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If you do not like doctor's offices that overbook then do not go here. Waited 45 minutes after my appointment time to be seen. Also, while I was waiting a lady came in to pick up her glasses, and the employees could not find them. She told them "well you called me and said they were ready to be picked up" and the poor lady left with no glasses. Do not trust this place with your vision or eye health. I also needed an itemized receipt to get my rebate for contacts, and the receipt they give you is not god enough. I was told I would have to wait 2 months for the receipt on top of at least 6 -8 weeks to receive the rebate!!!?? How does it take 2 months to print a receipt? Thier reason was that it goes through a 3rd party. Very unprofessional.

Eye glass costs

I have been using Empire Vision for many years .Your people are very good and your service good.The only problem I see is that $829.98 is for glasses is going to make me look elsewhere and compare.I look back and see that it cost me $300.00 for the last pair.Now that I am retired with no eye glass insurance I can not believe the increase in cost.

Never Again

Sept. 2012 - When I picked up glasses (2 pair) I kept telling salesperson I couldn't see clearly. They said give it time. After four visits later, still not good. (was supposed to get a discount because I belong to the teacher's union).. Finally put them in a drawer and used my old ones. June 2013, I had an exam at Walmart and three days later the glasses were ready, I put them on and it was great. What is the problem with Empire and the staff? $366 is a lot of money to put in a drawer! When seeing all the bad reviews, I can see that corporate headquarters doesn't care at all.


After I'm done here I'm calling the better business bureau, I Have bought glasses from you for the past 2 years each time I have had nothing but problems with my eyes I have gone back and told them about this, I fell and broke them so I went back in I told them I feel dizzy when I where them and I did not feel they were right, I was informed the glasses were fine and I needed to see a Dr well after nemoris test I was told by my Dr it is the glasses when I went back in I was talked to like I was a child and treated with utmost disrespect I do not feel the eye Dr's in there are trained enough to be in there working.I will never again step into another empire vision!


Empire Vision - East Greenbush, NY I was repeatedly and consistently provided misinformation about my eye insurance benefits and felt like I was being strong-armed into buying overpriced contacts at the time of my eye exam. Then I was told they will price match - great but oops they forgot to tell me not if you use insurance. This wasn't a mistake or a training issue but rather deliberate withholding of information/provision of incorrect information to gouge consumers.


Had an appointment on 1/15 for contacts. It's now 2/2 & still no contacts! Four calls to Mohawk Commons office- 2 promises to check & callback- Still no call back. Ready to protest charge to my credit card & go elsewhere!

I have a complaint with the Brockport NY Empire Vision. They are very rude to people on the phone. The one with the long brown hair especially, and others noticed her rudeness. Well back too the issue why I called was the Glasses had to be adjusted. Two trips to get them straight, they where very crooked and brand new Glassed should not be as warped as these where. The place is very empty both times and they acted as if I was putting them out and interrupted their personal time. (585)659-8282 I would like a response to my situation please.

Today i called the Empire Vision Center in Troy, NY. located at 740 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180 in the Wal-mart Plaza. calling from a primary care physicians office, i asked for a copy of an eye exam on a mutual Patient. we were requesting this in order to comply with NYS credentialing NCQA accredidation. We already had a report from this facility on record. At first calling, i spoke with a female employee (Darlene?) requesting this information. She would not comply. I called back, and asked to speak with the manager Frank. Frank came on the line immediately hostile, questioning my knowledge in my position in regards to my request. I stated that we already had established a line of correspondence regarding the patients eye exams. He then aggressively cut me off mid-sentence, and said, verbatum " I dont know what you dont understand,. Send me the release or i have nothing else to say to you" and SLAMMED the reciever down in my ear. This type of "customer service" is not acceptable at any level epecially for a healthcare facility. i would strongly recommend monitoring customer service at this facility.

I had an appointment today on 6/11/12 at 3:15. I arrived at 3:00 and filled out the paperwork. I was called to have the glaucoma test and seated in the waiting room to await my eye test in a timely manner, but the experience went downhill from there. I sat there for 25 minutes and the door opened and the eye Dr came out looking dazed and confused. she said to me I didn't know anyone was out here. In the meantime another person had sat down waiting approximately 5 minutes to my 25. to my shock and dismay the eye Dr. called him in first. I went out to the desk and enquired as to what was giong on and they said "I don't know maybe it was a special exam. This is not acceptable to me I don't mind waiting a reasonable amount of time but now it appears I will be waiting up to 1 hour after my appt. time. I reschedualed my appt. for saturday, but i am very upset at the time I wasted sitting there for nothing. I also asked them to look at my daughters glasses they had developed numerous spots on the lenses getting worse over time. they said they were not under waranty and that she must have cleansed them with something that caused the spots. my daughter is 29 yrs old and has worn glasses for 19 years. this is the first time in all those years that I have ever seen lenses that looked like that. she is also old enough to know how to take care of her glasses. It appears that nothing is ever under your warranty, as I have had issues in the past that were not resolved satisfactorally. also I just read another review that mentioned these spots on their lenses, which leads me to believe this is not an isolated problem. your public relations is very poor as it appears you do not care if your customers are satisfied or not!

I have had several poor experiences at Empire Vision in Corning,NY. The problem being the amount of time to be waited on and finally the rudeness of the Asst Mgr. I had scheduled an appt for 145 on a Monday afternoon, when I had made the appt. the girl informed me that was a good time because I would be seen by the Dr following his lunch. I just returned home from my trip there today for a quick check up to see how my contacts were fitting (this shouldnt have been a big deal I have been wearing contacts for several years) not only did I sit and wait 20+ minutes but was informed that the Dr was busy and would need to be interrupted after I had just witnessed him walking through the front door sucking on a straw from a fast food place. Finally I informed the asst mgr that I just wanted my prescription so I could take my business elsewhere and she refused. I would advise no one to go to Empire ever.

In April 2011 My husband had an eye exam @ the East Greenbush office. He specifically asked the doctor about cataracts since his mother had them and he felt something was floating in his right eye. He asked for glass lenses due to his work & was told that it would be 7-10 wait due to the glass lenses and the script. 2 weeks later we were told that they came in but w/the wrong script, they were sent back to be fixed. 1 week later they still were not in, but the girl said we will put a rush on them (why did they wait so long to put a rush on them?). Long story short we finally got the glasses, a pair of free glasses w/plastic lenses & half the money back for the original pair. Here we are Feb. 2012 and my husband went to a "real" eye doctor and was told he has not 1 but 2 CATARACTS and pressure bleeding in his left eye. The doctor said it would have been obvious to the doctor that the cataracts were present!!!! I would NEVER RECOMMEND EMPIRE TO ANYONE.

I have been trying to get in touch with Customer Service as well and have had no luck. Had a very poor experience with Empire Vision - customer of almost 30 years, and will not be returning.

All three of my family members wear glasses full time and have used most vision centers in the Albany NY greater area. The Empire Vision Center in East Greenbush NY is excellent. They are attentive, patient and very professional. I have an eight year old boy who seems to need adjustments about every two weeks...they are always friendly and welcoming to us when we go there. The prices and service are the best around for what you are getting.

. To Whom it may concern I am writing to you about your company. I have had so may glasses made in 1-1/2 Yrs. I had to have my lenses made over, because they had spots on them.They told me that something splash on them and made the spots So I had to pay $25.00 to get another pair made. Well now I have had this pair for about a month 1/2 and now they have scratches on the lenses now. So now if I take them back are they going to make me pay again for the new ones. If so they do not really guarantee them. If I don't get any satisfaction I will not be getting any more glasses for your company again. I hope I hear from you soon. Thank You for taking the time to read my e-mail to you Thank You M.howell 585 638 6192

the empire vision office in Geneva N.Y. has 2 very rude female employees. Very poor customer interaction. I am making a written and verbal complaint to corporate mgmt. The young female is rude and I have had two very rude interactions with her. The other employee Was rude during this one incident. Something needs to be done.They both fail to understand customer satisfaction.

Dear Sir, Unfortunately I was directed to get glasses from your location on Watervliet in Latham, New York, the treatment was below average. I was able to put up with the mild rudeness of the people managing the fron desk. The glasses I bought, supposedly very good quality, broke down in February when i was on vacation. Being a very busy surgeon my first chance to bring them back was Saturday March 12, 2011. The store was closed for unexpected repair,fine. Monday the 14th I came back to the store , told the young "lady" behind the counter the problem. She said down on a chair, what is your first name we will call you when your turn comes. She was very rude. I SWALLOWED THIS, I ASKE TO LEAVE THE GLASSES , AND TO COME BACK LATER, SHE IGNORED ME AND WALKING TO THE ISIDE, JUS SAID SID DOWN ON A CHAIR, mean while the optician came, she was not any different from the front desk person. I could not help telling her in a very loud voice heard by every one "sitting on a chair" LADY THIS SERVICE STINKS, I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS SOME WHERE ELSE, ALTHOUGH I BOUGHT THESE GLASSES FROM HERE. I did ,guess what the other place could not be more pleasant and respectfull, and you know what, they said no charge inspite me insistin to pay. You know what,I doubt you will post this. I SUGGEST YOU GUYS CLEAN YOUR ACT, IT IS VERY EASY TO REPORT YOU TO BETTER BUSINESS BEREAU. H.G.GOUSSOUS, M.D.FACS

I bought no line bifocals last year. I have suffered with head aches and blurred vision. I though I could trust you and never thought that you would not test my glasses. I just went to my eye doctor. He told me that you put the wrong prescription in my glasses. I went to your Henrietta office this morning and they told me that they would not stand behind their product. I am notifying our local new affiliates and my attorney. I plan to sue for malpractice. All I wanted was a new pair of glasses.

The price I paid for todays exam to get bifocal contacts was $70.00 higher then three other competing vision centers in my area. Their price was $90.00 - $100.00 for the exact same exam. I unfortunately found this out after I paid for the exam. I have made four calls to Empire Vision customer service to no avail. No one to talk to. No one calls back after leaving messages.

I have been trying to get hold of a customer service person and have left several messages. I have been a customer for approximately 15 years. COULD somebody liisten to me--it's good PR. Thanks and have a nice day. 518-371-9777

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