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incidental charges why?

I booked a queen size room for a one night stay through Bookings.com and when I arrived at the hotel I wad given a room with 2 full size beds. Not a problem! The front desk clerk asked me for $50.00 incidental fee for possible long distance calls or room service charges. Very strange! The clerk informed me that th e funds would be returned at checkout. The next morning at checkout the clerk informed (2nd time) that my funds would be on my credit card. To date, it has been one week since I checkout and my funds have not been returned.Unacceptable! I will never stay at this hotel again and will advise all my friends and family.

I don't know if anyone at the Corporate office reads these, but here goes. The Chicago hotel on Wacker has a really amenable staff, the rooms are a bit small for the price -- the amenities could be better. What is insulting was the fact that after spending 5 days in your hotel, and significant $$$ -- When I checked out late, I was billed $35.00 -- It seemed a bit petty, and when I asked the hotel manager, Ryan McCallum, about it -- he said that not only was it corporate policy, but he, as the manager, had no ability to override it. Our company spends approximately 30K in hotel expense annually in Chicago -- however, this $35.00 nickel and dime fee will prevent Club Quarters from garnering any further business from us.

I had a really awful experience at the Club Quarters in Philadelphia from March 6 -9, 2012. The reception persons were rude and overaggressive, with the exception of the tall African American male who worked during the daytime. The others seemed offended and bothered by even a question. The supposedly disabled accessible room was basically a closet with an extremely drafty window. The worst part was that on the evening prior to my departure we ordered dinner from a very nice restaurant for delivery. When the young man arrived the woman on duty called and said there was a problem with my bill and I needed to come down and pay cash. I was shocked as I knew this was not so. Upon arriving at the desk I saw this young African American delivery man standing against the wall near the desk with our food which was prepaid as I already knew. The reception person all of a sudden pretended to busy (heads down at desk and kiosk) when I, asked if there was a problem. As an African American raised in the South this was blatant racism from start to finish and the height of lack of professionalism. I was lied to, I believe, because someone assumed I needed to be alerted (come down, pay in cash) that this young man was there, not knowing (I assume) that I, an African American was the guest. Unless, you can explain otherwise, this is my supposition. By the way, my partner and I are diversity consultants who were in town working for one of largest corporations in Philadelphia and will be returning to the city frequently - but not staying at Club Quarters. I sincerely hope no other guest ever has the negative experiences I have endured during my three night stay.

I booked a room with a queen size bed at the Houston Club Quarters. When I arrived I was given a room with a full size bed. I mentioned this to the front desk clerk, she responded "let me see who checked you in. She said his name and said, yes he missed that." I asked for a discount or another room. She responded,"you can talk to the manager of the hotel" and gave me his card and phone number. The comforter is such a tight fit that if you move while sleeping it will slide off the bed. I called the manager and left a voice message and have been waiting for 3 days to hear from someone. My room was on the ninth floor and the ice machine is on the 1st floor so you have to wait for the elevator and make the trip each time you want ice. I travel often with my work and this is one of the worst hotels I have stayed in.

I stayed at the Club Quarters in Houston last week and had an awful experience. I found dirty panties in my bathroom and the shower had not been cleaned. I immediately called the front desk to speak to the manager. The manager came to my room saw the dirty underwear, scooped it up with a towel, and gave me a fake apology. Then she said I can give you a free breakfast. Are you serious a free breakfast...thats it! She did not even offer to clean the room or give me a different room. I had to insist that my room be cleaned or that I be switched to a different room. When I asked about giving me this night free she replied we dont do that. It is beyond me how the housekeeper can miss dirty underwear in the bathroom in plain sight...the underwear was right underneath the towels which means the housekeeper saw the underwear there and did nothing about it. I was so disgusted! I will NEVER stay at this hotel again!

I stayed at the Rockefeller Center location this past weekend. This was the best stay I have had at Club Quarters in my five years of using their hotels. The staff was more than friendly and courteous. The hotel room and services were very good. I will definitely stay at this hotel on future NYC trips. The location is perfect for business and pleasure.

Club Quarters is the absolute worst hotel. An absolutely terrible operation. If I could I would give them 0 stars.

I stayed in Club Quarters Philadelphia on July 4, was in town for an interview. The room were adequate. The problem was that when I booked, the website showed a choice of two low level rooms, one for $89 where you would either receive a queen or a double twin bed and one for $99 where you would be given a queen. My wife and I were staying together, so we opted for the queen room. When we got there the bed was a double twin. I explained the next morning the situation and the desk attendant told me there was no such option only a standard room. I explained that it was directly on their website and he told me no it was not. I directed him to take a look for himself and he told me that he did not need to look as he knew that was not an option. I politely asked for the $10 refund and he told me absolutely not as the room choices I was describing was never an option so there was no reason to give a refund. It wasn't worth arguing for $10 so I let it go. Two weeks later I am scheduled for another interview in Philadelphia and I again decide to stay in Club Quarters for its convenience to the location of my interview. On the day I am to arrive in Philly (the day before my interview) my interview is cancelled. I immediately called club Quarters, explained the situation and asked if there was anything they could do. I am then given the run-around by everyone in the place. Finally the Desk manager tells me he will not waive or even reduce my fee, absolutely not. I ask for the GM of the hotel, no surprise they are not available so I leave a message. This person does not even have the common courtesy to call me back. I plan on pursuing this to their corporate headquarters. This company would have lost little by waiving my room fee, but would have gained a life-long customer. Now they have gained a person who will bad mouth them to everyone, everywhere that I possibly can for the rest of my days, all over $150.. Talk about penny-wise pound foolish.

As a member of Network Nouveau, a business networking provider in London, we regularly use the Club Quarters facilities off Trafalgar Square. I have found the premises to be attractive, modern and clean and the support from the staff during our meetings is 5 star.

Would give them no stars if I could. Why do they not have contact information on their website for their Corporate offices? Because they know their HOTELS SUCK!!!Will never reserve or even want to stay at this hotel again. Unless you are a member, you can forget any type of customer service. We did not even get to stay at the location we reserved due to snow/ice in the area. I had made all of the plans to surprise my husband for his birthday to see Willie Nelson in Houston, needless to say the area had an ice storm and the show was cancelled. Found out at noon the day of the concert and the day we were driving down. Called to change the reservation to another day or cancel. Would not let me change to another date AT ALL, cancel only and pay for the room. I understand that we did not cancel during the 24 hour time limit but also, how were we to know that the show would be cancelled. This company does not care. You would like with this economy that they would want customers and let me change the reservation date. Needless to say no surprise weekend for my hubby and out the money for the room.

I had problems with them from day one. I called and asked about the prices that I saw on the internet and what was being told to me. I told the lady Annette that I was military never did she inform that I should become a member to get the price I was telling her I see. The base reserve my room for us at $121 but the paper said it was suppose to cheaper. I told her that it will be two adults in the room and I doubles was booked. When we arrived the room was single and very small.Then said they will charge and addition of $10 a day. This is crazy. No one told us that they would take a deposit of $50 a day plus full rm charges or we would have prepaid for the room so our charge was charge which put us with very limited fund until tuesday and we was spliting the cost as well.The guy at the front desk when asked about a deposit told me $50 but not a day. The company when told what happen and was very upset. We was suppose to do a conference but the deposit money for that was held by your hotel.I have my own company and was thinking about using this hotel for many thing but after this I don't think so. I have a lot of business connection who always ask me about hotels I don't think I will include this one in my list of stays. I thought the hotel it self is nice but the front desk was rude and misinformative.Thank you for your time and understanding. Please contact me at 904-806-5686 because we are still at your hotel until Thursday 11-11-10 is check out for us.

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