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On August 31, 2011 my car was towed there by AAA after a wheel came off on the highway. For 2 weeks they told me they were waiting for the company in Indiana that the State Farm representative told them to order a wheel from. On day 1 of week 3 I called the wheel company in Indiana and they said there was no order placed. I call Jason at the Finneytown location and complained and within an hour - a wheel was order. I tracked it hourly with the UPS tracking number and voila! It arrived the next day and they put it on and I got my car back. Unfortunately because of their lies I still am in a rental car as my car got sent to a body shop. So I'm maxed out on the rental car I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. I am from out of town and was at the mercy of the AAA tower - do not take your car there!

I was up first time drop car off they said they fix and the fan was running. I get call next day from my girlfriend saying car got hot. Had take off work take up their waited 4 hours and they finally told the motor on fan went out. It work just yesterday then wanted charge me another 400 to get fix just upset I think they shorten something out he told I over use the fan it sitting two weeks waited get fix I want guys call fix this issue.

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