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Extremely poor service. Staff has very little to no training. Most everything grossly overpriced. The only reason why I give this bussiness one star is because my opinion would not be submitted otherwise. My actual rating for these people is a high mark in the - range. You better wake up!! Corporate clarkson eye care!!


The worst experience ever,unprofessional, rude, uncaring. I spent over $600 for frames/eyeglasses which included unnecessary extras that I didn't need and still couldn't see, they don't guarantee their work. "Big Rip Off"

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Not only did I get a great deal on my contact lenses, but they shipped them to my home free of charge. Additionally, they have the lowest prices on solutions and re-wetting drops. I could not be happier with the care and service I have received from Clarkson Eyecare, Bock Bridge on Green Meadows in Columbia, MO.


I will NEVER again take either of my children to ANY of these offices, their employees are not only rude but the management is extremely unprofessional. Very disappointing!!!

This company is the WORST place to ever order contacts. ordered mine on Dec 18 it is now Jan 22 and still nothing not even a call.

DOn't go here

I bought and paid for a pair of glasses on December 10th, 2012. They cost approximately $500 for one pair. THey have given us nothing but a runaround about inspections and scratches and it's been a month and STILL NO GLasses!!! I am very disappointed. This used to be such a good company.

I have gotten service at Clarkson since the 90's. I have paid $800 for 2 pairs of glasses a few times. True, they hit you with all kinds of charges. This month (June 2012) I was totally amazed when I picked up my glasses yesterday and they handed them to me and said thanks... no case, no fitting, nor anything like the person sitting there getting his. I truly know indignity when I see it.

I order my glasses Jan 2 2012 today's date is Jan 18 2012 and still have not recived my glasses!

They make you think all is paid, then send you a bill for a remaining balance unpaid in the mail several months later. They losing my business!

What a joy to find someone else who thknis this way.

Ab fab my godoly man.

they try bait and trap you by saying your eyecare provider pays for the frames you pick out and then they hit you with charges you are not suppose to have i went to them since 2000 but now i would never use them again

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