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Coke Rewards

Coke Reward Program is no good. Can read the letters/numbers.


In France the Santa is SKINNY, but you people brought him to the USA you made him FAT. Why?

Calling in

Instruct your on the phone employees to be well spoken and not repeat themselves. Great thanks

Corporate Pay

I find it disgusting as a shareholder that in the same year that coke can't make it numbers(unlike pepsi), the big bosses managed to pay themselves disgustingly high salaries. They should get no stock and reduced pay when they fail as they did!

love it

I love yall drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Switch to Glass

Coca-Cola should package their Coke in glass bottles

different languages in super ball ad

I believe we all need to come together , our heritage comes from many different culture. Good Job.

Super Bowl commercial

While I was viewing the commercial I realized it didn't sit well with me. I believe your company has gone over the line. I understand that perhaps it would appear that coca cola stands for unity however for me it communicated coca cola has no value for America. I am drawn towards Pepsi at this point.


I want to commend you for the Super Bowl Ad presented on national TV on Feb. 2 . America does need to celebrate its diversity and ad was a great way to do it.

America the Beautiful commercial

Thank you for your America the Beautiful commercials. They are truly reflective of the beautiful people of America. You are to be commended for your insight.

Multicultural slight of America

Horrible commercial. In honor of your desire to disrespect America through your view of "multi-culturalism" I have decided to expand my taste buds to now drink Pepsi. What's wrong with singing in English? I guess your market research showed that more non-English speaking consumers would be watching an American football game.... Congratulations.

Coke in Glass Bottle

The Coca Cola looks Good in Red Logo , and appeared like great drink specially filled in Glass Bottle. The taste is very good when drink from Glass Bottle than pet. i wish the Coca Cola be packed in Glass Bottle for its real taste.


I find it reprehensible that various companies are dropping Paula Deen for something she reportedly said years ago when things were vastly different. Yet, Coca Cola just advertised on the BET awards which is a totally prejudiced network against white people, and some of the most vile comments are made on there by different presenters, comedians, rappers, etc. Enough is enough. Most whites are not keeping the racial issue alive, it's the blacks and the media. Coca Cola, you need to rethink who you sponsor.

Change in tast of coke

I have loved the tast of coke for my whole life because of the citrus acid bite it has , but in the past few months I noticed it has lost that tast , it is almost like you guys done what you tryed to do a few years ago when so many of us stoped buying it , It tast flat now like a Pepsi tast , if you could please go back to the org. Way when you take a drink of it , it would clear your throat , now that was a grate drink , if it continues like it is after 58 years of being a coke fan I will just convert to drinking Tea it is cheaper an not much difference in the of today's Coke tast ,

I have been drinking your product for several years and love it. I drink the small bottles of regular coke but more of the small bottles of diet coke. The only complaint I have is that I have developed arthritis in my hands and the bottles are very hard for me to open. Is this something you can improve?


I love Coke...I don't like their policies, their indifference to the people who distribute and purchase their products. I've heard so many complaints from business owners about the service and not having someone come out and take care of the machines, therefore they sell Pepsi. I called both the district office and the corporate office and they basically shined me on. I guess this will be another corporation that goes down the drain. So disappointed. Guess I'll have to learn to like Pepsi.


Contacted Corporate over 2 weeks ago regarding some labels for our church's vending machine, which we own. The local bottler couldn't help because we "Didn't have an account." They referred me to corporate. A drone at corporate promised the labels would be mailed in 7-10 business days. Guess what? No labels as of today. Was advised to "buy them locally from a vending machine restorer." Coca-Cola is corporate America on steroids. No more Coke products for me.


They post positions you apply for them and they delete that you ever applied without giving you a response.

expire coke

i am from nepal. in chitwan- khairahani-4, most of the retailer are selling coke of expire date. the coke had expire from 2 month. i asked the retailer why selling expire coke. his answer was, he gave the order but not delivered. its happen in 4 retailer. mfd date 17/09/2012. and still they are selling it. take care of this


This morning I had breakfast at McDonalds at the Luxer in Las Vagus. {No Coke in McDonalds???} I saw Coke on sign at McDonalds at the New York New York. I had lunch at McDonalds there. I order a Coke and they gave me a cup and I asked where the Coke machine was. they said around the corner. What do you know. it isn't a Coke machine. a lady was asking for her money back because it wasn't a coke. I did the same. they gave the lady $2.00 back and also gave me $2.00 back. No record in both cases . The lady behine the counter said they would take the Coke sign down.

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