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Here we have a problem. I hope this ends up in court. Since, I have all my paper work in order I look forward to the day we meet face to face. I have never in my life seen such fraud, cheating, and taken advantage of as I have been treated the past few months. When I first signed up I was told I had 30 days before I had to commit myself to your business. In Jan 2011 on the 21st was the last day of my thirty day trial. I was on the phone with your customer support group and I said to them that on the 21st to shut me down and come and get your product. At that time my bill was 325.00 for just two weeks of service. I was willing to pay for the installation however, that wouldn't have made any difference. Then after the 21st I received another bill two weeks later showing me an even higher bill. Here we are on the 15th of Feb 2011 and no one has come to pick up this equipment nor have they turned me off. Again, just today I received another bill and with less than two months it is now 543.46. Are you nut's? Please let us go to court, oh by all means please turn this over to a collection agency. Once, you have done what I asked you to do before my thirty days were completed. I should have had my phone, internet,and cable turned off in Feb and all your equipment should have been returned to your office. Again, I look forward to meeting with your corporate office or your collection agency. Let me assure you that I never intend on paying this outrageous bill. Just because you think by leaving me turned on I will be liable? I have contacted the BBB, and Consumer Affairs to add to my complaint. Jerry Fischer

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