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No egg sandwich sandwin

I purchased a spinach, mushroom & Swiss egg white sandwich and got a terrible paper thin product. Where's the egg? Bagel out powered the egg filling. I've been to most San Diego Einstein locations and most know how to make good sandwiches. This morning however 'a very bad no egg sandwich'!

I went to an Einstein Bagel location at an Ohio 80 Interstate service plaza. After driving nearly all day, I was hungry and thirsty, but really just wanted water and a snack. I picked up a bottled water and a yogurt parfait. I then went to the counter and waited at LEAST 15 minutes without being waited on or acknowledged by anyone working there. An employee stood right in front of me slicing bagels and preparing food for another customer. I finally slammed down the items and left. I'm fairly certain I could have left without paying, but I am an honest person. I ONLY wanted to pay for food and get back on the road!! I am baffled as to how this establishment has customers at all...I'm never stopping there again.

The Worst Experience

Will never patronize a company that double charges. I prepaid for an order and was charges twice for the order. Mind you a paid with personal card for my company. This establishment has been removed from our company roster for catering or any other services.


I went to location 1739 in Arvada CO. I had a very bad experience. First off the manager on duty is well... A slob very poorly dressed and food in his beard (that could potentially fall into my food). This locations beverage cooler has been broken for over a week and you have to ask for the drink that you desire, fine I get it things break but when I ask to get a more expensive strawberry banana smoothie low and behold they are out of bananas. I give this location no stars because this was probably the worst experience from a chain restaurant I have ever had

Can someone explain to me your pricing policy of the more you buy, the more they cost. I buy 9 bagels. The first 6 cost $6.25 = $ 1.04 per bagel. The next 3 bagels then cost $1.10 per bagel. Is that stupid as in stupid is as stupid does? All I want to know is the logic/il of that policy and your ability to describe it.


My family and I have been going to the Einstein's location on Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 in Scottsdale Ariona for years now. Each and every time they get our orders incorrect, they're constantly behind, and their service is horrible. This morning was the breaking point for us. My mom, sister and I went in and there was a cockroach in one of the bagel bins, crawling all over the bagels, we told two employees and they acted like it was no big deal, never said sorry for the disgusting display and waited a few minutes to take care of it. They didn't ask which bagels the insect was crawling on or take the bins out of the enclosed class case. They just kept on going with their slow service and mundane attitudes. We have been giving this location chance after chance hoping things would turn around but it never does and it looks like we won't be there to see if it gets better. To anyone who is reading this - frank Lloyd wright and 101 in Scottsdale, AZ needs a lot of help and some new, nice and appropriate management. HELP THEM OUT CORP!!! We've tried other locations in the area and they have been fine, I hope this location gets the help they need because many people were disgusted today!


They need help in the location on St Rd 135 Greenwood,in.I have going here for 20 yrs .the decline is obvious,They need a good manager,help,happy people,Every Sunday they run out of bagels they are not prepared at all please get help for this location,I will not go back until this is fixed!!

To Whom it May Concern, I gave you a POOR RATING because there is NO Einstein Bagel Shop in Rockwall Texas. I moved from Fort Worth Texas, where I had 2 in close distance from my home to Rockwall 2 years ago. There are some locations in the Dallas area, but they are a bit to travel to. Rockwall NEEDS an Einstein in this city. We have recently got a In & Out as well as an Olive Garden. There is NO Bagel store in this city!!! Have you look into this location? I think (know) it would be a BIG SUCESS.... I recenlty traveled to Fort Worth and brought back a dozen of misc bagels. I did not bring any of the spreads because I knew they would not freeze well....OH MY GOODNESS, I didn't realize how much I MISSED THEM.... Please look into this going area, I think you could have a WINNER........

We moved from NY to Tx and really missed NY bagels. We were thrilled that Einstein's recently opened up nearby. In the beginning the density, size and flavor of the bagels where satisfying. Every other week we order a dozen bagels and are extremely disappointed.....flat, very soft and no flavor. Sorry, think you lost us and my East coast neighbors as customers.

I first had Einstein's Bagels in Greenwood, Indiana and cannot go there without getting some to take back to warner Robins, Ga. for friends and neighbors. I sure wish there was one here! There is not the first bagel place here and the clostest is Atlanta, Ga which is about 95 miles away! The location in Warner Robins would no doubt provide support with the huge military base having over 20,000 people (civilian and military)assigned as well as Frito Lay, a chicken processing plant, etc. The Little League's Southeastern district came a year ago and it draws thousands of folks each summer for the playoffs in both girls and boys teams. Watson Blvd,part of the connector from I-75 to the base, leads straight to the base and has many hotels along its route and has an excellent former Picadilly Resturant site (located at an intersectins with traffic light mid-way thru Watson Blvd) for sale. Traffic in the AM would provide excellent customers/fans. Nothing compares to Einstein bagels! Please, somebody establish an Einstein Bagels here!!!!

Einstein bagels are wonderful. I especially enjoy the various types of sandwich bagels you offer. We serve Einstein bagels for office breakfasts, holidays and other events at the Villager Newspaper. I am also trying to reach you by phone without success! Please have someone email me at sklotz39@comcast.net. I would like to reach your marketing manager to provide updated media info on the Villager. Thank you!

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