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Feel Ripped Off

Bought 2 Panini Grilled sandwiches to go today at the store in Westwood, NJ. The menu on the wall and the Blimpie website says that it is served on Ciabatta bread. That's the whole reason a customer pays more for a Panini sandwich. Got in the car only to see that it was just regular cheap bread that was pressed on a grill. Was the 1st and last time I will ever spend my money in a Blimpie store.

Owner doing cash

The owner of the Blimpie in parmous nj in the fashion center mall Charlie vangeldren I have been a costumer ther for 10 years I allways see me not ring up my salls and put the cash on the side I don't think that's the right thing to do he's cheating out your company and not showing what her really makes I think u should look it to it

Owner stole store from in laws

The owner of the Blimpie in the fashion center mall in parmous nj stole the store from his in laws he chased then out after they put up the $ for the store . He told them he was going to cut there heads off if they didn't give up the store to him that's what kinda people run that's store . He cheats the company out by not ringing up all the sales he been doing it for 18 years so I'm sure it's been over 1 million $ that he has put in his pocket and never payed taxes on this $ I would never go to a store with a Pearson that dose such bad things like that

blimpies bellevue better

i have been avoiding sub shops ever since little king stopped having fresh bread and ingrediants....subway has a distinct odor that annoys my senses...and some new sub-shops even smash and burn their sandwiches...so to my surprise...i had the freshest bread..the most pleasant service...friendly smile and attitude....with a blimpies best....i guess they are under new management....when in nebraska...try a blimpies...in bellevue..across from the university and i hear 84th is great too....


Had a problem on xmas eve with a blimpies in bellevue ne called 84th. St and giles and they went above and beyond to help late in the day. Then later manager terry called and made sure all ok. All the staff there are fantastic

| My biggest chgnae was my office space when I moved from San Diego into my Mom's home in Boise. In San Diego, I had a separate room devoted to my office. It was on the bottom level of a tri-level townhome. Here in Boise, we converted the living room into an office. It was never used. We have a larger family room so the living room became my office.The thing I love the best-my desk has a large window that looks out the front of the house. We live on a cul de sac so it is very private and has beautiful trees. We have rabbits in the area, all kinds of birds and I just love my view of the world.The downside? There is no office door and Mom struggles with remembering I'm working. I slap on earphones with music, which helps, but I do miss my door from my office in San Diego. But, then I try to remind myself that the reason I moved was to support Mom and she does plenty to support me. Life is good. Congrats on your new home, Jenn! How exciting!

Brian, I just posted an updtae on the STarOffice experiment on the weblog. (look for the most recent entry). My general take is that for light weight usage, there is really no reason to spend the extra for MS office. So if you are using Word for just typing faxes etc., then you should be able to shift to StarOffice without problems. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

This past Saturday evening 08/04/12 at approx. 6:10PM after Church my husband and I went to shop at Walmart, located on Broad Street, in Fuquay Varina, NC. We were hungry and there was a Blimpie's located in this Walmart so we went in, there was nobody behind the counter and only one booth had four people sitting, they were looking at us and laughing. We called for somebody to come from the back but there was nobody back there, we did not look again at the people in the booth but waited for a full ten minutes listening to them giggle. Then three of the people in the booth left and the third one (we then saw she was wearing a Blimpie shirt) went behind the counter. My husband informed her that she was very rude by just ignoring us and he asked for her name, she refused to give it to him. Needless to say we left there and went to a Wendy's where we received excellent service. There needs to be a "mystery shopper" going around to Blimpies to watch these employees who refuse to work and get rid of them to give the job to somebody who is willing to work for their money. My husband also intends on calling your 800 number to speak to somebody about this. Thank you for having this Comment Section.

While traveling on vacation we stopped at the Blimpie at 30 Raymond Hill Road, Newman, GA 30265. That had to be the nastiest, filthiest, place I have ever been in. It is bad when the nasty bathroom was cleaner than the eating area. The workers there, were rude and looked as though they haven't bathed in days. One of the workers, dropped a stack of cup lids on the dirty floor, then picked them back up and put them in the lid holder. The windows could not even be seen out of because of the grime not just on the outside but on the inside. We stood there in total amazement at how bad this place was and ended up leaving without ordering. I could only imagine how it looked in the areas you couldn't see. That place should be closed down by DHEC.

Don't go to Blimpie located on Bergenline Avenue in West New York, New Jersey. YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YOU GO THERE!!! Check this out...I ordered a Turkey & Provolone sub sandwich. The board said that the price was $4.40. Before ordering I told the man that I had a coupon. He asked me what I would like on my sub. I asked for lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, olives, mayo, salt, pepper, oregano, oil & vinegar. The man rang up my bill and charged me $6.30 (includes tax). Then he knocked off the $1.00 for the coupon, and my final charge for $5.30 (for what should have been $4.40-$1.00 + 7% tax). I asked him why it was so much and he told me that the cheese was $.60 extra (Why? The board showed the item as Turkey & Provolone). He also charged me $.45 for 3 pickle chips and $.45 for the equivalent of 2 sliced olives. I stopped going to this Blimpie a while ago when these people took over because it went so downhill. I gave it another chance because of the coupon. This location is a MAJOR RIP OFF. BEWARE. Don't go there and tell your NJ friends not to go there. I'm filing a complaint w/Blimpie Headquarters. I'm sure that they aren't aware that they have sold a Blimpie franchise to a RIP OFF ARTIST! STAY AWAY! You can get a 6" fully loaded sub sandwich at Quik Chek for $2.99. Or you can go to Subway.

The best Blimpies in all of Michigan! The store is clean and the service is great. It need to reopen ASAP!

5 Star rating for Blimpies in Madison Hts., Mi The owners are fabulous and the tuna subs are outstanding. What ever is going on with the doors being locked has something to do with corporate and I sincerly hope the store opens SOON!

My wife & I went to the most filthy place to eat I ever saw in the world, it was a Blimpies loacted in Lancaster, South Carolina...After ordering the food, we then began to look around the place and saw so much filth and disgust, that in the middle of the guy making the sandwiches we walked out, and would not eat there. It was an annex to a wal-mart, so I went & complained to the wal-mart manager, who probably did nothing about it, so I just called the health department, and they will be inspected, and I guarantee they will be shut down !!

My wife and I are sixty-seven and have occasionally purchased Blimpie. Today we went to our local Blimpie (Corner Cedar Street & Pompton Tpke, Cedar Grove, NJ) and ordered six inch sandwiches to eat in, and a diet coke to share. I was going to try to roast beef; however, the edges were covered with what appeared to be mold...so I opted for the Black Forest ham. Our problem arose when my wife asked for a paper cup, and the proprietor insisted on charging an additional $1.85 for the paper cup. We had already paid for the diet coke. The man was rude, arrogant, and just plain nasty. FYI, my wife and I will no longer go to Blimpie's. Further, I am compelled to alert our Township Health Dept. as to the filthy conditioon of the store, and we wille sure to share our experience with our friends and neighbors. Sincerely, James N. Kennedy Cedar Grove, NJ

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