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My family and I will not be eating at another Chick fil A. It is fine to have religious beliefs but to exclude 5-10% of the population because they were BORN homosexual is NOT showing the love that Christ exhibited while on Earth. If you run a PUBLIC business then you have a responsibility to serve ALL. How do you think it feels to families who have a homosexual within their family to know that your corporation willingly gives money to anti-gay groups in order for their child's rights to be denied?

My daughter got her 1st job at chick fil a and I just want to say I think it is a Great place to work. The training she provided was long and extensive. It has been a great learning opportunity for her. She started when she was 16. She is starting college at FSU next month and has already secured a job at a new chick fil a in tallahassee. I did not have to worry about her exposure to illegal activities at work as is the case at some employers. I had not been a chick fil a customer before she got her job but now I am a regular customer.

Thank you for standing for your principles. We will eat more chicken.

Love your food and your values. I support Chick-Fil-A

July 22, 2012 Dear Chick Filet, First I want to commend you on the stance your executives have taken on chistian issues and I would like to ask for your help. Overflow Productions is requesting a sponsor for the following event. We are producing a wonderful platform for all Christian talents, soloists, bands, spoken word artists and gospel groups in Hampton Roads, VA. The 2012 Gospel Showcase will give $1000, $500, and $250 prizes to the finalists in our Grand Finale Showcase event on September 28, 7pm at the beautiful and spacious Mount Sinai church, 900 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA. We are making a request to you so we can have a successful event. Go to www.gospeloverflow.com for more details. Or call me Charles Deanes of Overflow Productions. Overflow Productions is in the business of promoting the highest quality wholesome family events. We invite everyone to share in the passionate and energized shows produced by Overflow Productions. Yours truly, Charles Deanes CEO Overflow Productions Phone: 757-969-7987 Email: talent@gospeloverflow.com Website: www.gospeloverflow.com

Hooray for this courageous company! I'm so glad to hear of a company who practices Biblical principles and are not ashamed to stand for truth. Chick-fil-a has taken a stand for Biblical, traditional marriage and I appreciate that so much. With the growing list of companies that support homosexual "marriage" ,it's getting harder to feel good about spending money anywhere. Thankfully this is one place where I don't worry or feel guilty about spending the money God has entrusted me with. Keep it up!


I wish I could have a Chick-Fil-A sandwich every day. They are the best in the fast-food category. The staff is always polite, and if there were a location closer to me, I would eat there 5 times a week!

Your stance on gay marriage means I will never spend another penny in your establishment.

Judge not lest ye be judged. Mr. Kathy. I will NEVER eat a any Chick-fil-A again. Good Luck.

I am so glad to hear of your stance against Gay Marriage. Just wanted you to know that I stand with you, and will be sharing with my Christians friends your information to have them place comments as well. God Bless You Chick Fil A.

For many years now, I have not allowed myself to be a Chick fil A customer. I have long known about the discriminatory, bigoted, unfair business practices in regard to gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender employees. The recent "spew," by Dan Cathy has not come as a surprise or a shock. I find his actions, and the actions of the Chick fil A corporation to be charged with hate and, remarkably, unChristian. It is sad to see the most recent facebook post attempted by the corporation to try to "whitewash," the hate with platitudes about treating, "every person with honor, dignity, and respect - regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation, or gender." While you may, as a corporation, want desperately to distance yourself and your product from the evil, hate-mongering, un-Christian words and action of your president, it is a pitiful and, I daresay, untrue effort. For a company that has wrapped itself up in, "biblical principles," what has been going on with the company is clearly not guided by or gives honor to the Bible to which you so tenaciously cling. One cannot claim to be Christian without actually living the the values of Christianity daily and not following the example of Christ. I will freely admit that it is my most fervent prayer that Chick fil A find itself in such a precarious situation - morally, financially, politically, biblically - that it is forced to shut its doors and shutter all stores.

I have no problem with the food. I just wanted to say I so agree with the head of the company that this gay marriage thing is asking for trouble from God. Our country has made many mistakes in the past few years so far as honoring God is concerned. I'm not what you would consider a Bible-thumper, but I am a believer and a Christian. Anyone who reads their Bible should know that these actions of removing God and prayer from everything and now homosexual marriage (and the parades, which is a whole other thing) is tempting God to show us He is in charge....and He is.

LOVE that you are supporting the sanctity of marriage and family. You are doing a lot of good by openly supporting the way of life that is meant to be. Love the sinner...hate the sin...THE WORLD NEEDS A CHANGE. It is becoming quite evident. Man and women were created to keep the world going...in no way is the union of the same sex the true way of the world. DON'T back down, don't change your values!

I have always found your restaurant offerings to be very good; great quality and service. Refreshing in the "fast food industry." Further, I want to thank your corporation for the everpresent stand regarding gay marriage and Chick fil a's support of the ever unpopular "gay hatin Christian organizations." As a result I am going to make a more concerted effort to do business with your company. I support you by my own thinking and will always appreciate such real courage. Thank you

im very upset with your company and the president saying hes anti gay thats wrong you people should not judge people on gay marriage im gay and i support gay marrige you have alot of people pissed at you guys and your christian values hes the hater your president i will no longer eat at your resturant and will boycott all my friends will no longer eat there too you need to not judge us we will be here forever and tell your evil president hes wrong GAY MARRIAGE ALL THE WAY...................STOP THE HATE PEOPLE STOP PICKING ON GAY PEOPLE TO WE HAVE A LIFE TOO IM MARRIED TO A MAN AND I LOVE HIM SO STOP THE HATE YOUR PRESIDENT IS AN JACKASS AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED HE MAY BE GAY TOO I DONT BELIEVE IN YOUR CHRISTIAN VALUES YOUR ALL HATERS I WILL BOYCOTT YOUR RESTURANT AND YOUR FOOD SUCKS TOO EVIL EVIL HATERS

Your COO and his anti-gay comments and spreading of hate just bought you boycotts and decreased sales.. guaranteed.

I am a active duty military service member and Aghan War Veteran newly returned to the US. I have been in past given military discounts at Chick fil A restaurants yesterday I was told in a very rude way by a shift manager at the Dallas/Hilcrest location across from SMU that that location and several other there in Dallas did NOT honor active duty military service members with discounts. In the Houston area where i am stationed i have only been denied once in a location in the Baybrook Mall area. My question as a Christian Organization why doesn't Chick Fil A Corporate make it mandatory for all Franchasis to HONOR military active duty members. My son was with me and and saddened that his Father an active duty service member was not treated with a bit more respect. Please contact me very soon. If not i will pose my question to AUSA, American Legion or another Military Veteran's Organization. SFC Raph M. Tran-Reno US Army

First I want to thank the people of chick-fil-a. My husband and I are Atlanta natives and have watched chick-fil-a grow. I feel taking Sundays off work to worship our Lord and Savior sets a very inspiring example - especially to our youth of America. We have a grandson that will be a Junior in high school and he has been working at a chick-fil-a in Cummings for several months now. It's great to know that he is not called to work on Sundays. My reason to contact you is to ask someone to go out and look at a couple of 2-plus acre lots (each one is 2-plus acres) in Douglasville, GA. Both of these lots are already zoned commercial. They each are on corners across the street from one another... There are lots of houses and abundance of traffic that goes down Stewart Mill Road in Douglasville. One lot is at the corner of Stewart Mill Road and Yancey. The other lot is at the corner of Stewart Mill Rd. and West Stewart Mill Road... We had a contract on these lots a year ago, but it fell through. We are motivated sellers. Thank you for your time, Janice Tibbetts tibbettm@bellsouth.net 770-232-8681 or 404-226-8350

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