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OK I'll save the Mahalo one until my iPod, but *shudders* big fat jiggling baby *shudder*Still, gotta love the guy on the bike being smkaecd around

Each sheriff can set their own pocily. Holey Moley who dreamed up this dimwitted idea, in the county I live in the sheriff has a 4 grade education and has to get help filling out his paper work and on top of all this he refuses to carry a gun. He has been reelected twice and is running again. I have been told by a bail bondsman that the sheriff is not actually in charge, can one imagine that. So much for law and order.

my wife got a praying mantis bug in her side salid she took a bite of her salid and something did not tast wright so she spit it out and i first thought it was a stalk of some kind but as i picked at it with my fork i picked up one on its legs then i saw its head. how dam grose the manager gave us our money back i have tryed to contact the corporate office but they wont respond how professional

With whom do I correspond regarding a new "flavor" idea I which to submit? I am in Marquette, MI.

Just ordered 4 pc. dinner all breasts cooked fresh with both sides fries, they put 3 breasts in one sealed dinner container, by the time I got home the lid was melted to the chicken which was not crispy anymore but a soggy mess. the other container was not melted just full of steam and all was mushy. Called and they only wanted to do was defend them selves, they should know better after all these years how to pack chicken

I have never worked for an employer as awful as The OWNER in Ankeny Iowa. This store has serious issues as far as how they treat their employees!!!!! Show people some respect when they go out of their way to help you run their restaurant apparently when you have managers who quit after a few days and this is an ongoing problem the issue lies with you as an owner good luck to you and all your Iowa stores !!!!!!

The store in Murfreesboro is the worst! I walk in and see the owner cursing out his employees for a 4 min burger! When is it alright to curse an employee out??? I have also seen in previous visits them closing down early and not being able to get thru the drive thru at 10 til closing! What a shame! Get a better owner who cares!!!!!!!!!

One of your employees at Culver's in Kerrville, Texas named Julius Hardee who is the hospitality ambassador is an excellent example of great employee. He keeps the dining area immaculate, he is helpful, and friendly. He attire is exceptionally clean and represents your company very well. His professionalism just stands out. My husband and I will be returning to Culvers because of him.

CONCERS ABOUT CULVERS SUPRISE AZ BELL RD THE LAST TWO TIMES ME AND MY WIFE WERE IN CULVERS, AND THE TIME WAS ABOUT 9 30 pm the staff were all ready shut everthing down 1st the soda machines were turned off the tea container was allready taken away. tonight tea container removed. The soft ice cream machine was allready cleaned up and my was going to buy some ice cream out of the freezer but the cash registers was allready turned off .There were six couples in the restrauant ,so the story is if you want to by anything get there earlyer that 9 30 pm

food is greasy, all exce[t the turkey stack, which my mother ate avery time we came there. We were very disappointed to find that turkey had been taken away. This is the best thing you have for a diet, and I hate to say it but my mutritiionist says it is the "morgue" please, please reinstate this sandwich. we go there at least once a week and I don't want my mother to quit going there with me, plus I have been on a diet for 2 years, lost 89 poundds, and your turkey sandwich was a big help. Please bring it back!!!!?

Full of hate. Everyone always thinks everyone is against them. Well, sorry to tell Lana, that actually whites are a minority in CA and AZ. Thanks. So therefore, we can say prejudice just as easily! As a former resident of PHX, I witnessed a lot more of the other side of the coin than you. Thanks

Your employees are rude, they make frowns when they see latin customers come in or drive up. Too bad because the food is excellent, but it is not worth it to be treated less than other customers. Me and my family have witness racist remarks being made about blacks and latinos at the resturant on 10225 N. 28th Drive, Phx, AZ 85051 on a number of occations. However, the worst employee full of hate - Neomi, she gives dirty looks and hands out sloppy cones and thinks it is tolerable and funny. I personally have had enough, I know when our families are not welcomed - when one too many times - me and my family have gotten treated badly by an employee at Culver's while having to hear racist remarks, and do nothing about it - it is enough.

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