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My name is Jenna and I am the marketing consultant for Dickey’s Barbeque. I was wondering if you have any meetings or if Dickey’s could bring you and your employees lunch sometime? Just for this month we are running a special of 10% on all deliveries! Dickey’s offers a large variety of Delicious Smoked Meats and Home Style Sides. We are passionate of the art of great Barbecue, and have been doing it since 1941. Below is a list of the options that we offer. Please let me know if we can help in any way. I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you. MENU - Your choice of TWO slow-smoked meats (ribs are an additional $1 per person) - Your choice of THREE sides - Pickles and Onions - Rolls - Barbecue Sauce - Paperware: Plates, napkins, serving utensils, eating utensils, (cups and ice) PRICING - Only $9.50 per person, plus tax o $1 per person Drinks (Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, and/or Lemonade) o $1 per person Desserts - Price is good for 10+ guests - Quote is good for 2 months - Service-style is Delivery Buffet, delivery and set-up, included Again, thank you so much for considering Dickey’s for you catering needs. If you have any questions, would like to customize your menu further to meet a budget, or would like to come into the store for a sampling, please feel free to call or email me. Let us know what we need to do to win your business!

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