kinko's!! Sincerely, Rod Aroc Arocans@aol.com

My son went to the Kinko’s center near the Ohio State University campus. He had to scan several large diagrams for an Architecture school project. The Kinko’s center charges $7.50 per square foot to scan the document resulting in a charge of $300 for the entire project. My son did not receive any printed material - only a PDF file on his flash drive. As he asked for consideration on the fee because no printing was required, he was told that nothing can be done. I can understand if the Kinko’s center had to expend ink and paper costs to print 40 pages of color scan materials, but since the only service provided was an electronic scan and PDF file, there should have been some consideration. This occurrence has been deeply disappointing and will prevent future business needs between myself, my family and my company with Kinko’s Andy Mateja 5165 Manchester Drive Zanesville OH 43701 740-450-7246

I recently had some printing to be done and went into the local store in our community of Ballard WA store # 0340 and have never been treated so RUDE, by their employee Robi M.. He acted as if he was doing me a favor by taking my money, I can guarentee you that they will never have that opportunity again and have already made it a point to tell everyone I come in contact with today how extremely rude he was. As for the copies they are ok there are blank spots where the ink did not print but whatever I guess I am just lucky he helped me. I realize in these economic times that business is soooo good that my tiny little $100 printing job is a waste of their time, according to Robi M.'s actions and attitude unfortuatly I do not only do my share of printing there but have also used FEDEX for most of my shipping needs, not any more. He did not say Thank you kiss my butt go to hell or anything just went to the furthest register and stared at me then said if you want me to help you you will have to come down here. Then the same wonderful salutation when he was so kind to take my money. Thank God he was there to accomadate me. WRONG!!!! As for the 1 star rating can you get any lower because I would so give that service a -10 stars. have a wonderful day!

This is for ANYONE who CARES and who has the AUTHORITY to change things for the better at some of your Kinko's/Federal Express offices. I have called your 800 "Customer Service" number several times in the past about this issue and nothing has been done to change it. I frequent the Kinko's in Buffalo Grove and in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I use the computer alot when the computers at the local public library are all in use. WHY do all your computers take forever to use? Your computers are VERY SLOW to use and VERY SLOW in just about everything they are supposed to do. They have not been updated for ages, it seems. I have mentioned this to some of the staff in these locations and they told me that apparently that is the way the company wants it and they don't want to do the updates (too costly for corporate??). I have heard the same complaints from other computer users at those locations and some of them told me that because the customer is paying PER MINUTE OF USEAGE, the slower the computers are, the MORE money it generates for the company! It DOES make sense when thought about. Therefore,I will NO longer be using ANY of the computers at ANY of your "offices" now or in the future! This is not a good business decision on your part. The computer area should be updated and in the Arlington Heights, IL office, it should be more private instead of out in the open by the Xerox machines where anyone can stand behind the computer operator and read everything they are typing and reading on their screen. Since you advertise Kinko's Fed/EX as being one's "one-stop" office and such, it should be more like an office, being more private and "computer friendly", correct? Thank you.

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