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Watching a respected company turn into another JC Penny

It use to be I could go into a Blockbusters and rent the movie I wanted or buy a previewed one ( that means used) 3 for $20 or older, 5 for $20. At these prices I'll buy new at WalMart. For some reason you feel the customers who stayed with you over the years , don't count anymore. Your high pressure sales tactac's on employees is really quite outdated. Respect earns respect. Good people leave and your left with flunkies. I write for a well known consumers group and I must say you give me a reason to continue. Your bottom line is always affected by bad judgement.

While I applaud BV for hiring "creatures" as counter/cashier clerks, BV's selection of videos available off the shelf is horrendous. You can't find any great movies. 98 percent all evangelical/family-oriented, or part of the conservative far-right agenda.

I have been a loyal and faithful customer of Blockbuster for well over 20 years.I have always paid any late fees accrued promptly and with a smile.Today I went into the Blockbuster near where I live,a store I have used for at least 10 years.I wished to rent a video game.At first I was told that my Blockbuster card was no longer valid,but I could use my Drivers license.OK.I dont like that but it's not a huge problem.I showed the clerk my D.L. and she proceeded to check me out.Then she informs me I need to have a credit card on file or I cannot rent a game.She says no money will be chareged to the card but it is required.HUH?If no money is to be charged then why is it required.Well,I do not have a credit card,do not believe in them so that is out of the question.Then I am told a debit card is ok.Don t have one of those either.Basically,I am no longer considered worthy of Blockbuster.I had cash in hand,ready to pay and am being told I'm not good enough to be a Blockbuster customer.FUCK YOU Blockbuster.I will never set foot in another one of your stores again and I will urge everyone I know to do the same.Shame on you.Whatever happened to Loyalty to your customers?I have been loyal to you since your inception,but now I am treated like a second class citizen.You have lost this customer forever.

After inquiring at neighborhood Blockbuster about a video in stock, was informed by store employee that video was available at Blockbuster across town. Made special trip to cross town Blockbuster. Upon initial entry to store, two female employees working at the counter were not helpful in locating interested video. I took it upon myself to locate video. I found the video and proceeded to check out. I was informed at regular Blockbuster that we were able to check out video at another location with the understanding that when we drop the video back off, we would have to come in to the store to drop it off to ensure the video is inventored at drop off. Needless to say, employee assisting us at counter was none too happy to assist us. CARLA informed us that since they were currently experiencing "technical difficulties" we were unable to check out the video. CARLA offered to open up a new membership at that store so that we could check out this video. Now what kind of CRAP is that?!?!?!?! Are all the Blockbusters NOT on the same network??! That does not even make sense to me! Why would I need to open up a whole new account if I already have one at my local Blockbuster? That would be needless paperwork and time wasted! All we wanted to do was check out a video that was not in stock at our store. So why go all the way across town to rent it at another store only to be informed that we would have to start a new membership at that store! That is such an inconvenience! I am extremely disappointed in the way Blockbuster handles instances such as this! Thank God for Red Box!

I cancelled the movie pass 3 moths ago and I am still being billed for it. Also, date on receipt was wrong and I was charged 62.00 in late fees. Still trying to get these issues resolved without help from the local store.

You have a colection system based on phone numbers ! When a deadbeat gives a bad phone number (what else ) your automated phone system does not allow a victim who has not ever done business with you to talk to a live person ! So every 2 or 3 weeks I get these harassing phone calls & can not stop them because you can not talk to a real person ! Please correct this automatic system

I want it to be known that Blockbuster video has exceeded all my expectations & really has the "BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT OUT THERE!!!" I had issues w/my credit card & a mistake at the local store exchange.I was contacted w/ an apology & the problem completely resolved within 24 hrs. Now that is what customer service is about! I've seen the negative comments & from my personel prospective "I since that these are sabotage attacks for competitors,or people trying to scam free money,service,or movies! Way to go blockbuster!!!!!!

Tonight 2/23/2011 we went into blockbuster to rent 3 movies it was the worst experience ever. First after waiting inline for 10 mins because one of the employees wanted to "chit chat" with a friend and didnt even notice i was standing right in front of him i was harrassed about having ID but never had a problem before. i confirmed all of my information and had a debit with my name on it, i was still unable to rent after that long run around finally i find my ID. With this rude employee he's says I can not rent any movie until this balance of 12 dollars is paid. You would think in todays soiciety you would appreciate a good and commit customer. We felt complaetely disrespected by the way he spoke to us. His whole mannerism was completely unprofessional and we will never be back to rent again. This is the Elizabeth NJ blockbuster on Newark Ave the employees name is douglas.

Just checked my bank account and discovered I was charged over $55 dollars for three movies i returned. This was an unauthorized debit from my account and I'm furious that my credit card information was somewho "kept on file". Luckily I have several friends who are attorneys that can give me direction on what I can do I don't care how much it costs me they can't keep getting away with this poor business practice!

I was quite upset to find out that now we are charged for 3 day rental fee for a movie that I used toe able to return in one day and for less money. Now it costs me the same as if I returned it late. When asked why, I was told that it was a "market test" and it was favorable to change. This went for new releases as well, I was forced to pay more even though less than a year from my membership date for a full 5 day fee instead of early return bonus! You have poor business planning and misrepresent yourself to often with in the last two years. For who? Surely not the consumer. I was irritated enough that I no longer was told that I had a "free rental coming" but now required to hold onto a receipt before I can have the rental even though your computer indicates my membership allowance. If I pay for a membership, then why should I ruffle for a very, very, long receipt to prove it when you know I'm eligible. You guys are showing desperation don't you think?

I just got told I am having money taken from my bank acct in 7 days if i dont pay for a movie that i brought back on time. I spoke to Carol the manager at 1960 se federal highway,stuart,fl and she told me it should have been back at 10 pm instead. Nobody ever told me this that the movie had to be back at a sooner time. i am good about bringing my movies back and if not i pay my fees. i am very irate at this situation and i am going to pay today my 4 dollars. But i am seriously thinking of canceling my membership with them. i dont appreciate the way they do business!

I cancelled my membership with Blockbuster over 1&1/2 years ago. I was assured by the manager at Blockbuster that my membership with Blockbuster and the Rewards program was cancelled. Ever since then there has been on my bank statement a withdrawal of $21.65. I went to my bank and had them stop the withdrawls as unauthorized. My bank got $43.30 credited back to my account. I want the other year and a half of unauthorized fee's credited back to my bank or a check sent directly to me. I also wrote a letter to the Corporate Office to assure this would happen and have never heard a word from them! I am very angry in regards to your business practices when a long time customer requests a cancellation and I am totally ignored!

I have been a rewards member for over a year. Blockbuster changed the price of older videos to the same price as new releases. So at the first of the month I get my free movie and I am told it has to be an older movie. With the same price whats the problem. I know people will rent a new release over an older movie but this is just Cheesey. I drive back and forth to the stores and use my gas and time,when I could sit at home and not use any gas with netflix. I know that blockbuster is on its last legs and may shutdown after this year but your loyal customers deserve better. I want to stay a loyal customer,help me make that decision. Dustin Rogers

After being unhappy with the way you do business, I returned my membership cards to the manager, cancelling my afiliation with your company. Today, weeks afterword, I find that my credit card has been automatically charged with another months membership. This was an unauthorized charge with a card that was on file for" just in case" delinquet purposes. BAD FORM!!! Store # 952 in Carson City, NV. James the manager and Thomas the Assistant just confirmed that they do not do their jobs!!!!! Angry doesn't even begin to cover this one!!! I expect these 29.99 charges to be reversed immeadiately Loretta Reed

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