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What is going on with the quantity of solid air fresher in the cones They are only half full or have empty. The last time I bought then I thought I got a bad batch. I purchase many of these. They use to last about a month now they gone in less than 2 weeks I am about to change products. But I love your dial body soap the original yelow package the best

Thank you

I used your brand of soap while traveling. I usually use another brand. Thank you for your product. Be well


We have been using the Renuzit aroma for years with great satisfaction. You have changed your product with a new container which is not as effective as before. We will not use it after our current purchase and will look for other alternatives

your advertising is sketchy

I just got my mail and saw that Dial approves of advertising with Christal's "tease and please" Adult shop in the Red Plum flyer. I was a little shocked at this. I wonder about your outlook on family values. I will no longer be a patron if you choose to advertise with Red Plum, and I will share your new "values" with my friends.


I have been using Dove for years and not that great of soap. Still dries out your skin. I like how Dial Soap is hypoallergenic and doesn't dry out your skin and really makes it soft! I love that Dial is sold everywhere and is cheaper than Dove!

Variety of Soap

I have been using dial soap for many years and I can't seem to understand why no one in your company have come up with the simple ideal of a variety pack.

dial soap

i just purchased your product, soap, eight bars. good price!, stupid idea that you decided to dish out both sides, and screw the consumer! i`ll be takeing it back to k-mart tomorrow to get my money back, and will never purchase your products again! have a nice day!

Shape of Dial Soap

I love Dial soap. I've been your customer for more than 40 years. But I am now living on a pension and disturbed by the sculpting, front and back, that makes the bar break. It's difficult to use the remaining 2 pieces. I can not afford to dispose of them. I have decided to change brands. I will return when you redesign your soap.

Dial Soaps

Your soap caused my eczema years ago and you are still using Triclosan, an old, cheap and dangerous antibacterial agent in your soaps and causing millions of people misery because of Triclosan induced eczema. My dermatologist told me Triclosan is the largest single cause of eczema in his practice for both children and adults. What is it still doing in your products? Get rid of it.

I am sorry to say that I will be changing to a different type to antibacterial soap. The dial soap is half the size it was just a few years ago. My husband brought out a new bar to soap for the shower, I thought it was a used bar of soap from the other bathroom. People are not stupid! They work hard to their money and the value is just not there anymore.

The newest style of Dial soap is hollowed out on one side by the manufacturer to save cost. This causes it to split length wise after a couple of shower usages which then forces a person to have to discard 1/3 of the original soap bar. I have mentioned such to other people and all have agreed having had the same problem with Dial soap themselves, with plans to switch to a different brand. I am suggesting that Dial or another company make round soap balls using the same quality soap and package two balls in a cylinder tube. These could be sold as a package of two, and also packaged in a rectangular box holding 3 packages beside 3 more and labeled as a dozen balls of soap, etc. There must be millions of people with this same opinion. Manufacture of round balls of soap with two in each package as mentioned and displayed in the cylinder package beside the others will surprise Dial as they see that people start purchasing the new ones as they are definitely looking for a better (shaped and lasting) product.

I have used your soap for 20 some years. I'm so sad to say that your product has disappointed me. I know that everyone is trying to save money. I can except that you are shaving the back of your soap. But the soap doesn't last as long and it breaks way before I can use it up. I will have to change to my husband brand since it will last longer.

Writing about the Soft Scrub container....the squeeze bottle that's really difficult to squeeze and product doesn't want to come out of it. Really frustrating to get to and really hard to squeeze even when it's full. Probably won't purchase again, due to this reason. Thanks for listening.

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