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Jim Johnson:At any pizzaria, I beivele there are several items that must be sampled:1. A slice2. A full pizza3. Buffalo-style chicken wings4. A specialty pizza (if available)5. Specialty chicken wings (if available)I separate a slice from a full pizza as a slice is pre-cooked, heated on request and, while it may be good, it can't touch the deliciousness of a slice of a whole pizza cooked just for you. As for the wings, every pizzaria does #3 (mild, medium & hot). Specialty wings deserve a category of their own.I have a soft spot for places that serve specialty pizzas and wings. I've never been much of a pepperoni, sausage, mushroom pizza kind of guy. I either go for the straight cheese or I look for the specialty stuff. I like pizzas with goofy cheeses like ricotta, or hot peppers and hot sauce all over it, or piled high with Mediterranean veggies. Everyone does pizza and wings, I think it's the specialty stuff that sets a good place apart.This post is a bit pre-mature, as I've only had myself a slice and some of the specialty wings but here it goes:Slice of cheese:As far as slices go, this was a good one. If it's any indication of how good a freshly-cooked whole pizza is, I'm looking forward to it.Latin wings:These are sauceless wings, fried in a tangy spice-filled batter. I'm not so much of a fried-chicken kind of guy, but they were pretty tasty. Dart wings:Holy moley, now THIS is what I'm talking about. The sauce is a slightly spicy, garlicy, BBQ sauce it actually reminds me a lot of wings that I used to get at y favorite place when I was in college. When I was done, I honestly considered drinking the rest of the sauce from the bottom of the container but the risk of having to explain myself if someone saw me won out. I actually ate these first and doused some of the Latin wings in the sauce. They have a winner with these.I fully intend to go back and try their regular hot wings and some speciality pizzas at some point. But I can say there's a 100% chance I'm going to be walking out with some of those Dart wings again.

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