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what happened to the chicken?

I've been getting the thai crunch salad for years and I have recently noticed the chicken is different. It seems recently thawed with a rubbery, fatty consistency. It's grossing me OUT! Something changed... an not for the better!

out going order

i order from the one in scardale n.y. all the time. but this time i was very disapointed. i ordered a c.p.k salad i ask for a few slices of bread, which i never got. but the think i was very disapointed was i ordered a small soup which was in a 16oz. cup, and it was half full. i called the business to complaint and he told me that is how much you get . frank barone 59 rockledge rd. bronxville,n.y. 10708 apt 21a

director of new business development

Wow.. I know you airport world is different.. but I have to say.. closing way before 7:30 is rediculous!!!! My family and are big fans.. My son has grown up on CPK.. But the attitude and the way things went down at the oakland airport was way off the charts in customer service and I think closing early on 2/17/2014 before 7:30pm. Long term customer who cares.. william Moore 813-778-1250

piss poor management

The management at the Topanga Plaza in California is the worst. I recently had the "privilege" of watching a customer next to me work their waitress about gluten free products, of which they truly have none. The customer then ordered a regular pizza and ate half of it before complaining that it wasn't gluten free. The manager comped the food and then promptly fired the waitress. It was the sorriest excuse for management that I had ever seen. I WAS a regular customer there, however I will not spend another dime in one of their restaurants again.

Unsanitary Practices

I noticed at the Thousand Oaks location in CA That the cooks do not wear gloves, hats, and Almost all of them have beards. Even the managers Have beards! How is this sanitary? According to The health department in CA all employees Around food must have a servsafe certificate, wash their Hands, cover their hair, and have NO facial hair

Spoiled Food got sick!!!

Ate at Rossmoor CPK and vomited all night. Spoiled food. Be careful what you eat at CPK in Rossmorr CA. Going to doctor...

Food spoiled

Got sick on your shrimp. Threw up all night still in bed...very I'll...

Unprofessional General Manager!

Last Sunday on November 24 2013. I was at the Dana park CPK in Mesa AZ. I was sitting at a table by the front counter with my wife and children. We repeatedly listen to this man dressed in wrinkled black pants and a dirty flannel untucked tell the staff that they are no good and they're going to crash and burn tonite because they suck balls! When I asked my waiter who the man was in the dirty untucked flannel?? He told us he is the General Manager (Dan). This is NOT a restaurant you want to take your family too!!!!!! I will never take my family to a CPK again!

Disgusted and Horrified

I have been a customer of CPK for years and have always been very pleased with the customer service and cleanliness of the store and staff preparing meals. Therefore, I thought I would receive the same level of quality at the location on Peachtree Pkway (Ptree Corners/Norcross), GA. I was completely disgusted as I stood at take-out and watched a "manager" pick up a loaf of bread w/tongs form the floor, put it in the slicer, and proceed to bag it to put in my to-go order. Needless to say, I wanted to yell for the health dept. AND their corporate office. With such behavior from a "manager" who is supposed to lead staff, I was afraid to eat the food I ordered, wondering what might have been done to it when I wasn't around. Extremely disappointing and disgusting for a well-established restaurant.


Had a great experience at the Cherry Hill location! From the staff to the food! AMAMZING!

extremely offended

On Saturday March 16th myself and my wife went to the California pizza kitchen located in lenox mall in Atlanta Georgia. We arrived and waited for about 10 minutes for a table our waitress was nice, shortly after being seated my wife and I were having a conversation and we were interrupted by one of the managers on duty named Patrick stating do you remember seing a black book on your table we replied no, however he and the hostess repeatedly walked back and forth to see if we had the check from the previous patrons. I was completely offended and embarrassed the host named damion even looked under our table while we were seated there. If this is the kind customer service the your establishment encourages then I can definitely say that I won't be back.


Tampa Florida location needs help. Very poor management. I'm a customer who wants to return but won't until the manager of that location is trained properly !

I was in the cpk in Livonia Mi when a waiter ran into me and spilt the whole tray of beverages on me including a hot coffee burnt both my wrists and soaked my shirt. Not one person came to say anything not even the manager that watched the whole thing. I'm not one to complain but I still can't believe it happened. What happened to customer service

The absolute worst company I've ever worked for in my life.

Please bring back the chicken garlic pizza. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Linda and I want you to know that we have dined at CPK, Walnut Creek, CA for years. The food was always very good and the servers courteous and friendly. Our server would come back during our meal and ask us if we were enjoying the food and freshen our iced tea when our glass was empty. Kudos to the manager, servers and cooks for our enjoyable experiences at CPK.

On August 12, I went to their Marina del Rey restaurant; had pizza (which had to be sent back); had my phone stolen by one of their busboys; had two managers refuse to bring the busboys out (despite tracking software that showed my phone was 40' from where I was standing); discovered they sent one of the busboys home just a few minutes later (probably with my phone); spoke to their customer support staff; was given a one month run-around; and was finally told that they denied responsibility for my phone being stolen. I reported them to the California State Attorney General's office.

I had been a loyal CPK fan for 25 years, always ordering the Original Chopped Salad, my favorite, loved it. I consider myself a chopped salad fanatic - favorite restaurants for chopped salad include La Scalad/Beverly Hills & Brentwood, Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza/San Diego, The Ivy/Santa Monica and BH, The Gigi Salad at the Palm. Your original chopped ranked very high for me, until recently. The chopped salad did not have the same chopped chicken, it had square shaped slices of deli meat! Now it's a totally different salad, not a good different. I called one of your locations and they informed me that the recipe (chicken) did indeed change and that they have had several complaints. I was even encouraged to write to your corporate office! Why would you change the way this salad is made after so many years? I don't have any reason now to go to CPK.

My husband and my In-laws decided to go to CPK In Ventura, CA we had not been there in Years and it was my in-laws first time! All of us ordered Club sandwiches, but my in-laws asked for their bread to be warm! the waiter says oh no let me see if they can warm it up for you? so we wait and she comes back and says yes we will be right back with your plate.. When the waiter came back with 2 club sandwiches the bread was so STALE that they were not able to take bites off the sandwich..literally! i am not sure what they did to the bread.. any who, so we asked to speak to a manager and he said " im sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your meal i will go ahead and take it off of your check takes both sandwich plates and does not offer to replace the meals!!!!!!! ARE you kidding me... We were so disappointed! We will never go back to any of the CPK!

Went to California Pizza Kitchen with my husband lastnight (8/30/12. It had been sometime since I had been to this establishment, possibly over 5yrs. Anyway the place was not busy, and the host proceeded to walk us to the back area and I told the host I did not want to sit their, then he seated us by the kitchen. I was not thrilled, but I just sat down with my husband and dealt with it. However, next was the smell of old damp cloth..I think it was what was used to wipe the table. Then I lead over onto the wall next to me only to notice an infestation of food bugs mites..not sure all over the wall and flying over and around my husband. Called the waiter over and pointed to the wall, and he said I will move you. So we moved to the other side of the dinning area, and continued to see those bugs pretty much everywhere. Then to add to that I had the pizza Margarita, the crust was limp and the cheese did not even look melted. So needless to say we both took a few bites of our meals, paid bill, my husband wrote a note on the bill about the bug issue and left not wanting to return again, and very disappointed.

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