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No Contact

So it has been over a month and the corporate website is still broken. None of the links work except catering. Not the contact us or the menu or nutritionals or anything. What is up with that?

I went to the chick filet on Route 29 in Charlottesville, Va on Saturday April 5, 2014. The people there are so nice and I never have had a problem there. The food is always good. I think when you get poor service you should report it but I also believe that when you get good service, it deserves a compliment also. Thank you guys! I LOVE CHICK FILET!

Chick-fil-a Northridge

I am a frequent customer at the Northridge cfa. I have over time observed how the employees are treated. These kids work their feet off only to be reprimanded by upper management in FRONT of the CUSTOMER for minor things. She is the manager that is tall, skinny and has long blond hair. She never smiles just comes out from the back and tells the workers what to do when they are so busy. She could be doing a few things to help rather than putting these kids down then leaving the area to go back into her den. I don't even know who she is. I saw her kissing the man manager behind the counter one time. completely took me back. I was offended by her unprofessionalism.


I am from out of town with a Christian Youth Group that cane to Victoria, and we came to your Chick-fil-a. it was the worst experience ever! I love chick-fil-a but after that I don't never want to come to another chick-fil-a. they was touching our food after that took our money using a cup to give us lemonade with there bare hands. then they bump our order off the screen and it took them 25 minutes to make our food and the manager was so rude. Also we left a wallet at the store and we called back the next morning and asked could we come get the wallet and when we got there they wasn't there and called us back and said that we had to come back Monday and we are leaving today and we live 3 hours away!! I was so upset with the service worst EVER!!

Great Customer Service

My family and I went to my grandson's Lacrosse game last night and it wasn't over until 9:30. When we got to Chic-Fil-A, haywood road in Greenville, SC, the restaurant was closing. They were out of chicken nuggets, I just want to say David Allen the manager was wonderful. Chic-Fil-A should be honored knowing they have such a dedicated, delightful young man working for you. If all managers were as professional, yet so personable as he, the world would be a better place. Please let this young man know, he made my night with my family an awesome one. Please thank him for me and let him know how much he is appreciated. Thank you, Rhonda Sims

The owner might have christian values, however people get a Nutrition Guide and look at the milligrams of sodium you are eating and your children. Does the owner realize what too much sodium does to the body? The food is full of MSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people, this is not healthy food. Sure am glad to have read the ingredients. The owner cares nothing about the customers apparently. Will not be going back!!

The Best

Central Mall Lawton, OK has been good every since we moved here in 2007. Now, March 2013 this place rocks. The new owners moving here from Houston, TX, Jennifer and her husband have generated such energy and pride in the team and the folks who stop and eat. My daughter and I eat here every day for lunch. Now with Jennifer here, things are so great. Not that they were bad before. Lots of energy and excitement. What a pleasure to eat here.

Moral standards

I am more than disappointed in the manager at the Rome Dwarf house. One of his supervisors whom was married and his wife also worked at the store, was having affairs with 3 other women in the store. The supervisor nor the other women weren't even the least bit reprimanded. If cfa has high morals on marriage, then this should not be allowed in the store. Another manager in that same store was suspended for a week due to a flirting ordeal with another worker. I Think these people should have to be let go because they are upholding a bad influence to the other employees. I know for sure that the store has lost a lot of customers due to the way the manager handles his employees. The boss needs to step up and do his job and uphold the meaning behind cfa morals. He has really disappointed a lot of the community.

Terrible in Gainesville

I eat at chick fil a All the time! and I consistently get quality food and always know what in getting becuase I order the same thing every time, a chicken salad sandwich. We traveled to GA for business and on our way back to Florida chose chick fila again. We stopped in Gainesville off 75 at exit 384 and got lunch for 3 of us. Where the heck is the chicken? I swear I had one small scoop of chicken salad and basically ate bread. Extremely disappointed. Is someone trying to increase their profit levels? You can't increase profits if you don't have customers!

A great opportunity for Chick-fil-A to "give back" to the country for their great outpouring of support during the recent gay marriage controversy, is to send food to the Hurricane Sandy victims. Many are eating out of dumpsters! What better way to "turn the other cheek" to a Chick-fil-A hostile city than to give from the heart in time of need. And also introduce them to a wonderful product at the same time!

I never went to a Chick-Fil-A until I heard them speak on their moral beliefs. I also share the same beliefs. Why do they not have a right in free America to say what they feel? Is this not what our founding fathers fought for? I went to Check-Fil-A this evening and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The service was outstanding, the food was delicious, the place was immaculate, and the servers gave the best customer service that I have ever seen in a fast food restaurant. Obviously they must be doing something right. I feel so sad for them that they feel that they have to back down on something like freedom of speech which is guaranteed by the first amendment of the Constitution. I give them kudos for having the high morals that they do in an American that seems to have forgotten what our Constitution stands for. It was not like Chick-Fil-A was going around shouting it from the roof tops....they were asked for their opinion, and they gave it.

Article 09-20-2012 The embattled fast-food chain Chick-fil-A ends its financial support of antigay organizations. Why would you reverse your stance on gay marriage? I believe in the biblical definition of marriage. Stick to what you believe and the christians will stand with you! I hope this is not the case I love Chick Filet and what family values they premote. Stand in the gap for the Lord and he will never abandon you.

Is it true Chick-fil-A will no longer support and donate to Focus on the Family and other Christian organizations which uphold Christian values such as marriage being between one man and one woman?



I too love, love, love Chick-fil-A. I live in the Pacific Northwest and while I feel I live in "God's Country", what is missing is Chick-fil-A. I say if Chicago doesn't want you, come to Quincy, WA. We would love to have you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am proud of Chick-fil-A for taking a stance for what constitutes marriage. Way to go. Stay strong and thanks for having the courage to take a stand when no one else has.

I used to live in East Point growing up with Chick Fil A and have alsways enjoyed the food there. But recently saw a noted health information website (www.NaturalNews.com) that stated some outsounding claims about the quality of your food. They claim that chick Fil A sandwiches contain these added ingredients: MSG,soybean oil, sodium aluminum phospate, dimethylpolysiloxane ( an antifoaming chemical), high fructose corn syrup, ammonium sulfate, soy lecithin, sodium benzoate, polysorbate 80, yellow 5, blue 1, potassium sorbate, and TBHQ. I was amazyed at the chemicals listed here. Is this true and if true, why? You can email me at timberpro@yahoo.com Thanks

I support Chick-fil-A's Christian values and I will make a point to be a loyal Chick-fil-A customer. Thank you President of Chick-fil-A for your Christian witness supporting our beliefs. Gays should stop trying to push their un-natural life styles down our throats! I'm tired of their crap! We honestly don't care if their gay! I don't go around saying I am heterosexual in public! It's ridiculous! I am concerned about a genocide in Indonesia in West Papua that has continued for 48 years and is getting worse. Indonesia bars the international press and the Red Cross has been also banned. Christians are 95 percent of the native population being killed! Our government is providing weapons and training to assist this immoral genocide! Call or write your Congressman/woman to ask them to re-instate the Leahy Act stopping our supply of weapons to Indonesia while they are killing, torturing, beating, and raping Christians. They also are burning churches and homes and U.S. Christians should speak up to stop our government from aiding this genocide!

We support your position Mr. Cathy. God Bless you for standing up for your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed that there would be blessings on you and your employees. You are not spewing hatred on the gays and lesbians. You only answered a question and you answered it honestly. They are spreading hatred because you dont support their cause. As a major secular talk radio station said this morning, "you couldn't have asked for more free advertisement for your business." But more importantly attention was focused to our Lord Jesus Christ and what He has proclaimed in HIs Word. Bless you Mr. Cathy! Continue to stand firm in the Lord!

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