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Your manager's at the Staten Island stores are rude and unprofessional. I have had several bad experiences there. You ask them a question and it's like your bothering them. I don't know what happened to all the people who used to work there but their employees are rude n lazy along with the management team. How do you let your employees do nothing never again am I shopping at you stores!

If I HAVE to give this a star, you are lucky you haven't included negative stars for a rating! Clearly Carter's has not figured out how to manage bad feedback anywhere, especially through their social media presence. It is even more clear that you have launched into social media in order to gain a profitable advantage, instead of a positive experience for your customers. Not only are your online promotions deceptive, you are not prepared to deal with unhappy customers who point this out. I have posted several online messages about this, hoping that their customer service would, at the very least, listen to what I had to say and help me get to a mutually beneficial outcome. Instead, my posts continue to be deleted and NOBODY has made a single effort to HELP me. What is 'customer service' if you are not going to 'SERVE THE CUSTOMER' or at least try! I'm through with Carter's...They continue to deleted my negative post regarding deceptive website promotions, and they obviously should not have implemented their social media strategy if they thought that they only needed to cow tow to their 'happy' customers and 'be damned all you complainers'. They have clearly missed the finer points of how to use social media to benefit both sides of the customer/business relationship. If you're going to create an area for your customers, be prepared to take the good with the bad. Own up to your mistakes and bad practices, fix them, and move on. Don't simply delete the comments that you don't like.

I am sending this complaint because I am very aggravated about a situation which occurred at you Stockbridge Distribution Center. I asked a simple question regarding my payroll and was treated as though I had made a threat against someones life. There is an employee there that states on a daily basis that his job is payroll related. When I asked him a question about my payroll he told Angela and I was directed to leave the floor because my assignment had ended. My staffing service, Select staffing, had no knowledge of the assignment ending. When questioned about the reason of my release, no direct reason was given. I feel it was totally unfair for this to happen, because I don't feel as though I did anything wrong. I was treated as though I had made a terrorist threat against someone's life. When asked why I was being released, I was advised that no reason had to be given, because Georgia is an at will employment state, and I can be released without any reason. This is true, but I feel being let go should have some involvement of lack of work performance. I feel as though I deserve a detail explanation for my release. I was also told I could not even return to Carter's for employment. Please give me a reason so I can put closure to the release.

I'm not a employee of your but I do work at your Stockbridge distribution plant just to let u know my work experience here is very very upsetting I was sexual harassed by two managers I took the proper steps of telling and now it's like I'm the bad guy all the looks and stares they giving my made it hard for me to work I feel as if they are sweeping this under a rug but why if they was in my shoes they would feel the same way I really think something need to be done because as a supervisor engaging in something like this should be unacceptable at any level not to speak of the missed handled investigation when I told they let the two people who done this toe remained at work which gave them a chance to get people to lie for them yes it rumors they did do this and the one person who was there from the start to da end was never question I am so deep thought now hurt deeply by this all because I'm GAY would live to c something done

I hate going into your stores and seeing , Grama n dad shirts and one grandpa shirt, it seems very one 2 sided... Keeping in mind GRANDPAS were DADs who work for a living supporting the Moms/stay at home moms who go out and shop all the time and children, So wheres credit to Grandpas, if it wasn't for grandpa grandma would not being buying the shirts since grand has always been the bread winner in most cases... If you Up the selections to maybe 3/ 4 shirts every time you come out with them and equal their no problem except you see how lame the grandpa shirts slogans are and the mom and dad shirts have cute sayings, Ive notice this with many stores Grandpa does not get credit with credit is due, its only fair, Like myself being a dad, then a grandpa and they live at home and i still support them to a degree, and my daughter goes into your stores and says they don't have any or the 1 grandpa shirt is more geared for a boy and not a girl, so figure, all these people making big bucks and never figured this out or even cared, well i do and im speaking for all the other Grandpas who'd like to see their grand daughters sporting a cute shirt and showing her love for Grandpa.....Nothing wrong with change as long as its in a positive direction...Fram a Very proud Grandpa in San Jose Calif

I would like to start out this email saying that my purchasing experience with Carters has been one of the worst in memory. 2nd Order #CAR01453198 Original Order #CAR01349028 My daughter is going on 4 months old, so I thought I would get a head start on some clothes for her when she moves into the 6 month sizes. Carters has always been a trusted brand and I have many of their clothes already. It was extremely surprising to have completed an order on Cyber Monday and to have received a shipping confirmation a week later, but to only see no movement with UPS. When I called to inquire why I could not track my order and to see when I should receive it, I was told by one of your incompetent customer service reps, that my order got lost and was never shipped. When I inquired about why a shipping label was made and that it was not attached to my order and to please explain where my order went, she could not provide me with any information and simply said she would reinstate the order and ship it back out. It was annoying to hear someone just disregard the mess up and inconvenience, but that was not the end of the issue. What your customer service rep failed to mention, was that several of the items I had ordered where now out of stock. I actually had to ask if I would be receiving all my merchandise? She then and only then let me know that items would be missing and never disclosed what they were and that I would be credited back the difference on my card, which was now paid off. I was so irritated that I canceled the order, since I felt like I was being taken advantage of. However, I now needed the clothes, since my daughter would be growing out of her clothes soon. So I went online to see about reordering, only to see the prices had gone up. I then was so upset about the whole situation that I had my husband call back and discuss the issue with a Manager. He had her reinstate the original order and was told that all would be the same, except a jacket to one of the jumpsuits was out of stock. He agreed to forgo that piece and then we waited for the confirmation email. Since your system was delayed, it took almost a day to receive a full order confirmation and when it finally arrived, I was shocked to find out that the order was yet again messed up. I had two other items with size changes we didn’t authorize, but was missing another item that was never mentioned being out of stock and was charged more money for an item I didn’t even order. We were also charged shipping this time, which I should not have been charged. I find this type of bait and switch to be fraudulent behavior on Carters point. What company actually adds items to an order you never wanted without notifying you about it, and it was more expensive than the item I had originally ordered too. At this point, I was very upset and my husband called customer service again and asked to speak with a manager. He asked about why they charged us shipping and added an item to the order we never wanted and she apologized and said that she would reimburse us for the shipping charges, but that the order had already shipped and she could not do anything about the mess-up with the sizing and item we didn’t want. She told my husband that when we received the order, we could just return the merchandise we didn’t order or want with no additional cost to us. Now I have looked at your return policy online and noticed that a return receipt is provided, but that $6 will be deducted from my refund. So now we are having to pay for the merchandise to be returned that we didn’t order and that Carters initially made a mistake with, even though we were told by a manager that we would not be charged. This was my first time ordering from Carters online and in bulk and I was very excited to be able to get such great clothes for my daughter. These were to be her first Christmas presents too. However, I will never order from your company again after what I have gone through. Not one customer service manager or person offered to do something to make up for their mistakes and our complete disappointment and inconvenience. We were never offered any additional discount and they couldn’t even get the order right. I am not sure who is responsible for training these people? There is no ability to complain about this treatment, only review the quality of your clothes. It is obvious to my family that Carters is like so many of the big corporations in this country today. You have lost sight of your customer, because you have such a large customer base, that it doesn’t matter when someone has been taken advantage off or is unhappy with their purchase. You also do not hold your customer service department accountable either. Your Chinese made clothing is not cheap and for hard working families who need to dress their children, it is disgusting to do what you did. I am sure there are many other disgruntled customers out there that you never heard from, since finding the time to write a lengthy email while having an infant in your arms is rather like a juggling act and requires time, most people do not have. Not sure if I will even get a response from an individual that actually cares, but I am going to report this to the BBB and make sure others know how Carters treats paying customers. Extremely Disappointed

I ordered online on 07-23-2011 item number was 664454696167 it was Toddler Boxers size 2-3 location the order came from was BG34094D. When I ordered online website said Buy one Get one Free my Daughter-Inlaw was sitting beside when I oredered it they came today there was only one package and I want to know why this happened?? My litte Grandson Conner is very happy with his boxers but Grandma and Mommy is not will I be seeing my free package anytime soon??? And if I don't then don't expect me to order from your website or your stores ever again and I will be sure to tell all Grandma's and Mommies my expericence with your Company. Thank You and Have a Blessed Day Vanessa R Stuff

They keep cutting my hours 2 min before I come to work

The male employee who is employed at the lake park outlet is rude, condesending, and keeps his back to customers so he doesn't have to assist anyone. Who hired this man?????

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