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Strike Bag (Beware)

I purchased the Everlast Strike Bag for my 11 year old son's birthday present. After only two days, the air bladder got a tear in it. He wasn't even hitting it that hard! I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and hundreds of other people had the SAME PROBLEM! Why would they keep selling such a crappy product!! Shame on Everlast AND Sport's Authority! Plus, it's almost impossible to get a call back from them, and when you do get a hold of someone they are rude.

speed bags

i have bought 2 speed bags the first one popped in 2 months,the second one the stitching can apart the first day within the week it couldnt hold air.i had the right amount of air.i think the problem is there made in china.it doesnt matter how many fail they still make money.sad

I bought a striking bag for christmas and the bag is junk. It says Heavy duty & it went flat in ten mins. I went on line & I seen hundreds of people saying the same thing. Even when they returned them & got new ones it still went flat. I called crop and the number they tell you to call for consumers don't even work. I would of gave them a minus star if I could.

I have been in MMA sports for over 20 years now. I was given a Everlast boxing stand that I tryed to use in my home gym. It looked ok until I started using it. First the bag hangs way too low for pretty much only good for a person 5' tall. The bag keeps hitting the stand and can't swing freely. 2nd if you have any power @ all you will almost kick the stand over. So I added the weights to help stablize the stand, that helped but then the weights and support legs were completely in the way of movement. I had to stand there can't move or kick the bag properly. Almost broke my toe trying to use it. I looked @ other Everlast bag stands and Im completely UN happy with all of them.

Bonjour, j'ai acheté récemment un SAC DE FRAPPE Everflex modèle 2262. J'ai monter le sac en question et 3 jours après le sac est dégonflé. Alors je rapporte le sac chez Canadian Tire pour changer le KIT. On m'échange le tout et je remonte le sac et ENCORE après environ 3 jours le sac est dégonflé. Je vous demande quoi faire avec ce problème parce que c'est très désagréable. Merci

In october of last year,I thought i would work on my stiking technique and purchase a heavy bag, gloves and some mma grabbling glove. Being a former amatuer boxer, I had always trained mostly on Everlast products. Despite being more of a grappler now,I still considered Everlast over all other martial art equipment to be durable and dependable. I purched a small 40 pound bag, mma gloves and hand wraps. The first week I had the bag, I worked out for perhaps a total of 8 hours. At the end of the my last work out I happen to notice a small tear in the top part of the bag, I remembered we use to take the bags down at the end of our boxing session as to extend the life of the bag, so I started taking the bag down and repaired the tear with stiching and some duct tape over it. The next work out I thought I would use the mma gloves for stiking as it is one of it's uses. With in 30 minutes the stiching from the loops of the gloves where yours finger go came undone. I once again took some upholstery thread and stiched them up. The following sessioon which perhaps lasted an hour, I noticed a tear on the top portion of the gloves,this got me thinking the material must be cheap, so inspected the bag hoping it had not got any worse. I did find a new tear this time about 8 inches long, that went along the seam of the top, making the weight of the bag pull down and enlarging the tear with every swing of the bag. At christmas I was given a double sided bag for practicing my hand speed. I thought there is no way anything can go wrong with this bag it so small and appeared to have athink outer lining. I used this bag perhaps once a week. Today March 10th, as I was stiking it I noticed some stringy like image on the bottom end of the bag, when I examined it, i realized it was the strap that is stiched inside of the bag that come undone. Now I have a 3 training items out of 4 in my garage taking up space. I am now shadow boxing with only wraps, I expect the treads to come undone soon, just like all of Everlast products. By the way I am not a big guy with massive punching power, I only weight 128 lbs. So to all boxers, novice and martial artist stay away from everlast it never last. This name brand is the worse line of products I have ever bought, I am making sure that our MMA gym never purchase Everlast ever again.

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