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after six month of my payments[on time]no reports in any of the credit companies!!!! how much longer your operators will lie to the customers?you are hundred % scammers,and BC company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware of the scam factory

I recovered a vehicle that was financed thru this company. The vehicle had been totaled in an accident and has been sitting in my impound for 2 weeks now and drivetime refuses to come get it, pay for the towing or impound and to top it off, they will not send me the title so I can scrap it. The owner is stuck in the middle and they will not respond to any of her inquires . After this , I would strongly recommend that nobody go to this company for any reason . And just for the record , I dare anyone from drivetime to resound to this .

customer call center

I keep get to g a run around from the call center, no return calls when they said they would call.....I with apying money where it belongs...issues with direct deposit fault of drive time not resolving current issues....I'm getting penalized for their incompetence... Would never recommend to anyone....

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