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I have been working for dunkin dounuts for6 months and now all the sudden my hours r being cut and how am I gonna be able to pay my bills now it is just not right I work at the one in east ellijsy. All I want to know is why my hours r getting cut and everyone getting more please answer. Thank you

love the dunk

can't get enough donuts from these guys. they're quick and good. best service in the biz.

The majority of the Dunkin Donuts that I have been to have asked me to repeat my order at least twice at the window after i have already ordered through the drive thru, and then more than half the time the order is incorrect. It is to the point where if my order is correct I am suprised. Today I went to the Shrewsburry Dunkin Donuts on Main st. and not only were they incredible rude and not only asked us to re-order at the window but they gave us the incorrect order, when I tried to inform the man behind the counter that the order was not right he snapped back that that was what we ordered, he then started to fight with us regarding our order, it was the worst customer service and I have never been treated so badly, we left without our order, I have been a customer of dunkin donuts for over 25 years and will no longer waste my money putting it into a company that odviously does not care about their customers

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