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Superior service

My husband I went to the DSW store on Broadway Blvd in Tucson.My husband is disabled As we approached the store my husband went down. Immediately the store manager Joe was there for assistance. He helped my husband into the lobby they brought out several pairs of shoes and we purchased a pair. Your manager Joe was incredibly helpful and concerned as were other people. He is definitely a credit to your company and a credit to his job. My husband Vet and twice he thanked him for his service something we rarely get Again your store manager Joe was thoughtful concerned and a very nice man I will always shop st thst store Thank you. Barbara Spinelli

help with your rules on things

For one I cant seem to know how to be included on your tuesday free shoe deal, I also could not get through to sign up for the sweepstakes as well the miranda thing

prices getting to high

I like to shop at DSW but lately I noticed that most of the mark down shoes start with the price $69.99 and then when you get 30% off it comes to the same original price. I think DSW should do better if they want to compete with other stores.


I was accused of thievery and was fired on the spot. I was not given a human resources number, no one would hear my story, and I was just fired. This company is so corrupt and rude and disrespectful...

worst company

They will throw you under the bus no matter what. they bend over for customers all the time. this company is run by idiots who get high off themselves. I am so glad Macy's took away a lot of their stock this holiday season. this company is pathetic, and they do everything backwards. DSW is a disgrace to America.

super duper

the best and cheapest and freindlyest i love you guys

love dsw!

I think dsw needs more advertisement, you guys have amazing shoes. More people need to know more about dsw ASAP!

I signed up to be a reward member and purchased $75 worth of shoes on black friday when there were no promotions. A promotion started the very next day! I found this out because I googled promotions and coupons and pulled up a code. After picking out 6 pair of shoes I found out the code was expired! I did not get an e-mail telling me of this promotion they said because I joined the day before the promotion started. Would they honor this pormotion for me .. not a chance! Black Friday Shoes are going back and I will never do business with them again ... ever!

Cheaper at JCP

So sad to find the Nikes that I had just bought at DSW for $5.00 less at JCPenney. They weren't on sale. Their regular Price is $75.00. I paid $79.95 at DSW. I now know to shop elsewhere in the future .

Horrible customer service

I have contacted 2 separate people regarding my shoes that broke the second time i wore them. Both times they said i would hear back, and both times i never did. Horrible!!!!!!!!

DSW Military Discount

According to a asst mgr, the military is not afforded the 10% discount anymore. Despite the fact of all of the sites say they do..... This was my second time getting a very rude response by the manager on this issue. Please if anyone from DSW headquarters can clarify this...Thank you!


I am 62 and very very rarely pay attention to commercials on TV. But when I first seen one of theirs the music, woeding and the physical compisition of their commercials were and are in very good taste, modevation and the theme are wonderful. I currently enjoy the theme of the, "YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING", the clothes, music oura and location. Thank you DSW for keeping it clean. You get a % STAR from me

The reviews on this page are disgusting. If your friend stole something, they deserved to be fired. "I was the best employee at two different stores" is obviously not true if they didn't hire you. The company has done nothing but good things for me and they have a great reputation. I really wish people would grow up and accept responsibility for their own actions. Stop whining like little children.

Super dissappointed

Soooooo unhelpful. I was one of their best employees at two different stores and they literally took no time to help me. they passed me around from person to person and took no time to actually answer my question. They sent me to websites that were completely unhelpful and I had to call back a third time. I wish i could give them no stars.

OUTRAGED!!!! wish I could rate it negative stars!

I know someone that works at a dsw store. Apparently if you do too good at you're job they bring you into a room by loss prevention and accuse you of being a thief, this person is ridiculously honest, they marched them out of the store as a criminal.! they where in tears! This company lets people walk in their store and steal items but do nothing to stop them, they get a great employee and start accusing them of stealing...I cannot support this place, I dont care if their shoes where free!Maybe they should make sure they have competent management. a student is just as good as the teacher. Corporate DSW must be run by monkeys! Or snakes might be more appropriate! I cannot support this company, its a shame. This company is a disgrace to America! These are all my thoughts about dsw......pathetically run

Need better training profiling thieves !!!!

I was in to exchange 2 pairs of shoes put them in my victoria secret overnight bag because i did not have anything big enough to carry them in. Inplace my wallet inside so i didnt have to carry my purse. My bag was flat n empty you could see needless to say I was followed around the store as was my fiancee by 4 associates and was no longer comfortable at your store and my fiancee no longer wanted to purchase shoes at your establishment. I am very angry and hurt to be treated like this for no reason so thankyou to your ORLAND PARK ,IL store for showing me how unprofessional you are!!!!

I whant a store near me

I would like a store near my home I live near 26th and May in Oklahoma City! I also shop on and near 23ed and pen. here. I am a U. S. male and feel you have great shoe's at good prices! I don't drive and if you were near my home I would go in to your store all the time I love lots of new shoes.....

I love this store. When will you get a store in the Bakersfield,CA area. currently the closest store is 78 miles away.

yeah, it's really mean. Fortunately, Switzerland isn't very huge, so pepole could drive to their neighboring countries like France, Germany, and Italy to buy cheaper stuff. I live near the French/German border, which takes me only 10 mins drive to a German supermarket, and the price there is nearly half as much as the Swiss one. And since Switzerland recently joint the sort of free border agreement with the other European countries, nobody is supposed to check at the border.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take the girly roll, you know how much I love it! I was so happy to be a part of snimtheog so special to Hailey and everyone, thanks for the recognition and blog! I can't wait to do it again! That is with your permission of course. Regardless of anything no one would be able to marvel at Hailey's beauty without the best photographer around!It was such a fun time and I loved every minute of it! Regan has already notified me that she better receive the same treatment, so get ready you have another milestone coming and I will be happy to be the girly girl for Ray as well! You handled it like a true loving mother!XOXO,Erica

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