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I know twice that Everbank has poached outstanding employees from competitors giving them great offers of salary and bonuses and telling them to give notice to their current employee only to be contacted 2 days before their start date that the offer was being rescended. The reason was the same and not even legal. If I know of this not living near the bank or even remotely in the banking industry, how many times have they done this? They are added to our unemployment in North Florida. Why would I trust my money with them?

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I'm not usually one to complain but I thought that this one was important. I watch as they built dollar general store #9274. I live very close and it was going to be very convenient for me. I shopped at the sant marks , Florida store more than usual.I watched many employees come and go also managers and the store had it problems.I continued to be a loyal customer and spent a lot of money at this store. on 8/23/11 I entered the store and clay the asst. Mgr. told me to go back out with my purse so I did and left it in my car. I only grabbed my change package and began to shop. clay later came to me and said that a skinny black lady had come in with a large purse and it appeared full as she left.I thought what does this have to do with me? and i don't even have a large purse.later as I went to check out.I did not have my wallet nor did i have my coupons or shop list.I turned to apologize to the ladies in line for taking so long I notice others with larger purses than mine. but i paid and returned to talk to clay and was told he had left for the day.I thought about this as i returned to my house.I was very disappointed and felt violated in a abusive manner from clay and discrimination because i seemed to singled out.I did call the store and talked to crystal and she gave me the phone number and added that ms. Virginia was on vacation and nothing could be done until she returns.I said this should have never happened at all. Now they say it's a new policy no ladies allowed with purses.I called this in and filed a complaint but have not been contacted and that is unprofessional of this corp way to handle a complaint as well

This company has very poor employee practices and often let's it's management berate their staff. In addition the level of professionalism they exhibit with taking care in customer records management is quite lax. They often lose files and docents pertaining to their customers and have to resort to sending mass emails out to the company to try and locate them. I would look other places for a bank before turning here.

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