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Storage Wars

I have tried to watch Storage Wars this season but the new "Characters" are impossible to watch. The original cast, minus Dave, are still interesting but the new "Characters" are ridiculous. I will not be watching this again. Regards,

ones opinon

When A&E knows very well what Duck Dynasty says and stands for in their public and personal life, they are shocked when Phil states what he believes, although he has not harassed a particular group. Their opinion has made them dear to a lot of common folks, and the back lash that is going on is going to hurt A&E. Grow up A&E. This man is a man of principle and we are in dire need of those who are not afraid to show us what a man of principles is.

Customer By Web Form (Dolores Thomas) - 12/19/2013 04:32 PM Why would you even consider bowing to special interest groups who use political correctness to bully and intiminate people who disagree with their life style. Phil never expressed his personal opinion on your show, he only stated his own thoughts about something which was using his 1st Ammendment right. I along with millions of other Americans stand with Phil on his right to say what he pleases. I will no longer watch any A & E program until an apology is exteded to Phil and he is reinstated to Duck Dynasty.

duck dynasty

Great show will not watch again time for you people to grow up. If people dont like something all they have to do is change the channel.whether I agree or not its phils choice that makes it a great show. So get off your high horse and do the right thing this is america freedom of choice right

alice said;for me, risk means there's a slight psobisility where things could go wrong, the project might not work out. designing a chair to be sat on is quite straight forward. it's just a matter of a good or bad chair, but either way, it'll still be a chair, so it's a safe option. is that all? that easy?For me, I think there's a slight psobisility where things could go wrong for every projects is that all u take to convince yourself?U start with a very different topic, but what makes u think u're taking a risk? I rather say that is a different approach to design.I mean no offence, but when i looked at some of your classmates' works, they're 200% of research, 120% of concept and 0% execution; a tie with a lock, a dolphin fin liked remote control; if I have to take a risk just to design something like this, why?

I am a product degnsier from Hong Kong, nice to meet you. Actually I saw some of your products (pet plus) showing at the HK trade fair, nice work.I really appreciate this blog, I think you've brought a different voice to your country.Its sad to hear you said that you are not suitable for the design industry of Taiwan; since all of the degnsiers in HK are saying the same thing HK is really not a satisfiable environment for degnsier I've read some of you poses. There is one of them that you've mentioned about others students work. You said they pick the safe option' for their design project, such as a chair..But what is the risky one? What do u mean by safe'? Why do they have to take a risk?I think everyone have to convince themselves when taking a risk, what for?When I am designing a chair, that means, I am designing something to be sat. At least I have a purpose There must be something for me to design for..I am curious, how do u convince yourself when u're taking a risk?

I am a formal employee of Kindercare #539. I resigned due to the DIRECTOR being very unprofessional and abusive to staff and kids. When the kids complain to their parents, she wants you to lie for her. She has a set of rules for the staff and a set for her. Ms. Amanda S. snatches the kids by their arms, shake them, and yells in their face when they become unruly. This is the first center I have worked and the teachers were the cook. She made a rotating schedule for the teacher to take turns cooking. She charge parents for breakfast and none is served. She said if the kids say they don't want any there is no sense in cooking it. All compaints that went to L.B. he told her to make the problem go away. Instead of the problem being addressed, the persons who make the complaint disappear. The center needs to be investigated for high turnover rate. If business is to succeed in this center it needs to be cleaned out and started over with NEW HONEST, POSITIVE, AND MOTIVATING MANAGEMENT!!! Today, I wouldn't recommend this center to anyone as long as Amanda S. is the center's director. DFCS will probably be called in, if she keep miss treating those kids. I am glad to be gone. 539

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