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district manager are corrupted

extended stay hotels have almost all the district manager,managers,and assistant corrupted that why nothing is done is like mafia in the lower level


I should have read reviews first and could have saved money, time, and aggravation. Especially now trying to get a hold of the corporate office who does not answer their phone. We thought that the hotel itself was bad and now we understand why after trying to get through the corporate office. Find another hotel for your own well being.

what i think of my stay

since i've been here the fire alarms have gone off four times and we had to evacuate the building four times because of poor conditions in the building. manager does very little here. most of the people that are staying here have complained but management does very little about it. would i stay here again? I don't know. most people here didn't think they would.


i was wrong with the date when i saw the gsr sitting on the lapse of a young man here in stockton sept.1 not aug31 noon time & its holiday maybe no boss that's why they are doing it


monday/aug./31 Isee the gsr sitting on the lapse of a young man on the lobby here in stockton. noon time. what kind of management you have here now?


what's going on now here in stockton? The room wasn't smell good,underneath Tbowl is dirty. dirt mark on the bath tub. Are those maids well trained? I'm thinking to stay in some hotel coz it's not like this before

i,ve been staying here & i noticed my room w asn,t clean right. My bath tub still look dirty,bathroom floor wasn,t mop & underneath my T-bowl still dirty.I think those maids need to be trained


no courtesy by desk clerk, Rooms dirty- dog or cat hair on chairs and bed. Employees badly treated. angry orders of employee in hearing of public.. this witnessed in Extended Stay America Hotel Stockton, Ca.


i cant sleep,3maids were working together & making a lot of noise here in stockton


Memphis airport smell bad. Bad service. Wife sick because of the carpet smell. Corporate not answering on purpose. Won't transfer is to another location. Don't stay here.

local 669 union member

I stayed about a month, constantly complaining about loud noise maides and maintenance men peeping through walls.having acces to keys they would come to an empty room close by and start moving chairs around.all nite long.overand over..dont recomment to anyone.. please dont waste ur time I promise u will regret it.

extended stay of america 9370 waldemar rd. Indianapolis in

The manager Josh very rude they have roaches bugs fleas staff trifling bed had old blood on my kids mattress an bedskirt my I'm disabled there elivater is broke every other day we have asthma an were breathing in dust an dirt they won't switch me rooms the couch is dirty I'm breaking out I'm miserable please help I paid for a whole month my 17 percent tax drop Friday an they wont me to leave so idk what to do at this point.

Went to a extended stay location in Naperville location on 1827 Centre Point Drive. I must say Manager and front desk clerk very rude!

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